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Miley Cyrus Speaks Out About Dad’s Divorce

Photo credits: Miley Cyrus/Instagram and Billy Ray Cyrus/Instagram

Miley has not been supportive of her dad’s decision to end his relationship with his ex-wife Tish to embark on a crazy new fling with Firerose. Now that the two are divorcing, she has been proven right, and insiders within her circle suggest she won’t be quick to forget it.

So, what’s going on with Miley and Billy Ray? Here’s what we can say so far:

‘Miley Is Still Pretty Angry With Her Dad …’

Miley is certainly not one to hold her tongue, but her dad’s whirlwind relationship with his paramour Firerose has clearly struck a nerve. She allegedly stopped speaking with him entirely since his split from ex-wife Tish to remarry. According to a source for In Touch Weekly, she’s not likely to let this one go, even as Billy Ray tries to make things right. They claimed the following:

“Miley is still pretty angry with her dad for the terrible way he treated Tish [Cyrus], so it’s not going to be as simple as all is forgiven, just because he’s single again. He’s going to have to work very hard to get back into her good graces, but divorcing Firerose is definitely a step in the right direction.”

Billy Ray’s divorce from Firerose has been anything but smooth, with claims of bad behavior and different flavors of abuse coming out in court from both parties. According to In Touch Weekly’s source, Miley always knew things would end this way. They stated:

“Miley always knew it wasn’t going to last and that her dad was being taken for a ride.

So, it really pissed her off that Billy Ray wouldn’t listen to her warnings. She doesn’t want to see her dad hurting, but she’s also feeling pretty smug about being proven right. That being said, she’s very happy that her dad has come to his senses and dumped Firerose; she always blamed that relationship for ruining her family. 

He’s now on a big campaign to make things right with Miley, but if that’s going to happen, he’s also going to have to make things right with Tish, and the entire family. As far as what that will actually take, only time will tell, but knowing Miley she’ll want to see real actions on his part to do better and that would likely include therapy.”

Firerose Said, ‘He Would Terrify Me […]’

Although Billy Ray was the one to file for divorce, Firerose chose to submit claims of having suffered abuse from him in court which he has denied. Page Six reported a variety of claims from Firerose, including having been threatened by Billy Ray. Her words were:

“He would rage at me, shout at me at the top of his lungs. He would terrify me […]”

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According to In Touch Weekly, Billy Ray claimed Firerose was spending all of his money and withheld information about her previous marriage from him.

Will Billy Ray And Miley Cyrus Reconcile Their Relationship?  

Billy Ray and Miley may be going through a rough patch as father and daughter, but In Touch Weekly’s source seems to see some light at the end of the tunnel for them. They had the following to say about the situation:

“She has a lot of compassion for her dad and what he’s been through in his life, she would love to see him overcome his past and get healthy. She will always love him, so a reconciliation isn’t off the table but it’s not going to happen overnight.”

Lloyd Speaks Out About Ashanti and Nelly

Photo credits: Lloyd/Instagram and Ashanti/Instagram

A couple of months ago, Lloyd shared his feelings about Ashanti’s pregnancy in the sweetest way. 

In fact, he might’ve brought the singer to tears.

Lloyd and Ashanti’s Performance 

Lloyd and Ashanti linked up to put on a performance that no one would forget. 

According to The Shade Room, this was to be Ashanti’s final show before going on maternity leave. 

And Lloyd made sure to make the gig as memorable as he could for his close friend. 

Ashanti took to the stage at the Tacos & Tequila Festival in Kansas City at the start of June.

Lloyd’s Surprise Appearance At Ashanti’s Last Show 

Footage of a touching moment eventually made its way to social media. 

It showed Ashanti preparing to sing her hit song Southside, which she recorded with Lloyd. 

As she was about to begin, her DJ got her attention, telling her that he had “something special” for her. 

Ashanti was visibly confused and asked what was going on.

At that moment, Lloyd joined her on stage. 

Ashanti’s surprise and shock were on display for all to see as she jumped up and down.

As the song played, Lloyd let the adoring crowd know that they were witnessing Ashanti’s last concert for a while. 

He went on to address his friend directly, explaining to her that he didn’t want to miss her last show, as he was going to miss spending time on tour with Ashanti.

Lloyd added that Ashanti changed his life and told her that he loved her and was praying for a safe delivery of her child.

Lloyd’s Touching Tribute to Ashanti and Nelly

The touching act would’ve meant even more to Ashanti since Lloyd had already given her a similar tribute just weeks earlier. 

In May, the friends performed together at the Met in Philadelphia. 

Lloyd once again joined Ashanti for Southside and proceeded to get on his knees and sing to Ashanti’s belly

As he sang, Lloyd rubbed Ashanti’s belly as fans cheered them on. 

After the gig ended, Lloyd showed more love to Ashanti and her husband Nelly with a sweet post on social media. 

Lloyd dedicated the post to the couple’s unborn baby, saying that the child was surrounded by love and good energy. 

He went on to write that he would one day tell the baby “of the times [he] got to sing to [them] while still in [their] mother’s belly.”

He continued by again stating that Ashanti “changed [his] life,” and added that Nelly “was there for [him] when [he] needed a little love and guidance.”

He ended his heartfelt post by saying that he couldn’t wait to meet Ashanti and Nelly’s baby and “make [them] laugh,” before signing off by calling himself “uncle Ladi.”

The post obviously attracted a lot of attention and positive comments. 

