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Snoop Dogg’s Wife Speaks Out on Cheating

Photo credits: Snoop Dogg/Instagram and Boss Lady Ent./Instagram

Snoop Dogg’s fans have reason to believe that he’s in trouble with his wife after a cryptic tweet sparked rumors of a cheating scandal.

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The Atlanta Black Star reported a couple of weeks ago that Shante Broadus, Snoop’s wife, shared a post that had everyone raising their eyebrows.

Shante has been known online for her weekly Boss Lady approved posts, but one in particular caught a lot of attention in late April. 

Snoop Dogg’s Wife’s, Shante, Cryptic Tweet

In that post, Shante wrote, “They never cheat with prettier, they cheat with easier.”

Obviously, with a message like that, it wasn’t long before the post blew up, quickly amassing over 20,000 likes and a broad spectrum of reactions.

Commenters argued underneath the post for days about the possible meaning behind Shante’s words.

Many fans came to the conclusion that she was talking about problems in her own relationship.

If this is indeed the case, it wouldn’t be the first time Snoop has attracted this type of speculation.

Snoop Dogg’s Alleged Relationship With Social Media Mogul 

Throughout the years, he has been rumored to have repeatedly cheated on his wife with a number of women.

One commenter under the bombshell post wrote, “Anytime she talks about this topic I think what did Snoop do now.”

Another suggested that Snoop “must have gotten caught again.”

And a third person suggested that Shante “must have heard that Celina Powell interview.”

This was a reference to a shocking podcast interview from a few years ago with controversial social media mogul Celina Powell, famous for her alleged relationships with several famous men, including rappers.

In 2019, she claimed to have gotten into an entanglement with Snoop.

She claimed to have texted Snoop out of the blue one day only for him to fly her out to meet him.

Shante Wrote, ‘Where Did We Go Wrong’

Following Celina’s allegations, Shante once again took to social media with an emotional response.

She posted on Instagram and asked people if they’ve ever seen someone they love turn into someone they don’t know.

In the caption, she left no one in doubt about what she was talking about, writing, “Where did we go wrong.”

After both posts, many fans rushed to the comments section to offer their support and sympathy to Shante.

However, not everyone felt this way. 

Snoop Dogg’s Infidelity Issues

Some questioned how Shante could be surprised at Snoop’s alleged behavior after so many reported incidents of his infidelity.

One wrote, “Uhm but he’s been cheating since high school.”

It’s definitely true that the couple have been together since their school years.

And there is evidence of at least one incidence of Snoop being unfaithful to Shante. 

In 1998, at the peak of his fame, Snoop had a son named Julian Broadus with someone who wasn’t his wife.

Although Shante seems to have welcomed Julian into their family, the heartache of Snoop’s betrayal can only have been brought back to her after more recent rumors resurfaced.

Shante’s Cheating Allegations

However, earlier this year, for the first time, it was actually Shante who faced cheating allegations.

And the source of the accusations was pretty shocking. 

Convicted felon and former record exec Suge Knight accused Shante of cheating on her husband with a mysterious man.

To back up his claim, he shared an old photo of Shante on a trip to Hawaii.

In the photo, Shante could be seen smiling while standing really close to the unknown man, with her head even resting on his shoulder.

Suge Knight Calls Out Snoop Dogg and His Wife

In his tweet, Suge addressed Snoop, writing, “You pray for me Snoop Dogg!!! Okay I’ll pray your wife stop going to Hawaii with other men!!!!”

Shante has not to date addressed Suge’s tweet or the picture.

Although there is now plenty of scandal on both sides of Snoop and Shante’s marriage, they have often been portrayed as having built a stable and loving family around them.

Snoop Dogg’s Daughter’s, Cori, Health Scare

But earlier this year, a much more serious incident than cheating rumors shook their family to the core. 

Their daughter Cori suffered a horrible health scare. 

It was reported that she experienced a “severe stroke” and had to be hospitalized for several days. 

People reported on Cori’s reaction as she left the hospital to return home. 

She wrote on her Instagram Stories: “I can prolly cry”, before thanking everyone who had offered her their “continuous prayers, love etc.”

She had previously revealed the scary news in a post on her Instagram Stories. 

She wrote that she had a very serious stroke in the morning hours. 

She apparently took the news really hard and cried after she found out.

Snoop Dogg’s Response to Daughter’s Stroke

Later that month, Snoop told People that his daughter was “doing a little bit better” after her stay in hospital. 

He shared this update in a conversation with People a week after the terrible incident took place, during the premiere of his comedy movie The Underdoggs in Los Angeles.

Snoop was then asked if what happened to Cori gave him a new perspective on life. 

And he said: “Yeah, yeah. Something like that.”

Snoop’s Daughter, Cori, Speaks Out About Health Update

On January 22, Cori herself talked about how she was doing. 

The 24-year-old shared a picture of herself giving a thumbs up. 

In the caption, she wrote that God was working overtime to help her.

She said that her kidneys hadn’t exactly been doing great, but she just got the news that they were improving.

The next day, she wrote about having to go through so much just like everyone else. 

She added that this is why she is so open about her life – because she knows that she feels alone.

But she also knows that we are never alone because someone somewhere is always going through the same thing.

These posts came shortly before she was discharged from the hospital. 

Cori Broadus’ Lupus Journey

But Cori had learned to deal with her health issues long before her most recent incident. 

Her challenges were first discovered at a young age, after she was diagnosed with lupus at the age of six. 

The autoimmune disease means that Cori’s immune system might mistake healthy parts of her body for threats like bacteria and viruses. 

Last year, Cori talked about her experience with lupus in an interview with People

She revealed at the time that she was better than she’d ever been and had stopped taking her medication about five months ago.

Instead, she had decided to take an all-natural approach.

She said that she was taking different herbs, drinking teas, and she even mentioned sea moss.

She also apparently started working out and drinking more water.

Cori claimed that her body had responded well to her change in lifestyle.

However, she also noted in the interview that there was more that she could be doing for her wellbeing.

She mentioned that she was still “eating terribly” and “not getting the proper rest”. 

Cori mused that: “If I can do a whole 360 change and just get healthy all around, U think I would be so good.”

But concluded that it was a day-by-day process, and it was going to take time.

She said that she knows it’s not going to happen overnight.

Hopefully, Cori is able to get where she needs to.

Her health should be her priority.

With her daughter on the road to recovery, Shante probably doesn’t need to hear any more rumors about the strength of her marriage.

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