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Sister Wives Family Seen For the First Time

Photo Credits: Nevada National Guard/Facebook

The Brown family was just seen for the first time since Garrison Brown’s tragic passing on March 4, 2024. Many members of the family attended a memorial service with the Nevada National Guard.

The Nevada National Guard shared photos of the service on Facebook. The photos are devastating and show just how clearly the Brown family is struggling through this tragedy.

Almost all of the family members present wore Hawaiian shirts or ties to honor Garrison. This was because he had an online store where he sold Hawaiian shirts called “Bob’s Floral Hawaiian Shirts.”

Janelle Brown is front and center in many of the pictures. She could be seen getting emotional as she was presented with a flag in Garrison’s honor. Hunter is seated next to her, with Kody’s mom Genielle next to him.

Robyn and Kody are seated next to Genielle, and David and Christine are seated next to them. This seating arrangement was widely discussed by fans. Many people were surprised that Kody would be willing to sit next to David.

Across the aisle, Meri sat next to Gwen and her wife, Bea. Mykelti and Tony sat next to the couple.

Sitting behind Janelle were many of Garrison’s siblings, including Logan and his wife, Leon and their spouse, Aspyn and her husband, Hunter’s girlfriend, and Gabe, who is the person who tragically found Garrison after his passing. Truely, Ysabel, and Savanah sat next to Christine. Paedon was photographed in other pictures but was not seen seated.

Aside from his siblings who live out of the state, it appears only Robyn’s children were missing from the service.

Garrison’s Passing Has Brought the Family Together

In the pictures, everyone looks absolutely devastated. This is the first time that Robyn has been seen by the public Garrison’s passing. She is extremely emotional in every picture, looking at Janelle and sobbing.

Christine looked similarly upset and inconsolable in the pictures as Janelle was when presented with the flag in Garrison’s honor. Kody looked upset during this presentation. However, he wasn’t crying as the rest of the family was.

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Many commented on how all of Janelle’s boys surrounded her during the service, with Hunter sitting next to her and Gabe and Logan sitting directly behind her. The photos give us a devastating look into what the Brown family has gone through over the last month as they’ve dealt with the passing of Garrison.

Garrison was just 25 at the time of his passing. It came as a shock to the entire world when he passed at his own hand.

Garrison was a fan favorite on Sister Wives as he stood up for his mom, Janelle, when his dad, Kody, didn’t treat her the same as Robyn. It caused a rift between the entire family, but it seems as though the family might be coming together for the first time in years as a result of Garrison’s horrific passing.

If you or someone you know is in emotional distress or considering suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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