Ashanti’s Response to Lloyd’s Tribute 

But the most wholesome of all came from Ashanti herself, who expressed how affected she was by her friend’s show of support. 

She wrote in the comments under Lloyd’s post that she was “literally crying”, adding that Lloyd knew how unusual this was for her. 

She thanked her friend for his kind words before telling him that she loved and appreciated him. 

Other fans also took the chance to praise Lloyd for showing nothing but love and positivity in the wake of Ashanti’s baby news.

When Ashanti’s Pregnancy Rumors Started 

Whispers about Ashanti being pregnant first spread back in December of last year.

Us Weekly first reported that an anonymous source had shared the news that Nelly and Ashanti were expecting.

The report emerged after Nelly appeared to let the cat out of the bag with an accidental gesture.

The couple performed together at Nelly’s annual Black and White Ball in St Louis. 

At one point during the event, Ashanti was seen resting a hand on her belly on stage.

Did Nelly Accidentally Let the Cat Out the Bag?

Almost automatically, her husband started rubbing her belly, too.

Ashanti immediately moved his hand away, and the two looked at each other and started laughing. 

Clearly, Ashanti knew what people would think after seeing Nelly touch her stomach like that. 

She was quickly proven right, with the eagle-eyed crowd erupting with cheers. 

But the shocking truth was that the couple really didn’t know they were pregnant at that time. 

Ashanti said in an interview that they had not even taken a pregnancy test. 

She also added that she had only been trying to fix a pendant on her dress when she was seen appearing to be holding her midriff.

Ashanti then said that when Nelly put his hand on her, she knew he was “making it look like something” else was going on.

Ashanti’s Pregnancy Rumors Confirmed 

The gossip then died down for a few months, only for the happy couple to confirm what everyone already suspected in an interview with Essence magazine.

Ashanti shared her total joy at finding out she was having a baby. 

She confessed that motherhood was something that she has always looked forward to, and that sharing that experience with those that mean the most to her, including her fans, was an amazing experience.

And Ashanti has been only too happy to share her experience as much as possible ever since.

The singer teamed up with Essence to share a reel on Instagram.

How Ashanti Revealed Her Pregnancy 

The reel appeared to show Ashanti preparing for a show before she revealed her pregnancy in a clever way. 

In the reel, an actor calls on Ashanti to ask her how long she’s going to be.

Ashanti then appears on screen and says with a cheeky smile, “Probably around 9 months.”

The post caused a social media storm, but among the comments, one stood out more than most. 

Lloyd had jumped on to once again share his good wishes. 

He commented under the reel that he was excited to see Ashanti shift her purpose toward being a super mom.

In the weeks since, Ashanti has been on a mission to share her happiness with the world.

Ashanti’s Maternity Shoot 

She shared a first look at her maternity shoot with fans last month. 

The shoot saw Ashanti proudly celebrating her baby bump in a glamorous gold bikini on a sunny beach.

She was also interviewed by Entertainment Tonight about her reaction to discovering that she was going to be a mom.

She said that when she found out, she was shocked, happy, and emotional.

She also explained the thinking behind her photoshoot, which she said was an authentic depiction of who she really is. 

Ashanti said that being on the beach, enjoying nature and sunshine, was what made her happy. 

But through her dazzling outfit, the shoot was also a chance to display her glamorous pop princess side at the same time. 

This shows that Ashanti is confident that motherhood is just another part of who she is, and not a replacement for the Ashanti that came before. 

In making her new identity as a mother fit with her older superstar self, Ashanti is well on her way to being the super mom Lloyd knew she would be. 

Ashanti’s Surprise Baby Shower

And it must be a huge help to Ashanti to have a network of such supportive friends and family around at this crucial time in her life.

This was on display again recently when she enjoyed a surprise baby shower with her nearest and dearest that Nelly had arranged for her. 

Ashanti was delighted to find her friends and family waiting for her at a New York boutique store, including fellow artists Fat Joe and Breland. 

It wasn’t reported whether Lloyd had also attended.

Usher’s Mistress Speaks Out

Photo Credits: Usher/Instagram

Usher’s first marriage blew up in his face, all thanks to his affair. Now, years after this happened, it’s still haunting him. Especially because the woman who he had the affair with has finally decided to speak up.

What she’s had to say is pretty crazy. So, wasting any time, let’s dive straight into it.

According to The Sun, Usher married his first wife Tameka Foster in 2007. However, not everyone was happy about this. Mostly because of the seven-year age gap between Usher and Tameka.

Usher was the younger of the two. His fans never thought twice about speaking up about how unhappy they were with the relationship, especially because they thought that the marriage affected the type of music he was putting out while they were together.

Although many people weren’t happy with Usher and Tameka’s marriage, what nobody predicted was that it would end almost as quickly as it began. Barely two years in with two kids, Usher and Tameka got into a messy divorce battle.

Usher Had an Affair

It was all because Usher cheated on her. According to Tameka, she caught her husband in bed with another woman.

But, this wasn’t just some random woman. It was Maya Fox-Davis, someone who Tameka considered her close friend. She trusted her well enough to invite her to stand by her side as a bridesmaid during her wedding with Usher.

After she caught the two of them together, Tameka revealed that she’d suspected Usher was cheating on her long before she caught him in the act.

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After confirming her suspicions, she apparently felt pity for Maya rather than anger. In her words, Maya fell for Usher’s trap and he used her to his advantage.

Although Usher admitted that he’d made a mistake to Tameka, Maya was suspiciously quiet during all of this. I guess you could say that she didn’t want to get involved in Usher and Tameka’s messy divorce and even messier custody battle.

