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How JLo Stole Ashanti’s Voice

Photo Credits: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram and Ashanti/Instagram

JLo has made millions from her singing career over the last 25 years. Several of her tracks have even topped the charts. But it turns out, the voice that’s heard in many of those songs doesn’t actually belong to her.

It’s not all that unusual for singers to use background vocals to enhance the overall sound quality of their songs. The Culture Crypt reported that several of JLo’s greatest hits were sung by other vocalists, like Ashanti and Christina Milian. 

Instead of using her own voice for the majority of her tracks, JLo relied heavily on other artists’ vocals. Not only did she fail to give the singers credit, but she also passed off their vocals as her own. 

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Throughout her music career, JLo has had four singles reach number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. However, according to Grazia UK, the artist who contributed most of the vocals for half of those songs is Ashanti. 

Before Ashanti was signed to a record label, she demoed the “I’m Real” and “Ain’t It Funny” remixes for JLo. MEFeater magazine revealed that she also wrote both of the songs and recorded ad-libs for them as well. Even though she was credited for her ‘background vocals’ on the remix for “I’m Real,” she wasn’t listed as co-writer. 

In the final versions of the songs, JLo didn’t even record her vocals throughout the entirety of the tracks. Instead, she kept Ashanti’s vocals from the demos in the final recordings of the songs. The chorus for the “I’m Real” remix is only Ashanti’s voice, just like in the hook in “Ain’t It Funny.” 

JLo Was Accused of Being a Fraud

In many live performances of the tracks, as well as their music videos, JLo simply lip-synced the lyrics and pretended Ashanti’s voice was her own. She rose to the top of the charts with those singles, thanks to Ashanti’s talented vocals and songwriting ability. 

Since JLo didn’t give Ashanti fair credit for her hard work, many people have accused her of being a fraud. In a 2014 interview with BlogXilla, Ashanti opened up about how she really felt about JLo taking over one of the songs she had recorded vocals for and written.

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Ashanti admitted that when Irv Gotti, the co-founder of the record label she would eventually be signed to, gave the “I’m Real” remix to JLo, she felt a mixture of emotions. She explained that it was bittersweet because, on one hand, she was excited that her song was going to JLo. 

But on the other hand, Ashanti wasn’t happy. She was upset at Irv for giving JLo the track because he knew how badly she wanted to keep it. However, she stayed quiet about JLo essentially taking credit for both of the remixed songs for a very long time. 

Ashanti Deserved to Be Credited

Two years ago, Ashanti finally spoke out about the importance of giving credit when it’s due. It had been a little over 20 years since the remixes of “I’m Real” and “Ain’t It Funny” were released. But many people had only learned about her role in creating two of JLo’s greatest hits in January 2021, when Ashanti talked about it during her VERZUZ episode.

During an interview with Metro UK in April 2022, Ashanti explained that she was thankful that more people were starting to realize how much she had really contributed to JLo’s songs. She also confessed that for quite a while, she was pretty irritated about the situation. 

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Ashanti claimed that “not being properly labeled,” and not being given fair credit for the work she had put into the tracks resulted in her feeling frustrated. So when people started admiring her for those songs years later, it felt a little strange at first. But ultimately, Ashanti was grateful that she was finally being given credit.   

According to the website Wealthy Genius, JLo’s estimated net worth is around $400 million. Apparently, she’s made at least $95 million just from her singing career, despite the fact that many of her songs have used more vocals from other singers than her own voice. 

Considering how much money and fame JLo has received from her singing career, which was created from stealing other artists’ vocals, it’s easy to see why Ashanti was so frustrated. It didn’t matter whether or not she would’ve earned much in royalties from being officially credited for what she contributed to the remixed tracks. She still deserved to be recognized for her work. 

Maci Bookout Owes $150k in Taxes

Photo Credits: Maci Bookout McKinney/Instagram

The news has just come out that Maci Bookout from Teen Mom owes a lot of money on taxes. According to an exclusive report from In Touch, Maci owes a total of over $150,000 to the IRS. 

Based on online records that In Touch has obtained, she has two separate tax liens filed against her. This means the total that she owes is actually two separate debts. 

