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Savannah Chrisley Speaks About Her New Boyfriend, Robert

Photo credit: Savannah Faith Chrisley/Instagram

Having a new beau around has prompted Savannah Chrisley to open up about how she has dealt with the other men in her life.

Chrisley, star of the reality show, ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ confirmed her relationship with Robert Shiver, that guy whose wife tried to kill him, and has opened up about her struggles with codependency in relationships. This includes the relationship with her father, Todd Chrisley, once a real estate tycoon and the show’s executive producer.

Savannah Chrisley Said He Was ‘Too Hot To Die’ 

Chrisley got together with Shiver on Instagram. According to her, he was ‘too hot to die’ so she dropped him a message, presumably to say so, after reading his story. She’s been keeping the whole relationship thing on the lay low out of respect for Shiver and his three children. It’s that kind of relationship—nothing at all to do with any money.

Shiver’s ex, Lyndsay Shiver, was arrested for conspiring to kill him, allegedly. Although the allegation adds an intriguing dimension to Robert and Savannah’s relationship, she doesn’t go into details about it. However, now that things are out in the open, she has been more candid about her relationship with Robert. It’s a long-distance relationship, which is never ideal, but she accepts and deals with its challenges. In conversation, she emphasizes how it takes work, highlighting the need for trust and good communication. She’s committed to its success.

Savannah’s Codependency

Chrisley’s relationships with males haven’t always been easy. There have been times Chrisley admits, she has struggled. Her codependency is an issue she’s come to recognize. It began with her father, as they were close. And it extended into her relationship with her brother, Grayson. She took over as his guardian after both their parents were jailed for tax evasion.

Actually, her upbringing influenced her behavior, and her strange family dynamics also impacted her future relationships with men. Displaying acute self-awareness, she admits it created a pattern of codependency, where she sought support and validation from men. She’s working on her independence now, and establishing healthier boundaries.

Savannah Chrisley Denies Being A ‘Gold Digger’ Or ‘Money Hungry’

This is all her credit. Savannah’s life has been tough. She wasn’t just being a mom to one sibling. She had a sister Chloe, to take care of too. It was a difficult role to take on, although they had money. Chrisley inherited a substantial sum from her parents, but she had already developed bad spending habits and gambled.

Chrisley is currently dealing with creditors, and has already sold her house. This is why some people have thought of questioning her motives rather than wishing the pair good luck. She vehemently denies being a ‘gold digger’ or ‘money hungry’ as some have accused her. She asserts that her relationship with Shiver is ‘genuine and based on mutual respect’. 

And it didn’t take her long to find out that being feisty is part of being a strong, independent woman. She certainly got the brains. Chrisley is behind the cosmetic line, ‘Sassy by Savannah’, and the sportswear fashion line ‘Faith over Fear’. She has strong entrepreneurial skills. They are successful endeavors with a strong market presence.

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