But after all of this was settled, Maya decided to finally speak up about what really happened, and she had a lot to say.

Usher Gave Maya an STD

Maya not only admitted to getting together with Usher when he was still together with Tameka, but she also revealed that Usher had given her herpes back when they were still together. The craziest part is that she claimed he gave it to her on purpose.

Because of this, she sued him for $1 million. According to Maya, Usher knew very well that he had the disease when they were having an affair.

Instead of letting her know what was going on with him, he kept this a secret and got in bed with her without any protection. This didn’t just happen once but on multiple occasions.

It became clear that Maya wanted revenge for what happened. She filed her suit in California, where it is very much illegal to knowingly transmit an STD to your partner.

Now, you might be wondering – how did Maya know that Usher did what he did to her on purpose? I mean, chances are he probably didn’t know he had what he had and it was all a mistake.

If you thought this, you’d be wrong. Maya came in with more than enough evidence that he did know.

Usher Quickly Settled the Lawsuit

Her lawsuit claimed that Usher had a greenish discharge from his privates when they were together. When she noticed this, he told her that it was nothing. He took it a step further by telling her that he had tested himself and was clean.

This was all he needed to say to convince Maya to trust him, and that was exactly what she did. But then, not too long after they got together, Maya fell ill and noticed the appearance of blisters and lesions on her privates.

After going to urgent care, she was told that she had herpes. Now, get this – when Maya told Usher about this, he didn’t really argue with her or have anything to say.

This is weird because he was very much still a married man when he was having an affair with Maya. You’d think he’d be mad about her catching something like this simply because of the fear of his wife finding out about what he did in his spare time.

But he wasn’t. He didn’t question Maya. Instead, he paid for her treatment and medical bill in full.

Maybe this is why he eventually also decided to settle her for $1.1 million. He actually gave her $100,000 more than she had initially asked for in her lawsuit against him.

Maya Wasn’t Usher’s Only Victim

Even though Usher was able to get Maya to back off, unfortunately for him, this wasn’t the last time he faced an issue like this. Not too long after this, he found himself in the middle of yet another scandal.

This time, he wasn’t being sued by just one person, but three: two women and one man. They accused Usher of not informing them of his alleged infection before getting intimate with them.

The lawsuits didn’t stop there. Laura Helm also claimed that she got the disease from Usher in a lawsuit she filed against him in 2019. However, she was quick to drop her £15 million suit against Usher after they reached an amicable agreement in private.

But Usher wasn’t completely off the hook. He was soon facing another suit from a woman named Quantasia Sharpton.

According to her, she went to an Usher concert for her 19th birthday. In her suit, she claimed that Usher exposed her to the disease.

However, Usher’s legal team was quick to sweep in with a response. According to them, Quantasia’s allegations were completely false. Usher himself claimed that he never got intimate with her because she wasn’t his type.

It didn’t take long for Quantasia to drop her lawsuit after this. However, it’s not clear whether an agreement was reached between her and Usher before this actually happened.

Usher’s Life Moved Forward

Despite all of the accusations that have come out against him, Usher was able to find love again with Jennifer Goicoechea. They currently have two children together, Sovereign Bo and Sire Castrello.

But Usher isn’t just winning in love. His career has also picked up a lot recently.

Earlier this year, he headlined the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime show. A day after that, he and Jennifer tied the knot.

This news was revealed by Usher’s reps. According to them, Usher and Jennifer got married in a small intimate ceremony with close friends and family.

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The wedding took place at the intimate outdoor wedding chapel Terrace Gazebo in Las Vegas. Usher’s mom was the person who witnessed their vows. This was all planned out by Usher and Jennifer as they had already gotten a marriage license in Vegas days before his performance at the Super Bowl.

Before all of this went down, Usher had previously said that when you find someone who’s a great partner, it’s an honor to be able to share life with them, especially if they want to share life with you, too.

So, in a way, this was Usher hinting at what was to come between him and Jennifer. Although Usher and Jennifer seem really happy together, there’s still the fear that Usher might do the same thing he did to Tameka to her.

The Downfall of Irv Gotti

Photo credit: Irving Lorenzo/Instagram

Irv Gotti was once one of the most successful and influential executives in hip hop. 

But these days, his reputation is a shadow of its former self. 

But how did he go from running the most exciting label in rap to little more than a running joke?

Here’s the story of the downfall of Irv and his music empire. 

Irv Gotti’s Biggest Stars: Ashanti and Ja Rule 

Two of the jewels in Irv’s company’s crown were the huge hit making duo of Ashanti and Ja Rule.

More than twenty years ago, Ashanti established herself as the princess of R&B with her huge hit single Foolish.

It was the first single from her debut self-titled album, and it spent 10 weeks at the top of the charts.

With Foolish, as well as with the hits Always on Time and What’s Luv, Ashanti became a record-breaker.

She was the first female artist to have three records in the top 10 at the same time.

Ja Rule’s Successful Rap Career

One of those records, Always on Time, saw Ashanti team up with Ja Rule, who’d already been a successful artist for a few years.

He began his career in 1994 as part of the rap group Cash Money Click.

The group signed with TVT Records after releasing several tracks with Irv as their producer.

A short time later, they were released from the label, but Ja Rule remained close with Irv, who helped get him signed to Def Jam.

Irv went on to get his own Def Jam imprint.

And the first album they released was Ja Rule’s debut Venni Vetti Vecci in 1999.

The success of the album and its lead single, Holla Holla, put Ja Rule and Irv at the top of the industry.