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According to In Touch, the two liens were filed recently, in February 2024. The bigger of the two debts is over $105,000 – and it’s not just in Maci’s name alone. The person listed as Debtor 2 in the filing is her husband, Taylor McKinney. 

But the second debt is not shared and is Maci’s alone. This one is almost $50,000. 

Having a lien listed against her means that Maci hasn’t paid her taxes as she should have and now she’s in debt to the IRS. If she doesn’t pay the debt, the IRS could seize her assets to make up for what she owes them. Assets here could mean, for example, her car or her house. 

Maci Has a History of Tax Liens

But Maci has been in similar situations before. She’s had tax liens filed against her several times in the past. Some of them as recently as last year. 

In August 2023, In Touch reported that Maci owed over $14,000 in taxes. Even though the report came in August, according to In Touch, the debt was actually filed a couple of months before, in May 2023.

Also, according to In Touch, this wasn’t the only tax debt to Maci’s name at the time. She also owed over $12,500 to the state of California at the time. 

This debt was several years old, even at that point. The filing was from 2017. In Touch did not report on whether or not Maci has paid off these debts yet. 

However, her history with tax debt goes even further back than 2017. In 2014, In Touch reported that Maci owed over $78,000 in taxes, dating back to 2011. Maci was reportedly not doing too well with paying off this debt. 

A source told In Touch at the time: “She’s been telling people that she’s working on paying it back, but very little progress has been made.” According to the newest reports released by In Touch, Maci has actually succeeded in paying off this particular debt. 

Maci May Eventually Leave the Spotlight

More recently, Maci has been considering quitting reality TV. She has opened up about this in a recent interview with In Touch.  

She said that she thinks about leaving the spotlight all the time. At least for now, she hasn’t made the decision to quit. 

She explained that she and her family are so well-known that they constantly keep getting recognized in public. But she’s also aware that this wouldn’t change if they stepped away from the show. 

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She said she knows that people won’t just forget about her and Taylor and their kids if they stop being on TV, which is why they made the decision to just keep going with the show. 

At least for now, Maci is planning to stick with reality TV and keep putting herself and her family out there. She explained that there are also positives to the whole thing. 

One of them is that sharing her family’s story helps some people feel better. So she’s going to keep going, at least for that reason. 

Court Documents Expose Jeannie Mai and Jeezy’s Custody Drama

Photo Credits: Monaco Mai Jenkins/Instagram

TMZ reported an Instagram exclusive about the ongoing divorce battle between Jeannie Mai and Jeezy. They allege that Jeezy is “backing off his bid for primary custody of his kid.”

In another TMZ report dated April 11th, Jeezy allegedly filed “legal docs” obtained by TMZ to “toss out the current custody and parenting time arrangement” that was apparently “hashed out in mediation” with Jeannie. Shockingly, Jeezy wanted his daughter, Monaco, to be “allowed to live with him full-time.” He even claimed that Jeannie wasn’t taking care of Monaco herself.

When Jeezy and Jeannie initially made their custody arrangement, he said he’d “agreed to move to the basement” of the home they once shared. But Jeezy has since claimed that Jeannie “moved out,” and she took 2-year-old Monaco with her.

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As far as his serious allegation that Jeannie is not “taking care” of their daughter, Jeezy accuses Jeannie of leaving Monaco with her “brother and mother.” He also believes Jeannie travels too much and her lifestyle “isn’t good for their kid.” 

Jeezy further accused Jeannie of keeping Monaco away from him for “nearly 2 months.” He provided a shocking example detailed in another TMZ report on April 17th.

TMZ reported Jeezy’s confirmation that he was allowed to “take Monaco for spring break” this year. But allegedly, when someone in Jeezy’s camp went to pick up Monaco for another scheduled visit at the beginning of April, Monaco wasn’t there.

Jeannie Allegedly Blocked Jeezy’s Number

Since Jeannie has allegedly “moved out” and taken their daughter with her, Jeezy is complaining that he “often has no idea” where Monaco is. He claims violates the initial custody arrangement. As further proof of his allegations, Jeezy said he couldn’t even FaceTime his child because Jeannie allegedly “blocked” his number.

Still, Jeezy has allegedly changed his mind about wanting primary custody of Monaco. The headline of the TMZ article said that Jeezy is clarifying his custody request and wants a “joint parenting schedule” with Jeannie.

