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Snoop Dogg’s Mistress Speaks Out

Photo credit: Snoop Dogg/Instagram

Rap fans are ablaze with the most recent Snoop Dogg controversy. Famous for her contentious claims about celebrities and infamous dating history, Instagram model Celina Powell has come forward and is claiming that she had an affair with famed rapper Snoop Dogg. Fans are shocked, and many are doubting her words after this shocking disclosure.

Snoop Dogg’s Mistress,’ Celina, Allegations

With more than 3.2 million Instagram followers, Celina Powell had posted alleged proof of an affair with Snoop Dogg. Several years ago she uploaded now-deleted screen grabs of FaceTime calls and text messages she says are between her and Snoop. Powell says their relationship started when she went to Los Angeles and got together with Snoop to “hang out.”

Powell spoke with HollywoodLife about a night they allegedly spent sleeping together at Snoop’s Sunset Boulevard home. She also said she was kicked out of Snoop’s car after her credit card was declined when she tried to call an Uber the following morning and felt abandoned by her alleged “friend.” She says that this experience made her feel dehumanized and spurred her to reveal the affair.

Snoop’s Response to Cheating Allegations 

In response to Celina’s claims about an affair, Snoop Dogg recently released the trailer for his upcoming television show Clout Chasers. In the trailer, Celina is featured where she can be heard talking about how she faked a pregnancy and tried to lie about rapper Offset being the baby daddy. Snoop seems to be using the clip strategically in the trailer since it was released not long after Celina made her claims about an affair.

Snoop Dogg seems like an unlikely target, considering his long and loving marriage to his wife, Shante. Snoop and Shante Broadus wed in 1997. The scandal has brought the couple—who have three children together—into public scrutiny that they haven’t really experienced before. Snoop has not responded to the accusations in any direct public way, so fans and the media are left to wonder if Powell’s assertions are true. 

Snoop Dogg’s Mistress’ So-Called Proof

Powell’s evidence—messages and screenshots included—seems strong at first. Powell’s credibility is called into doubt, though, because of her past not-so-honest remarks regarding other stars.

Snoop Dogg and Shante Broadus have been wed for more than 20 years. Corde, Cordell, and Cori are the three children of the 1997 marriage. Their relationship has had ups and downs; in 2004 Snoop filed for divorce, and they briefly parted ways before getting back together. Powell’s accusations now put this enduring marriage to the test.

Allegations of adultery have been leveled against Snoop Dogg before. Snoop acknowledged having extramarital relationships in 2004. He also said that although he had thought about divorcing Shante, he ultimately decided to focus on their marriage. Because it demonstrates a pattern of behavior that Powell’s accusations appear to fit into, this history complicates the present circumstances.

Celina Powell provided what appears to be solid proof, but given her history and Snoop’s dedication to his marriage, the story might not be as simple as it seems. Little has been revealed in recent years about Celina’s accusations, and she hasn’t spoken about Snoop in a while. Fans and the general public are limited to conjecture at this point about what actually happened between the two.

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