And things only got better with the release of Ja Rule’s second album the following year.

The album, titled Rule 3:36, was an amazing commercial success.

It debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200.

And it eventually became certified triple platinum.

Ja Rule And Ashanti Made Hits Together 

But the best was yet to come for the label when in 2001, Irv signed Ashanti.

And now that Ashanti and Ja Rule were making music for the same company, it looked like they were ready to take over.

The label went on to reach its peak between 2001 and 2003. 

As well as Ashanti’s insanely successful first album, Ja Rule released Pain is Love, which was just as popular.

The two artists also started making a lot of songs together.

To date, they’ve made at least 10 tracks together, including classics like Mesmerize and Wonderful.

Their chemistry paid off in a big way and helped both artists reach new heights.

What Caused Irv Gotti’s Downfall?

However, it wouldn’t last. 

And the reasons behind their downfall were kind of shocking.

On January 3, 2003, Irv’s office was raided by federal agents.

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The Source looked back on the incident in 2018 as being a huge moment in the label’s history.

Irv and his brother, Chris Gotti, became the subjects of a two-year-long legal case.

They were accused of running the label as a money laundering scheme for the infamous gangster Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff.

The case racked up some pretty insane costs, with Irv spending as much as $10 million in legal fees.

During the trial, the label did not distribute any music, and the business suffered.

Ja Rule and 50 Cent’s Beef 

However, other drama was starting to bubble up that had a negative effect on the label and its artists as well.

In the same year, Ja Rule started his infamous beef with 50 Cent.

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This was widely seen as one of Ja Rule’s first major Ls in hip hop.

It all started when he was allegedly robbed of his chain by one of 50 Cent’s friends in a club.

50 Cent went on to release a diss track aimed at Ja Rule, and things even became physical a year later.

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The pair got into a brawl one night when they were booked to perform at the same venue.

And a little while later, Irv’s label got into an altercation with 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew that resulted in someone getting hurt.

Ja Rule and Eminem’s Beef 

After this, the beef was no longer just between Ja Rule and 50 Cent, but with anyone associated with the rappers.

This led to Ja Rule taking shots at 50 Cent’s friends and even his mentor, Eminem.

What followed was a series of brutal diss tracks that made just about everybody feel Ja Rule had lost the battle.

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The only person who seemed to think differently was Ja Rule himself, which turned him from a rap star into a little bit of a joke.

All of this was damaging to the image of the record label and its owner.

And eventually, they even changed their name to The Inc to avoid more trouble with the government, which was also seen by parts of the hip hop community as a pretty weak move.

Irv Gotti’s Record Label’s Decline 

In 2004, both Ja Rule and Ashanti released new albums that did not see the success of their previous output.

The next few years saw the label slip into decline.

And in 2009, Ashanti was released from her contract to make music independently.

Ja Rule stayed on the label’s books for his good friend Irv.

Irv Gotti Speaks Out On Ashanti 

The producer spoke about Ashanti’s exit years later in a now-notorious interview.

He appeared on the Drink Champs podcast alongside Ja Rule last year.

And he said some WILD things about Ashanti.

At one point, he opened up about how he felt when he was told she was leaving his label.

According to Irv, Ashanti told him that she didn’t want to do it anymore.

Which Irv said cut him deep, as he believed he was the one that first gave Ashanti a chance.

It might have been that the federal charges the label was facing at the time scared Ashanti into leaving.

But what Irv really couldn’t understand was Ashanti’s decision to re-record her debut album.

In a 2021 interview with Angie Martinez, the singer explained that she did this so that she could own her masters.

Irv, on the other hand, felt that she did it to cheat him out of money.

And he even suggested that by doing this, Ashanti was basically saying that she didn’t want Irv’s kids to eat.

Ashanti Claps Back At Irv 

In the interview, Ashanti clapped back at Irv with some sensational claims of her own. 

She talked about the process of making her fifth album The Declaration, which she said Irv had no part in creating. 

But despite not contributing to the project, Irv allegedly took a large percentage of the album’s profits. 

According to Ashanti, this was the moment everything changed for her and the label. 

She realized that for Irv, feelings became more important than good business, which seemed to influence his decision-making and eventually lead to the label’s downfall.

After learning this lesson, Ashanti had no problem becoming independent from Irv, as she saw “no purpose” in doing business with him. 

But when she tried to leave Irv behind, Ashanti claimed that Irv made some crazy demands. 

She said that she was in talks with Dr. Dre about a deal, only for Irv to tell her that he wanted a staggering 90% of everything she earned. 

Ashanti Acknowledged The Good Irv Did For Her Career

Despite the ridiculousness of some of his business practices, Ashanti was still able to acknowledge the good things Irv did for her career. 

She accepted that he had helped push her to make herself great, even if he didn’t “make” her the way he would later claim.

And now, Irv has very little to show for his early success, in part due to his misguided treatment of his biggest star.

But more than that, some of the wild things his label was doing away from the music were a major factor in bringing Irv’s legacy crashing down.

Jaden Smith Exposes What Will Smith and Diddy Did to Him

Photo Credits: Jaden Smith/Instagram and Will Smith/Instagram

Other than being famous and talented singers in their own right, Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith share something else, and that’s trauma. Apparently, they’ve both been victims of crazy things, with Diddy and Will Smith being at the center of it all.

This was what led them to build the friendship that they have right now. Without wasting any time, let’s get into the truth behind Jaden and Justin’s friendship.