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TMZ also quoted inside sources who apparently knew Jeezy’s intentions the entire time. According to them, Jeezy only ever wanted “joint custody in the long term.” Now, he wants a hearing in court to “hash out a temporary parenting schedule” so that he and Jeanne both get equal time with their daughter.

Jeannie has actively denied many of Jeezy’s allegations. As far back as December 19, 2023, TMZ reported that Jeanie filed court documents to deny his claim that she was “gatekeeping their daughter” or disallowing Jeezy from spending time with Monaco.

Shockingly, Jeannie’s December court documents alleged she was just trying to keep Monaco “safe” during the divorce. She apparently had a valid reason.

According to a statement from Jeannie’s legal team, she “100% wants Jeezy to be involved in their daughter’s life.” But Jeannie also said that safety is her “#1 concern.”

Jeannie Accused Him of Cheating

Jeannie alleged in her December court documents that Jeezy owns firearms. She believes this is unsafe for their toddler child.

But Jeezy claimed in April that Jeannie’s allegation “isn’t fair.” He even admitted that he’s always kept weapons in his home, and he never put Monaco “in harm’s way.”

But Jeannie’s legal team did not back down. They stated that it was “essential to clarify” Jeannie’s “insistence on reasonable safety measures being put in place.” 

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In the statement, Jeannie demanded that Jeezy’s weapons be safely secured and locked away. Shockingly, she claimed that he had kept his firearms “unsecured” in the past. 

Jeannie also described her brother and mother as “properly trained caregivers.” She explained that having people around her to help her raise Monaco is a “responsible effort to prioritize their daughter’s well-being.”

She fully denied “gatekeeping” or denying Jeezy access to his daughter. However, she admitted that she had put Monaco “under the care of others” when she was “traveling across the country.” Jeannie said that is a “reasonable protective measure” she takes because of a “genuine concern” for Monaco’s “safety and security.”

One scandal in this divorce battle has yet to be confirmed. After Jeezy filed for divorce from Jeannie, she filed a response implying that he had cheated during their marriage.

TMZ reported that Jeanie accused Jeezy of cheating as a silent warning, alleging that if he did cheat, it would have “consequences” on Jeezy under their prenuptial agreement. TMZ connected the dots, claiming that was when Jeezy “filed new docs himself,” and started complaining that Jeannie was keeping Monaco from him.

Patrick Swayze’s Wife Marriage Update

Photo credit: Lisa Niemi Swayze

It’s been nearly 15 years since Lisa Niemi Swayze’s late husband, Patrick Swayze, passed away due to pancreatic cancer. She recently opened up about how she met her current husband, as well as the intense criticism she received as a result of finding love again. 

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Lisa Niemi Swayze Received Backlash Since Remarrying 

According to People magazine, Lisa spoke out about her decision to get remarried on a recent episode of the Amy and T.J. Podcast. She revealed that when she and Albert DePrisco tied the knot in 2014, a lot of people were extremely upset with her. 

Lisa explained that at the time, five years had gone by since Patrick had passed away. But she still ended up getting a ton of backlash from many of his fans, just because she had found love with another man. She said that she was called “evil” for choosing to get remarried, and people even accused her of no longer loving her late husband. 

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Lisa “Was so Tempted, So Many Times” to Fire Back at Critics

Lisa admitted that even though she eventually learned “to deal with it and move on,” the amount of hate she received wasn’t easy to handle. She claimed that she “was so tempted, so many times” to fire back at her critics for making such “ridiculous” and hurtful comments. 

Lisa ultimately knew that unless a person had been in her same exact situation, they wouldn’t understand how much she still loved Patrick. She was married to him for 34 years, so it’s not like her feelings for him simply went away when he passed, or when she got remarried.

How Lisa and Her Current Husband, Albert, Met

Lisa mentioned that she first met her current husband, who works as a jeweler, around three years after Patrick’s passing. She added that if they had been introduced to each other by their friends any sooner, neither she nor Albert would have been ready for a relationship. 

However, Lisa eventually fell in love with Albert, and she said that “it was interesting to see how” that didn’t affect her love for Patrick at all. She also revealed that before she and Albert got married, Patrick had sent her a reassuring message in an unexpected way.

