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Fans Are Worried About Ashanti

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Ashanti might be on cloud nine right now, but a lot of her fans are seriously concerned. There has been a lot of talk about her rekindled relationship with Nelly and how the rapper might not be the best thing for her.

This has a lot to do with Nelly’s worrying personal history, which has included some disturbing brushes with the law. In the years following the couple’s initial breakup in 2013, Nelly saw his career and public image spiral after serious accusations were made against him. While many of the allegations were forgotten, fans have been shocked to rediscover some of the stories about Nelly’s past.

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In 2017, a college student named Monique Greene accused Nelly of SA. The incident allegedly took place before a Florida Georgia Line concert when Monique was 22 years old. The case was dropped after just a week when Monique was accused of failing to cooperate with investigations.

Two months after the initial accusations, Monique decided to come for Nelly in another way. She sued him for SA and defamation following his public comments about her and her lawyer.

Other women came out to make similar accusations against the rapper. Court papers relating to the lawsuit showed two other women involved, both of whom chose to remain anonymous.

Nelly Fought Fire with Fire

With no less than three women accusing him of horrendous crimes, Nelly felt forced to respond. The way he chose to do it was to fight fire with fire.

He filed a countersuit in 2018, in which he claimed that all the women’s stories were totally false. He described them as an attempt to give credibility to his accuser’s far-fetched story.

This was a big claim to make. It seemed to suggest that the two other women were just making up stories to support Monique’s official allegation.

To suggest that the three of them were somehow working together seemed like a stretch. It did a lot of damage to Nelly’s public image.

This tarnished reputation is what many fans think is behind Nelly taking Ashanti back. The worry among fans is that Nelly only got back together with Ashanti for some good PR.

Just a year before he got back together with Ashanti, he became the subject of ridicule after an intimate video of him was leaked online. What made things even worse was that he accidentally leaked it himself. 

The video appeared briefly on his Instagram story before quickly being taken down. However, it was up long enough to make Nelly a laughing stock online. He soon apologized for the clip, claiming it was an old video that was never supposed to be made public.

Nelly seemed to be in such a bad place in 2022. This is why some fans have concluded that getting back together with Ashanti was a PR move on his end. 

Fans Feel That Their Relationship Is One-Sided

The criticism surrounding Ashanti’s decision to get back with Nelly has only gotten more intense over time. Some high-profile figures online have even said that the relationship looks one-sided, with Ashanti showing a lot more affection for Nelly than he does for her.

One of those people is the YouTuber Tasha K. She claimed that from what the public could see, Ashanti was giving a lot to the relationship and wasn’t getting much back.

The vlogger said in one video, “Ashanti, y’all doing too much!” She continued by saying, “I just don’t understand why we need to see his face on a purse.”

Tasha K also questioned why Ashanti felt the need to throw so many different parties for Nelly and buy him so many extravagant presents. 

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She asked why Ashanti would buy Nelly a car and why Nelly never got her a ring. This was a reference to the news about Ashanti’s incredible present to Nelly for his birthday last October. She presented him with a specially customized convertible Chevrolet Impala.

Although Nelly was happy with the Impala, Tasha K just couldn’t get her head around what was really going on. She voiced her shock that a high-value woman like Ashanti felt the need to shower Nelly with amazing gifts and didn’t expect to get the same back. Specifically, Tasha K wondered why Nelly had shown no sign of intending to marry Ashanti any time soon. 

Tasha K even questioned why Ashanti felt like she had to keep herself in good shape, mentioning that she herself had a “big belly” and still managed to get married twice. She seemed to believe that Ashanti had made a mistake in starting a relationship again with the rapper. 

Tasha K Wanted Nelly To Propose

After it became clear that the relationship was serious, Tasha K repeatedly urged Ashanti and Nelly to “make it official.” But Tasha K wasn’t the only one to call out Nelly for not putting a ring on it.

Nelly also got into an argument with a fan online. This fan decided to share their opinion on Nelly and Ashanti’s relationship while they’re expecting their first child together.

The fan stated that their family couldn’t be called the Haynes family, simply because the two of them weren’t married. Instead, they should include both Nelly and Ashanti’s last names and be known as the Haynes-Douglas family. 

The fan went on to say that they knew that others would be mad at their take. But they added that fans should actually be mad at Nelly for not marrying Ashanti and giving her his last name. 

While the commenter seemed prepared for other fans to respond, they couldn’t have expected Nelly himself to join the conversation. Nelly chimed in to comment: “umm it’s definitely the Haynes family, lol.” Of course, it has recently emerged that the couple already did get married in secret last December. 

Tasha K, however, wasted no time in sharing another bombshell rumor about secrets Nelly might be hiding from his new wife. A day after the news of the couple’s marriage dropped, Tasha K claimed that Nelly actually had a secret son with another woman. 

This Relationship Could Hurt Ashanti

What’s more, the YouTuber alleged that Nelly actually cheated on his then-fiance Shantel Jackson with the mother of his secret child. Tasha K claimed that Nelly had an affair around 2019 or 2020 with a life coach named Shanna Bianca. 

In a post on her social media, Tasha K shared that Nelly’s baby with Shanna was named Chase. The baby was allegedly conceived around the time Nelly was splitting with Shantel. 

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With the news of Ashanti and Nelly’s marriage still fresh in their minds, supporters are concerned that Nelly might cheat on Ashanti.

It’s been obvious for a long time how important Nelly is to Ashanti. The rapper has been the only serious romantic partner Ashanti has ever gone public with.

Some fans are happy that the couple seems to have finally found their happily ever after. But many others wait anxiously for Nelly to prove them right by hurting Ashanti again.

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