According to The Things, Justin and Jaden first met in the early 2010s for their “Never Say Never” collaboration. The song was used in Jaden’s movie “Karate Kid.” It was a huge hit, peaking in the top 10 of many charts, and played a major role in the success of the movie.

Even though their meeting was simply for collaboration purposes, Justin and Jaden ended up staying in touch with each other. Over time, they built a really strong friendship. It’s so strong that both their orientations have been questioned because of it.

The most recent questioning came at Coachella this year. In a video of them, Justin and Jaden were seen cozying up to each other after Jaden had surprised Justin with a hug from behind. Justin responded to Jaden’s surprise hug by kissing him on the cheek.

Justin and Jaden’s interaction raised a lot of eyebrows, even though Justin is happily married to Hailey Bieber and they’re currently expecting their first child together. Apparently, they both looked too comfortable with each other. To top it all off, they didn’t know that they were secretly being recorded.

Now, weeks after this happened, Justin was asked to shed some light on what occurred between him and Jaden. As you can expect, he didn’t make a single comment.

Justin Looked Up to Diddy

Now, there have been a lot of theories going around about why Justin and Jaden have always avoided talking about the depth of their friendship. One theory is that it’s because it didn’t start on the happiest terms, even though, for the most part, we’ve all been made to believe that it did. Allegedly, the real reason Justin and Jaden are so close today is because of the shared trauma they have from Diddy.

It’s no secret that Diddy isn’t exactly the perfect celebrity he’s tried to make himself out to be. In the last couple of months, a lot of crazy things about what really goes on in his life have been revealed.

I’m talking about SA, trafficking, and all sorts of crazy stuff. Allegedly, Justin and Jaden were victims of this, too.

As an up-and-coming teen pop star in the late 2000s and early 2010s, Justin made it pretty clear that the one celebrity he wanted to collaborate with pretty badly was Diddy. No one could fault him for that.

Back then, Diddy was one of the biggest stars on the entertainment scene. Pretty much everybody who was anybody wanted to share the spotlight with him. Justin was no exception.

What he didn’t know was that sharing a spotlight with Diddy would come at a price he wouldn’t want to pay. Supposedly, Diddy did more than just mentor Justin, if you know what I mean.

No one knows how long whatever it is that went on between them lasted. Whatever the case is, it lasted long enough to do a number on Justin.

Will Smith Was Very Close with Diddy

Allegedly, that’s why he never talks about their relationship anymore. Even when Diddy got exposed by his ex-girlfriend Cassie, he didn’t say a single word.

According to In Touch Weekly, a source close to Justin explained that now, all Justin is interested in is distancing himself from Diddy, like many other celebrities. Justin doesn’t want to publicly talk about Diddy anymore. If he ever decides to talk about Diddy again and whatever allegedly happened between them, he would do it on his own time.

Now, for where Jaden comes into all this. Well, his relationship with Diddy is through his dad Will.

It’s no secret that Diddy and Will used to be close friends back in the day. When I say close, I mean close enough for Diddy to consistently invite Will for his yearly parties that have now been tagged as freak-offs because of the amount of crazy and illegal things that went on there.

Allegedly, Diddy didn’t consistently invite Will to his wild parties just because he felt like it. It was supposedly also because Will had a major role to play in those parties.

There are rumors of Will and Diddy being gay partners once upon a time. That would explain how Will got his invite to Diddy’s parties.

Even after Diddy and Will’s alleged relationship ended, that didn’t stop Will from being with other men. Sometimes, he allegedly went as far as forcing himself on these guys.

Will and Jaden Have an Unusual Bond

Jaguar Wright was the person to spill the beans on this. According to her, Will pretends to mentor these younger guys before forcing them into a relationship that leaves them traumatized.

Both Meek Mill and Bryshere Y. Gray have allegedly fallen victim to this. Supposedly, there have also been a few times when Will did questionable things to Jaden in public, like the time he openly kissed him on his lips.

This didn’t happen just once. The first time it happened was during an interview Will and Jaden did when Jaden was really young.

But then, the second time it happened, Jaden was much older. This was in an interview they did after the release of their movie “After Earth.”

Will and Jaden were asked if there was a distance between their father and son bond just like there was between the characters they played in the movie. Will explained that nothing like that existed between them.

According to him, he and Jaden are very affectionate with each other. To prove his point, he decided to kiss Jaden on the lips, even though it was obvious that Jaden did not want to share a kiss with him.

This has to make you wonder – Did this upset Jaden? Is it possible that he’s traumatized by it?

Justin and Jaden Have Each Other to Lean on

Obviously, this is a pretty wild conspiracy theory. Will is Jaden’s dad, and in some families, kissing on the lips is just normal and what happens.

Most likely, Jaden didn’t want to kiss his dad because, at that age, that was just an awkward and uncool thing for him to do. It’s honestly a little bizarre to suggest that there was something more sinister going on there.

Whatever the case may be, this is part of the alleged reason Justin and Jaden were able to bond, at least according to some conspiracy theories. They had both allegedly experienced certain things that were really traumatizing. Because of how private both of them are, they only share the truth with each other.

Then again, as I said, this is all just a theory. It’s possible that these two are just friends because they get on, and nothing as bad as this ever happened.

The Brutal Downfall of Gypsy Rose

Photo Credits: Gypsy-Rose Blanchard/Instagram

Gypsy Rose has been in the headlines recently for her decision to separate from her husband of less than two years, and then rekindle a relationship with an old flame she met while in prison. For those unfamiliar, Gypsy Rose Blanchard is a 32-year-old who gained notoriety after being sentenced to 10 years in prison for second-degree murder in 2016.