According to Smooth Radio, Lisa claimed on the podcast that she’d had a dream in which her late husband visited her in a courtyard. She said that he didn’t say anything to her out loud, but that wasn’t surprising, since he hadn’t spoken in any of her previous dreams about him either. 

Lisa confessed that even though Patrick didn’t talk, she felt like she could still understand what he was trying to tell her. She firmly believes that he had shown up in her dream to give her his blessing to get remarried. 

Lisa has been married to Albert for close to 10 years, and apparently he’s been very understanding of her feelings regarding her late husband. She said that when he asked her to marry him, he even mentioned the love she had for Patrick in his proposal speech. 

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Lisa explained that she’s happily married to Albert, but she also still has a relationship with Patrick. Despite the fact that he isn’t physically here on earth anymore, she added that she can feel that his spirit is with her every single day.

Kellie Pickler Speaks Out On Late Husband

Photo credits: Kyle C. Jacobs/Instagram and Kellie Pickler/Instagram

Kellie Picker continues to take brave steps into the public eye following the tragic passing of her husband, Kyle Jacobs in February 2023.

TMZ reported on April 23, 2024, that Kellie spoke out and performed for the first time since last year’s devastating incident.

Kellie’s First Performance Since Husband’s, Kyle, Death

Kellie sang at a Patsy Cline tribute in Nashville on Monday evening, April 22nd, and her stunning appearance at the Ryman Auditorium made the crowd super-emotional.

One TikTok user captured Kellie’s performance. The video started as Kellie walked on stage at the Ryman, looking sensational in a long, sparkly dress with black and silver panels and her wavy, platinum-blonde hair flowing over one shoulder.

Kellie had a beautiful smile, and with genuine Southern hospitality, she asked the audience how they were “doing tonight, y’all?”

As they cheered and supported her on stage, Kellie uttered a “woo hoo” and said, “Right back at you.” But then, Kellie made a shocking confession to the audience.

She admitted, “I’d be lying  if I didn’t say I was not incredibly nervous right now,” and she explained that it was the first time she’d been on stage in quite “a while.”

Kellie also honored the late great Patsy Cline, telling everyone that Patsy’s incredible voice and songs were a “huge reason” why she fell in love with country music.

Kellie Said ‘Kyle is With Us Here Tonight’

Then, Kellie told everyone a deeply personal story. She explained that the song she was performing, “The Woman I Am,” was written by Kellie and Kyle over a decade earlier. 

After that touching moment, Kellie told an even more personal story.

She admitted to the audience that the last time she’d been at the Ryman, she was on a date night with Kyle. 

“Kyle is with us here tonight,” she added.  

Then, she stood before the microphone as the band began to play. Her vocals filled the air, and TMZ reported that Kellie put on “one helluva performance that almost brought down the house.”

As Kellie gradually moves on from her terrible loss, she’s also made the hard decision to give up the places that remind her of her late husband. 

Kellie to Sell the Custom-built Home She Lived in With Kyle

TMZ reported in December 2023 that Kellie was selling the four-bedroom, five-bath custom-built home she’d lived in with Kyle, and the house was listed for almost three million dollars.

Kellie bought the house for herself in February 2010, and the listing noted that it was constructed with “10×10 cedar posts” and a “two-story fireplace in the great room” for a “cabin-in-the-woods feel.”

The backyard features a luxurious pool, and TMZ reported that Kellie purchased the home for just over $1.4 million, so “she stands to make a handsome profit.” 

However, making a profit must be the last thing on Kellie’s mind as she leaves the place she once lived in so happily with her late husband.

On April 11, 2024, Taste of Country reported that Kellie had lowered the asking price on her unsold “luxurious Nashville mansion.” Kellie put her mansion on the market just over ten months after Kyle’s passing, and in March 2024, she reduced the asking price on her “estate” from just under three million to $2.6 million.

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Taste of Country also described Kellie’s house as having a grand “wine cellar, laundry rooms on each floor, and a screened porch that overlooks the terraced backyard and pool area.”

Kelly Thankful for Family, Friends, and Supporters

Kellie stayed out of the public eye for about seven months after Kyle took his own life. 

In August 2023, she released a statement to People magazine, and Kellie sounded gracious and loving to her fans and followers as she spoke about the pain of losing her husband. 

