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How Janelle Brown is Coping With the Loss of Her Son

Photo Credits: Janelle Brown/Instagram

During the week of March 11th, Reality Tea began to reveal how Janelle Brown is coping following the tragic passing of her 25-year-old son, Garrison Brown, on March 5th.

Media outlets, as well as members of the Brown family, had revealed that Garrison’s funeral took place on March 9th. Days later, Janelle shared an Instagram Story updating her followers on how she is coping with the loss of Garrison.

After Garrison was laid to rest, Janelle revealed that she went to North Carolina to stay with her oldest daughter, Maddie. Janelle posted sweet photos on Instagram, including one where she’s walking with her grandchildren on a sandy beach. Janelle captioned the photo, “Some water and sun therapy… AND GRAND BABIES.”

In another photo, her grandchildren Evie and Axel are shown playing on the beach in the ocean waves. Janelle explained in the caption that it was “spring break” for the “Kiddos,” and they decided to head “to the beach for the day.”

Janelle didn’t discuss Garrison’s passing directly in the post. She described the weather at the beach as “beautiful” but the water as “still chilly.” She also claimed that “it didn’t stop Evie or Axel.” 

Janelle posted another Instagram message to her 1.3 million followers, saying, “I have been brought to tears again.” She had been told how many people donated to the cat shelter where Garrison had adopted his pet cats.

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Janelle wrote, “Thank you all for your generosity. It means so much.”

Garrison Was “a Friend and Extraordinary Cat Lover”

Janelle confessed that the cats Garrison adopted from High Country Humane and Ark Cat Sanctuary “were so important to him.” She wrote that Garrison “loved being a cat dad.”

She also shared a social media post from High Country Humane after the cat shelter decided to honor her son in a “very special way.” High Country Humane wrote that they were remembering and celebrating Garrison’s life. They called him “a friend and extraordinary cat lover.”

High Country Humane revealed that Garrison’s kindness “touched the lives of all who knew him, both two and four-legged,” and his “unwavering love for cats was a heartfelt passion.” Their post also revealed that donations collected in memory of Garrison have totaled $13,000 so far. With those donations, High Country Humane reported being “able to feed and care for 150 cats.”

In closing, High Country Humane described “Garrison’s legacy,” which they called “compassion, laughter, and unconditional love.” They ended their post by writing that Garrison’s spirit would live on “in every meow, in every cozy lap nap, and in the purring contentment of the cats” that Garrison adored.

The U.S. Sun reported the shocking news that TLC has not canceled filming of Sister Wives in the wake of Garrison’s passing. According to a Brown family source, they are “normally always filming, whether it’s with actual cameras or on their phones.”

Sadly, the source also revealed to the Sun that Garrison’s untimely and unexpected loss “came during the timeline of filming,” and it was “assumed” that Janelle and Kody Brown did reunite at Garrison’s funeral.

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