Her mother subjected her to lifelong physical and mental abuse. Eventually, Gypsy enlisted the help of someone she had developed an online relationship with, Nicholas Godejohn, to kill her mother.

During her time in prison, she met Ken Urker via a pen pal program and the pair eventually began a relationship. The two dated for years while she was in prison, and even got engaged at one point. However, the relationship ended before the pair ever got married and before she was released.

After that relationship ended, she married Ryan Anderson, who initially reached out to her through a letter. The pair were married at a ceremony in the prison with no guests in July 2022.

She was released in late 2023 after serving around 8 years of her sentence. After being released, she began doing many interviews with different shows.

Gypsy even filmed a documentary series with Ryan, called Gypsy-Rose: Life After Lock Up. It premiered on Lifetime in early June 2024.

Gypsy and Ryan Did Not Get a Happy Ending

Publicly, the pair seemed happy together and thriving within their relationship. However, things clearly weren’t going so well behind the scenes. After less than two years of marriage, and only a few months after her release from prison, Gypsy Rose filed for divorce and separated from Ryan.

Ryan has said this decision blindsided him and it all happened so fast. In fact, in an interview, he said it went from “I’m spending some time with my parents” to “I’m never coming back”. Soon after this relationship ended, she began another one with Ken, her ex-fiance and boyfriend from her time in prison.

While Gypsy has said she didn’t leave her marriage for Ken, Ryan certainly had his concerns about Ken throughout their marriage. These were highlighted during an episode of the show.

Gypsy had said she might be happier elsewhere. This was followed by Ryan saying “Go call Ken” and that she was “probably already talking to him anyway.”

The issues between the two men didn’t stop once the separation came either. In a recent TikTok livestream, Ryan threw some shade at Ken by saying, “I actually have my hair.” Ken has remained quiet about Ryan thus far.

Despite the negativity and the turmoil in her life recently, Gypsy has said she’s now the happiest she’s ever been and is excited for her future with Ken. While things have been far from easy, it seems she’s finally right where she wants to be in life.

Woman Caught Dancing With Miranda Lambert’s Husband

Photo Credits: Brendan McLoughlin/Instagram and Miranda Lambert/Instagram

Miranda Lambert’s marriage is back in the headlines. Her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, was caught on video flirtatiously dancing with other women. The video has since been deleted, but the damage has been done.

Now one of the women in the video, who prefers to remain anonymous, has since spoken out about the incident in Casa Rosa in Nashville. She shares that it was all “innocent,” and that they were actually hoping to see Miranda there as well.

Brendan McLoughlin Made a Bachelorette’s Night

According to an interview with In Touch, the group of women at Casa Rosa were out for a bachelorette party. They saw McLoughlin in a roped-off area, and they were originally in the main part of the bar. When the women recognized him, they thought it was cool and said they “mentioned hoping for a Miranda appearance.”

After that, they went back to enjoying the night. However, they later went over to the section to see if the 32-year-old former New York police officer would take a photo with the bride-to-be. It was sure to make her night, and he obliged.

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That was meant to be it for the group of women. They were going to leave the area and enjoy the rest of their night in the bar.

That isn’t how it remained, as they were eventually invited into the roped-off section. The women claim that they don’t know “how that was initiated or happened.”

Miranda Lambert’s Husband ‘Was Not Flirty’

The group spent the rest of the night with McLoughlin. The woman claimed that McLoughlin was “gracious and polite and kind.”

They all spend the night laughing and dancing, with the women making McLoughlin laugh because they “are a silly bunch.” They were all being goofy together.

The woman has come to the defense of Lambert’s husband. She says that he wasn’t flirty. He never said anything inappropriate to her, and there was no vibe between any of them. It was a completely innocent moment that was caught on video.

McLoughlin even left an hour to an hour and a half before the women. There was nothing suggestive said or done throughout the night.

There was one situation in the now-deleted video that has come up. It’s all about the moment the woman put her hand on McLoughlin’s face. This was viewed as being flirty, but the woman claims it was anything but that.

She shared, “I’m not sure why I put my hands on his face — I just have a tendency to do that at times without even realizing… I never intended it suggestively, probably more ‘motherly,’ as that’s who I am, but that isn’t something that should reflect badly on him at all.”

The night was just something fun for the bachelorette party. None of them had any intention of doing anything inappropriate with McLoughlin. The woman says that he wasn’t suggestive to them during that night.

While a source has shared things going on in the Lambert-McLoughlin household, the country singer has not publicly spoken out about the incident just yet. 

The Bizarre Story of Nelly’s Abandoned Mansion

Photo Credits: Realtor.com

Nelly was one of the most popular rappers of the mid-2000s. He even had the opportunity to perform at Super Bowl XXXVI in 2001.

What people don’t know is that he had a mega-mansion in his home state that has been left to rot. The house looked like something out of an HGTV home renovation show, but Nelly’s plans for a complete overhaul didn’t get very far. 

Nelly purchased the mansion about 20 years ago. Reports indicate that he purchased the home with a friend to renovate and flip it. 

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The home is in Missouri, just outside St. Louis in Wildwood. In fact, it’s about a 30-minute drive to downtown, making it prime real estate for someone who loves the area. 

Nelly hasn’t divulged any details on the property or why he decided not to finish refurbishing it. He clearly has the money, and a home of this size could demand a very high price tag if it were finished. While he has ties to the area, it is likely that he doesn’t want to be involved in the renovation process. 