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In her statement, Kellie thanked “family, friends, and supporters for the countless letters, calls, and messages that you have sent my way.” She revealed that it “truly touched” her soul, and Kellie said it was helping her to “get through the darkest time” in her life so far. 

People worldwide are rooting for Kellie, and the UK’s Daily Mail reported that Kellie received a “standing ovation” after her stunning performance at the Patsy Cline tribute in Nashville.

The Daily Mail wrote that Kellie’s fans still love her music, and she currently gets about “291,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.” 

Why Kellie Didn’t Attend Kyle’s Memorial Service

Kellie had planned to host an “intimate memorial” for Kyle in the fall of 2023. A three-hour celebration of Kyle’s life took place at the First United Methodist Church in Franklin, Tennessee, on September 25th, but inside sources claimed that Kellie was too distraught to attend this live-streamed service.

Shockingly, the Daily Mail also reported that Kellie declined to “serve as the administrator” of Kyle’s estate following his passing. Kyle’s parents, Reed and Sharon Jacobs, “took control.” 
Allegedly, Reed and Sharon “issued subpoenas for all of his phone records, texts, and iCloud data,” but Radar Online reported that Reed and Sharon’s subpoenas were denied based on a federal privacy law called the Stored Communications Act.

The Tragedy of Kim Porter

Photo credit: Memories of Lady KP/Instagram

Kim Porter passed away in 2018 at the age of 47. 

Since then, people have been very curious about the life of Diddy’s ex and baby mama.

Many of the details that have been unearthed about Kim are tragic, while several theories have also grown popular since the allegations about Diddy have come out.

Kim Porter and Diddy’s On-and-Off Relationship

Kim was best known as Diddy’s on-and-off partner for many years.

However, she was also a self-made success story in her own right as an actress and model.

She moved to Atlanta at the age of 17 to pursue her modeling career, appearing in fashion shows and on magazine covers like Essence and Jet. 

She later started getting small roles on TV shows like Law & Order.

She and Diddy welcomed their first child together, Christian Combs, in 1998. 

Kim had previously had her first son, Quincy Brown, with another music producer called Al B Sure

According to People, Diddy was hands-on in raising Quincy from when he was three years old. 

In fact, in 2017, Quincy described Diddy as “a friend, a teacher and a therapist.”

Nine years after Christian was born, Kim and Diddy welcomed twin daughters D’Lila Star and Jessie James

Kim Wished Diddy ‘Prosperity, Health and Happiness’ 

However, by this time, their relationship was known to be falling apart. 

They split up in 2007.

Kim released a statement at the time explaining that she had decided to end the relationship in the best interest of herself, Diddy, and their family.

She also wished her ex “prosperity, health and happiness,” and confirmed that they would remain friends. 

However, that same year, Kim revealed that their relationship deteriorated after rumors emerged about Diddy having a baby with another woman. 

Diddy welcomed his daughter Chance with Sarah Chapman in 2006.

Despite this, Kim continued to maintain that things were good between herself and Diddy. 

She said, “We’re friends, I’m the person he can tell his innermost thoughts to and he’s that person for me.”

After Kim’s passing, Diddy appeared in Essence magazine with his kids to open up about his loss.

Diddy Described Kim as His ‘Soulmate’

He described Kim as his “soulmate” who had taught him to be a better father. 

He then described the horror everybody felt when they heard the news that Kim had passed away.

He said that there was “screaming and crying” when he heard about it. 

In a tribute to Kim a few months earlier, he posted about just how emotional her passing had really been for him. 

He said that he had been trying to wake up from this nightmare for days.

But he hadn’t, and he said that he “didn’t know” what he would do without Kim and that he “missed her so much.”

Diddy then said that Kim was “more than his soulmate”, even though they had not been together since back in 2007.

Attached to the post was a video showing Diddy and Kim together when she was pregnant. 

However, some conspiracy theories have always surrounded Diddy and Kim’s real relationship.

Was Diddy Involved in Kim’s Death?

And what some people have claimed since Kim’s passing has gained renewed attention since the allegations against Diddy started appearing.

The official explanation given at the time was that Kim lost her life to pneumonia. 

However, dark rumors that Diddy was involved have circulated ever since. 

