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Cassie Speaks Out About Diddy

Photo Credits: Casandra Fine/Instagram

Cassie Ventura recently broke her silence on the disturbing video of Diddy physically harming her. In an emotional statement on social media, Cassie addressed the trauma Diddy put her through and how it still affects her years later.

Her husband, Alex Fine, also spoke out after the footage was leaked, and he did not hold back. The truth about how Cassie rebuilt her life ever since her tragic relationship with Diddy is amazing.

By now, everyone knows about the legal issues Diddy’s currently facing as a result of his criminal behavior. Over the last several months, he’s been hit with major allegations, both in and out of the courtroom. 

According to CNN, Diddy’s ex-girlfriend, Cassie, filed a massive lawsuit against him in November. At the time, he denied all the accusations of physical harm that she opened up about in the court documents. Though he privately settled the case the day after Cassie filed it, his reps continued claiming he was innocent.

On May 17, CNN exposed the truth with hotel security camera footage from March 2016. The video showed Diddy seriously harming Cassie. What he did to her during the ordeal revealed that he had been lying all along. 

In the surveillance footage, Diddy’s actions toward Cassie completely matched a March 2016 incident she described in detail in her lawsuit. The video validated her allegations against him and proved that she had been fully honest. But, it also essentially forced her to relive the traumatic experience.

Cassie’s Lawyers Addressed the Video

Immediately after the leaked footage was first posted online, countless other media outlets began sharing it all over the Internet. Two days later, CNN reported that Cassie’s lawyers had finally addressed the video. What they had to say was absolutely unreal. 

In her statement, Meredith Firetog, one of Cassie’s attorneys, shaded Diddy’s poor attempt at apologizing for his actions. She slammed him for only being concerned about himself, instead of the numerous people he’s hurt. She revealed that he only posted a video of himself talking about how sorry he was after the footage was leaked. 

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Meredith also called Diddy out for denying every allegation that had been made by the other women he had harmed over the years. She brought up how he accused them all of lying and claimed they were only after a payout. The video finally exposed how desperately he’d tried to cover up the truth by lying about the people he had been hurting for years. 

In the same CNN article, Cassie’s other lawyer, Douglas H. Wigdor, also shared how he felt, although his statement didn’t seem to be quite as heated. Douglas explained that the video had confirmed that Diddy’s behavior is extremely shady and has been for years. He also praised Cassie by calling attention to her bravery in telling her side of the story long before the footage was released. 

Understandably, Cassie didn’t immediately speak out about the video. The mental agony that likely resurfaced once she discovered the video existed was probably devastating. But, the fact that the footage had also been shared online must have been even more difficult for Cassie to emotionally process. 

Cassie Has Been Surrounded by Support

It was almost impossible to avoid seeing the video on the Internet, or at least headlines about it. The trauma of seeing herself being harmed by a man she should have been able to trust must have been unbearable. 

After about a week had passed, Cassie was ready to address her feelings on the situation. In an Instagram post, she expressed how grateful she was for the overwhelming amount of love she had been receiving from people around the world. It turns out that their support had helped her in a truly incredible way. 

Cassie wrote that the positivity and well wishes “created a place for [her] younger self to settle and feel safe.” She added that the biggest issue at hand was, and still is, the DV she had experienced at the time. What she explained next was absolutely heartbreaking.

Cassie revealed that she had been repeatedly broken down on so many levels. It was seemingly implied that Diddy had physically harmed her often, throughout their on-again, off-again relationship.

Cassie admitted that eventually, after regularly being subjected to DV, she became someone she never thought she would be. She claimed that after “a lot of hard work,” she thankfully made progress on her healing journey. But that wasn’t all.

Cassie also mentioned that the healing process was never-ending. Despite the improvements she’s made, she acknowledged that she will spend the rest of her life recovering from her past trauma. 

But before she wrapped up her heartfelt message, she made a very specific request. Cassie asked everyone who came across her public statement, to believe survivors of DV the first time they come forward. She explained that it takes so much strength and courage to speak out, especially after their power has been completely taken away from them. 

Cassie’s Husband Stood Up for Her

Days before Cassie released her statement, her husband Alex showed his support for her by addressing the situation on his own Instagram. He posted an open letter, which he had allegedly written before the footage even surfaced online. This was shared just hours after the leaked hotel video was published by CNN.

Alex began his message, which was directed at women and children, by calling out men who harm women. He stated that men who cause harm to women or protect other men who hurt women, “aren’t men” at all. 

Alex demanded that every man needs to hold their brothers and male friends accountable for how they treat women. He said that “daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives should feel protected and loved,” but unfortunately, that isn’t the case. 

Alex wrote in the caption of his post that he wants his kids, along with every other child, “to live in a world that’s safe for women and girls, protects them and treats them as equals.” 

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He’s fiercely protective and supportive of Cassie. It’s clear that he’s a drastically different kind of partner than Diddy ever was for her. 

According to Entertainment Tonight, Cassie first met Alex, a personal trainer and model, shortly after she and Diddy split up. She finally found the love and respect she had been looking for for years.

The couple wasted no time in taking their relationship to the next level. Cassie and Alex got married in August 2019, but that wasn’t their only exciting news. 

A few weeks later, Cassie took to Instagram to announce that they were expecting their first baby together. That December, she revealed in another post that she and Alex had welcomed a baby girl named Frankie.  

Cassie’s Life Has Changed Dramatically

In June 2020, Cassie celebrated Alex’s first Father’s Day with a sweet tribute on social media. She thanked him for loving and protecting not only her but their daughter as well. 

She confessed that she never dreamed she’d find a partner as amazing as him. But what she revealed later that year was honestly unbelievable. 

Cassie broke the news in a December 2020 Instagram post that she and Alex were anticipating the arrival of baby number two. Just like what had happened with Frankie, only a few months later, she shared an update about their newest addition. In March 2021, Cassie announced on social media that she and Alex had recently welcomed their second daughter, Sunny. 

Over the last three years, she’s continually posted about how incredible her life has been since she met Alex. Cassie’s Instagram feed is mostly made up of videos and photos featuring her peaceful life at home with her family. In every post Cassie is seen in, she’s glowing with happiness, which was never the case in pictures of her and Diddy.  

Just a couple of months ago, Cassie made it clear how much her life has changed in a post she shared on Alex’s birthday. She wrote that before they got married, she had never experienced anything close to the love and joy she’s felt in her life since then. 

Cassie added that she has “to pinch herself every day” because of how amazing it is to be able to spend her life with her three best friends. 

Cassie Has Found Peace

She’s definitely come a long way since her tumultuous relationship with Diddy and has put so much effort into rebuilding her life. 

As Cassie said in her recent statement, she’s put a lot of hard work into healing from her past. But she frequently gives credit to Alex, as well, for being such a safe and supportive partner. 

She has also regularly thanked him for treating her with so much love and respect. Though Cassie will always be recovering from the trauma Diddy put her through, she finally has peace, happiness, and true love in her life. 

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