Additionally, Missouri is not a very wealthy state, so he may have trouble getting any more money out of the house even if he did complete it. Therefore, it may be better to sell it as is and let someone else finish it to their liking. After all, mega-mansions are known for being difficult to sell, and high interest rates may cool any demand. 

Missouri Mansion for Sale

Nelly listed his Missouri mansion for sale in early 2021, to the surprise of many people in the area. However, that probably shouldn’t have been surprising since it had been left in a state of decay for many years. 

The home was initially listed at $599,000 through Keller Williams. That’s right, Nelly’s mansion was listed below what many single-family homes in California sell for.

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However, the price went up as buyers got into a bidding war. Still, the home sold for under a million dollars several months later. 

That is a solid deal, considering the size of the property and what is included. The house is largely finished, with some minor repairs and finishing work needed. As long as there are no major structural issues, the buyer will walk away with the deal of a lifetime. 

What’s So Special About the House?

Nelly’s unfinished house had six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It also had extra amenities, like a basketball court.

Floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies provided stunning views down the mountain on which the home sits. However, the mountain does appear to be causing some challenges. Part of the patio slid down it after a retaining wall collapsed. 

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It is pretty crazy to see how close the house was to being finished. The only thing missing in most rooms is flooring.

The electrical work appears finished, with the lights on in some photos. The bathrooms also need some work, including shower doors, lights, and mirrors. However, these are very minor finishes that professionals could have easily wrapped up in just a couple of weeks. 

Eminem’s Secret Daughter Exposes Him

Photo Credits: Stevie Laine/Instagram

Eminem’s daughter has stirred up a bit of controversy surrounding her upbringing in a popular TikTok post. Specifically, she has brought up her adoptive status and how the news was broken to her about her biological father. But, what did she say that got Eminem fans riled up?

Stevie is Eminem’s daughter, and she maintains an active presence on TikTok. However, one of her posts sent her father’s fans into an uproar.

According to Daily Mail, Stevie posted a lip sync clip, referring to her finding out about her biological father a full year after he had passed away. His name was Eric Hartter, and he was a tattoo artist who suffered an overdose back in 2019. 

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Daily Mail reported that Stevie’s biological father had a rough history of substance abuse and criminal activity. If her TikTok post is legit, and she really was unaware of who her birth father was, then it could mean Eminem might not have wanted her exposed to his dangerous behavior.

He’s reported by the Daily Mail as having said: “You can never let a child feel like it’s her fault for what’s goin’ on. You just gotta let her know, ‘Mom has a problem, she’s sick, and it’s not because she doesn’t love you. She loves you, but she’s sick right now, and until she gets better, you’ve got Daddy. And I’m here.'” 

Stevie was born only six months after her mother and Eminem got divorced (2001). But, Eminem and her mom would briefly reunite before calling it quits again. At that point, Eminem ended up adopting Stevie and raising her.

Stevie Was Sent an Article About Her Dad’s Death

According to Daily Mail, Stevie’s lip sync TikTok clip features a conversation in which someone claims “He’s not your real dad. You’re adopted.”

The clip includes her asking her dad what’s up, stating, “You’re my real dad right? Am I adopted?” “I am your real dad,'” is the response Stevie gets in the clip at that point.

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The clip continues with Stevie being sent an article about her biological dad’s death, which she asks her grandmother about. Her clip then quotes her grandmother saying, “I’m sorry they wouldn’t tell you about him.”

It ends with lyrics from an Adventure Time song called “Remember Me.” The lyrics were, “That must be so confusing for a little girl.”

Stevie Faced Backlash on the Daily Mail’s Site

According to the Daily Mail, Stevie’s sister, Halie Jade, ended up liking the clip on TikTok. However, some Eminem fans were upset with how Stevie had blamed Eminem for the situation.

One commenter on the Daily Mail had the following to say about it all. “I don’t like how they only put Eminem on blast, as old social media sites Stevie used when they were younger showed they even asked Kim about Eric and Kim lied to them too. 

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“Both parents lied, but Stevie never indicated they were mad about being adopted and raised by Em. They never said a bad word about that, but when your biological father passes away in 2019 and that’s how you find out about the guy…. and your own grandmother is the one to break the truth to you…. that is going to be hard on a person.”

Although several Daily Mail commenters lashed out at Stevie for posting the clip, a few called for people to be more compassionate about her complicated relationship with her parents.

Did Ja Rule and Ashanti Ever Date?

Photo credit: Ashanti/Instagram

People have questioned the truth behind Ashanti and Ja Rule’s relationship for decades.

A couple of years ago, the artists started speaking up about it at long last.

Ashanti Set The Record Straight 

During an Instagram Live chat with Fat Joe, Ashanti finally got the chance to set the record straight.

Her many hit songs in collaboration with Ja Rule led everyone to believe for a long time that they were secretly in a romantic relationship.

But we only really got an answer to this theory in 2020. 

When Fat Joe raised the topic with Ashanti, she was quick to shut down the rumors, insisting that she had never dated Ja Rule.

Ashanti Sees Ja Rule As A Brother 

She instead claimed that she actually saw him as a brother.

In a separate interview, she doubled down on her statement.

She said that from day one, it had never been that way between them.

She said that from the first time they met, she saw him as a brother – and he saw her as a sister.

Ashanti’s Theory 

So, why did so many people have a different idea? 

In his conversation with Ashanti, Fat Joe suggested that the sheer number of huge smash hits the pair released might’ve led people to believe they were dating.