There was a theory that Kim was planning to release a tell-all book detailing some of the things she had witnessed Diddy do.

The theory goes on to suggest that this led Diddy to take extreme measures, although nothing has ever been proven. 

Diddy Responsible for Terrifying Acts

The hip hop giant saw his reputation destroyed last year with the allegations brought forward by his now-ex-partner Cassie

Like Kim, Cassie was also thought to be threatening to bring out a book about her experience with Diddy. 

All the theories that have been shared about Diddy are purely speculative. 

But a look at the fates of several people linked with the label exec has convinced some people that he has been responsible for a great number of terrifying acts. 

As well as the theories surrounding Kim, several other people have allegedly been targeted by Diddy.

In fact, Kim’s one-time boyfriend, Shakir Stewart, who she started seeing after one of her breakups with Diddy, was ruled to have taken his life with a self-inflicted firearm wound in 2008. 

It was reported that after this, Kim actually got back together with Diddy. 

While no evidence has ever been found to support any of the rumors, the tragedy of Kim’s early passing has now become a major talking point once again.

Chris Brown Speaks Out on Rihanna

Photo credits: Chris Brown/Instagram and Maurice Fenty/Instagram

Chris Brown has caused outrage with his ignorant take on people’s views about what happened between him and Rihanna

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Salon first reported on a bizarre string of statements the singer made in his Instagram stories in February last year.

In his posts, Chris expressed his anger over those who continued “hating him” for assaulting Rihanna when they were dating in 2009. 

Chris Brown’s Remark: ‘A Mistake I Made as a 17 Year Old’ 

He wrote in a foulmouthed and provocative post that he was still being punished for “a mistake I made as a 17 year old.” 

He went on to write, “I’m so tired of y’all running with this narrative.”

After his shocking initial post, Chris went on to share a series of photos which Salon reported showed pictures only of white celebrities who had also faced similar accusations to Chris’s. 

They were reportedly offered up as examples of a different era in which those celebrities were not continually hounded with accusations like Chris now feels he is.

Among the celebrities pictured were Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Nicolas Cage and Emma Roberts. 

Chris then asked, “Where are the cancel culture with these white artist that date underage women,” along with other allegations. 

He went on to claim that these were the “buddies” of the people who continued to criticize him.

Chris concluded his statement by writing, “No more fake love from me… stay out my way or get ran over. Simple as that.”

Infamous Incident Between Chris and Rihanna

The infamous incident between Chris and Rihanna took place after a pre-Grammys party in 2009 in their rented Lamborghini.

Chris’s assault led to both artists’ performances at the awards show being canceled. 

Chris was accused of punching Rihanna repeatedly in the face and arm. 

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A sworn statement given to an LA detective even asserted that he bit Rihanna’s ear while driving their rental car down the street. 

The incident has followed the lives and careers of both artists ever since. 

A year after it happened, Rihanna opened up about “shutting down” in the aftermath of the assault. 

In the years since, she has gone on to have two kids with ASAP Rocky, and last year performed at the Super Bowl Half-Time Show.

Fans Outraged By Chris’ Instagram Comment: ‘Go, Girl’

Chris’s reaction to this event last year once again brought the ex-couple’s past into the spotlight.

Many people were outraged after he posted on social media following Rihanna’s performance.

He took to Instagram to write “Go, Girl” against a purple background, along with a red heart and prayer hands. 

This made a lot of people furious.

One person wrote that Chris was making her big night all about him.

While another said that he didn’t even deserve to look at Rihanna.

Having received similar reactions for wishing his ex a happy birthday in the years since their split, it’s been pretty obvious for years that Chris is no stranger to online controversy.

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He also made headlines the previous year due to a civil lawsuit filed by a woman who made serious allegations of assault by the singer on a yacht. 

He has reportedly been sued for $20 million.

The Moment Nicole Kidman Fell in Love with Keith Urban

Photo Credits: Keith Urban/Instagram

Few Hollywood marriages have stood the test of time, and one of the most enduring is the one shared by Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. While many fans remember that Nicole was once married to Tom Cruise, she considers Keith the love of her life. In an interview with People Magazine, Nicole talked about the moment that won her heart.

They had met at an event in 2005, and already a few months into the relationship, they were both feeling the heat. However, that wasn’t initially the case.

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Although they exchanged numbers at the event, Keith didn’t contact Nicole for a whole four months. She told Ellen DeGeneres that she was crushing on him, but he wasn’t interested in her at the time.

Luckily, Keith came to his senses and quickly started to woo her. He did something on her 38th birthday, however, that really made Nicole realize he was the one.

It was five in the morning, and Nicole woke up to find Keith standing on her stoop at her New York apartment. In his hands was a bouquet of gardenias. As she saw him standing there, Nicole thought to herself that she hoped this was the guy she got to marry.

Nicole was struck with an, ‘Oh, here he is’ moment. It didn’t take long for the two to get married, either. A year later, they got married in their home country of Australia.

They’ve been together for almost 20 years, and they’ve grown their family in that time. Their first child was a daughter named Sunday Rose, and only two years later, they had another daughter named Faith Margaret.

Nicole and Keith Prioritize Their Relationship

Nicole said that one of the biggest reasons their marriage works is because they make time for each other. She is a huge star and Keith is a big-time musician.

Despite their fame and busy schedules, they always make sure that they don’t go long without spending time together. Their support of one another also allows them to go off and do their jobs while knowing they always have a home and love to come back to.

Nicole also shared another tip on how they maintain their relationship. She said that they always ask if something contributes to them both.

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If they want to do something, they first see how it impacts their relationship. They don’t view decisions as individuals but rather how those decisions affect their relationship.

As for Keith, he’s described Nicole as being a wife, mother, and a human being. He said that she’s all heart.

In 2016, when speaking with CBS, Keith also said that meeting Nicole didn’t change his life. Instead, it was the beginning of his life.

However, when it comes to keeping his wife happy, Keith keeps the secret of romancing Nicole close to his chest. He refuses to tell anyone what he gets her for Valentine’s Day since that ruins the romance of it all.

Their relationship isn’t always so secretive, however. Fans only need to go through their Instagram accounts to see just how much the couple loves each other.

It’s filled with photo after photo of the two on adventures together. They’re usually cozied up together for a pose or sharing a kiss. There’s no question that they’re couple goals.

Why Fans Think Mackenzie McKee Is Engaged and Pregnant

Photo Credits: Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

Is there a wedding or baby in Mackenzie McKee’s future? That’s what some fans are asking after she posted a series of life updates on Instagram. The Instagram story featured Mackenzie in various shots and offered new details about her life.

The first photo showed Mackenzie dressed in workout clothes and posing with a paint roller. She captioned the photo by saying that she was working on a new space for her bodybymac brand.

Mackenzie has her own fitness brand, which she uses to help coach and train others to reach their fitness goals. The new space is likely where she’ll host training sessions and film some fitness tutorials.

Besides showing off her toned form, Mackenzie accidentally teased her fans with a ring. Super fans spotted a ring on her finger and wondered if she might be engaged.

The second photo had Mackenzie smiling next to her friend. They were surrounded by young cheerleaders, and Mackenzie explained that she and her friend started an All-Star cheerleader gym. She works with the cheerleaders to increase their fitness and develop new routines.

In her third photo, Mackenzie revealed that she had made an app for her bodybymac brand.

It’s a community fitness app designed to help track goals, provide support for one another, and offer other tools to reach the fitness aesthetic users are seeking.

Mackenzie started her fitness business some time ago. Now, she is looking to reach an even wider audience with the app.

Mackenzie Teased a Return to Reality TV

The fourth photo was of her daughter holding a clapboard and smiling into the camera. There weren’t any details on the clapboard, but Mackenzie captioned the photo saying her family was sharing their story again.

It suggests a return to reality TV. Fans who loved seeing Mackenzie and her kids will likely be thrilled to know that they’ll get the chance to do so again soon.

The final life update left her fans even more excited. It’s because of this particular photo that they started wondering if Mackenzie was engaged or pregnant.

In the last photo, which is just a blue background, she wrote a caption that said her fans would have to stay tuned for the fifth big update to her life. She called it a secret, so naturally, fans began to speculate.

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The first guess that fans had was that Mackenzie was engaged. They saw the ring on her finger in her first photo and assumed that her boyfriend had proposed to her.