However, Ashanti offered a different theory.

She talked about how amazing her onstage chemistry has always been with the rapper. 

Even when they went months without even seeing each other, it was no different between them. 

They could immediately jump back onstage and perform together. 

And it would look like they had been together the whole day.

They were apparently so in sync with each other that Ashanti claimed that they would sometimes turn up in what looked like coordinated outfits. 

Ashanti admitted to Fat Joe that she understood how crazy it was to have that kind of chemistry, especially with someone she was not in a relationship with.

However, she maintained that they never messed with each other, and that the idea was never a real thing. 

Ja Rule and Ashanti’s Music Relationship

And a few years ago, nearly two decades after they first took over the charts together, Ashanti spoke about working with Ja Rule again.

In 2019, she said that they would work on new music after doing some shows together. 

But as of now, the project is yet to see the light of day – even though this could be just what their label might need to reclaim their place at the summit of pop music. 

These days, the label that made both artists’ careers has all but disappeared.

But back when Ashanti and Ja Rule were releasing singles together, things were very different. 

Their success was a major part of the label becoming the number one force in the charts in the early 2000s. 

But the later decline would see relationships fail between the label and its artists, including Ashanti.

She has since gone on record in an interview in which she said that she was on good terms with the label again.

So, people thought that this could be the perfect time for two of the label’s most successful artists to release a joint project.

But another interview made it seem like this might not happen.

The drama all started when the co-founder of the label, Irv Gotti, went on the Drink Champs podcast. 

Ashanti and Irv Gotti’s Alleged Affair

And what he ended up talking about was unexpected. 

He claimed to have had a relationship with Ashanti 20 years ago.

What’s more, he was actually married to his first wife, Debbie Lorenzo, at the time of the alleged affair. 

And he went on to admit that Ashanti was also in a relationship at the time, with Nelly.

He even said that he and Ashanti were together every day that she wasn’t with Nelly.

Is Irv Gotti Salty?

And he claimed that he actually came up with Ashanti’s 2002 hit song Happy after they shared an intimate evening together. 

Irv went on to discuss what their relationship was like these days.

And he said that they didn’t see eye to eye anymore. 

He also made it very clear that he was still not over her leaving his label.

He explained that he believed that he was the one who essentially gave her her career. 

So, for her to then turn around and say that she didn’t want to do this anymore was something he just couldn’t respect.

Ashanti Shut Down Irv About Their Relationship 

Immediately after Irv shared these revelations, Ashanti came out with a very different story. 

In conversation with Angie Martinez on her IRL podcast, she quickly shut down any talk of Irv ever being her boyfriend.

She repeatedly stated that was never the case. 

And that he just flat out lied about so many things.

And while she maintained that she’s not in a place where she feels like she needs to play in the mud or expose anyone else, she still felt the need to defend herself.

She said that Irv had several girlfriends while separating from Debbie, but she was never one of them. 

She went on to say that Irv was salty when he found out about her dating Nelly

Did Irv Gotti Try To Block Ashanti’s Career?

And then she went on to make some HUGE claims of her own. 

She said that Irv reacted to the news about her and Nelly by attempting to block her career from progressing. 

And allegedly, he actually told people not to record with her and stopped her from coming to the studio.

If this was the case, it’s really no wonder that Ashanti wanted to leave his label.

Irv Gotti’s Bold Claims Caused Ruckus

Naturally, Irv’s claims on Drink Champs caused a big stir. 

But what really made them catch light in the hip hop world was the other guest on the podcast.

Because sitting right next to Irv the whole time was Ja Rule.

Which brought the reaction to a whole other level.

Throughout Irv’s conversation, Ja Rule stayed pretty quiet.

Ashanti and Others Felt Ja Rule Should Have Done More 

And he claimed not to have known that any of this was going on.

However, he did call Irv out at one point when he referred to Ashanti with a disrespectful expletive. 

Which is understandable, considering the close friendship he has with her.

But a lot of people felt that Ja Rule should have done a lot more. 

And one of those people was Ashanti herself.

On the IRL podcast, she told Angie that she spoke to Ja Rule afterward.

While she was grateful that he had defended her, she also told him that she felt he hadn’t defended her enough.

Fat Joe Called Out Irv and Ja Rule 

Someone else who thought so was Fat Joe. 

He took to Instagram Live to say that Irv had been disrespectful in his ranting about Ashanti.

And then he went on to say that whatever happened was done 20 years ago, and this just made Irv look like he wasn’t over her.

But Fat Joe didn’t just call out Irv. 

He also slammed Ja Rule for failing to defend Ashanti. 

Ja Rule has since responded by insisting that he did stick up for her. 

And later, he took to Instagram to make it clear that he did not condone what Irv did on the podcast.

And he hoped that people understood how uncomfortable it felt to be put in the position he was put in. 

Ja Rule Supports Ashanti and Her Relationship With Nelly

Despite everything that happened between them, things seem to be all good between Ja Rule and Ashanti these days. 

Since her secret marriage to Nelly hit the headlines, her famous collaborator has made it clear how he feels about her current relationship.

During an appearance on the Tamron Hall Show, he was asked if Nelly and Ashanti’s reunion had surprised him. 

However, the rapper made it clear that this wasn’t the case.

He also revealed the close friendship between Ashanti and his own wife. 

He said that their conversations had given him a hint about what was going on between her and Nelly.

So it looks like Ashanti and Ja Rule are as close as ever, even if they are no longer taking the charts by storm together.