Other fans thought that she might be pregnant. Although Mackenzie has children already, she’s dating someone new. Some wondered if they had decided to start a family together.

With all the speculation going around, Mackenzie decided to put an end to some of the rumors. In the same post, she commented that there was no engagement and that she was not pregnant.

She also used a laughing face emoji. So, while she isn’t engaged or pregnant, her fans still have a fifth life update to watch out for.

Mackenzie Found Love Again

Mackenzie is already a mom to children Gannon, Jaxie, and Broncs. She shares them with her ex-husband, Josh McKee. She was on Teen Mom with Josh, which followed their relationship since 2009.

They married in 2013 and remained married for almost a decade before Mackenzie revealed that they were getting a divorce in 2022. According to People Magazine, Mackenzie said that they had tried to make things work, but the marriage couldn’t be saved. She said that she’d always respect him as the father of her children, but she was ready to find her happiness.

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Mackenzie also talked about how much growth she’s done through the relationship. She explained that the old version of her would have gone after Josh and exposed all the things he did to her during their marriage. However, the new version of her can walk away with the knowledge that she does so with deep scars but still has the love of her kids.

She wished Josh happiness and peace for his future. As for her own future, Mackenzie was able to find love again with Khesanio Hall. They started dating in December 2023 and appear to be very in love.

Fans have also given Mackenzie their support, often commenting on the couple’s photos and congratulating her for finding someone who looks like they have a wonderful soul. While Mackenzie may not be pregnant or engaged yet, she has all the time in the world to decide if those are things she wants.

Brian McKnight Calls Estranged Children “Product of Sin”

Photo Credits: Brian McKnight/Instagram

Brian McKnight is under fire for his recent comments about his oldest children, calling them a product of sin. In an Instagram video, Brian highlighted a comment that one of his fans made. The fan was defending Brian’s choice to cut out his older children from his life saying that sometimes you need to cut out toxic people, even if they’re your family members.

Brian said that this fan got where he was coming from and then went on to say that his children were a product of sin. Fans couldn’t understand how Brian could cut off his oldest children and accept his new children with his wife, Leilani McKnight.

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His oldest children have reacted to their father’s estrangement in different ways. His oldest son, Brian Jr., used to make music with his father. As they grew more distant, Brian Jr. pursued his own music career and even had a family of his own.

He named his son Brian III to honor the family legacy. Brian has said that no matter what his father chooses to do, he’s going to continue to honor his ancestors and his family’s legacy.

Brian’s Son Claims to Have Saved Him from Federal Prison

Niko, who is the second oldest, hasn’t been as diplomatic as his older brother. He works as a photographer in LA, and when he heard that his dad was calling him a product of sin and evil, he had a few things to say.

According to Page Six, Niko threw some shade at his dad when he said that the man who was calling him evil also asked him to clean up evidence that he had been cheating on his wife. Niko said he was 15 at the time. He also claimed that his dad forged his and his brother’s signatures.

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While Niko admitted that he grew up spoiled, he basically called his dad a hypocrite for calling other people evil when he’s just as evil. He even alleged that they had kept their dad from going to federal prison.

He said they knew a lot of stuff that would put Brian in a bad light. Even despite all that he’s done, Niko said that he still loved his dad because he knew the man he once knew was still somewhere inside him.

Briana is Brian’s eldest daughter who famously took him to court for defamation. Brian ended up settling with his daughter, paying over $250,000. In retaliation, perhaps, Brian also changed his will since he didn’t see himself reconciling with his daughter or older children.

Brian Has a New Family

While Brian basically shut out his older children, he fully embraced his younger children with his wife, Leilani. She already had two children coming into the marriage, and Brian has called them both the perfect son and daughter that he’d always wanted.

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When he and Leilani had a child of their own, they named him Brian Kainoa Makoa Jr. Brian then changed his own name to Brian Kainoa Makoa Sr., so he could match his newborn son’s name.

Even though he already had a junior, he basically got rid of Brian Jr. for the new Brian Jr. that he shares with Leilani. The original Brian Jr., his oldest son, said that his dad changing his name is the ultimate sign of self-hatred and that it’s become a mental illness at this point. Brian has told fans who don’t agree with his decision to remove his older children from his life that they just don’t know the full story.