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Farrah Abraham Has a New Boyfriend

Photo Credit: Farrah Abraham/Instagram

Farrah Abraham has a new boyfriend – and she’s made him sign an NDA, according to TMZ

The Teen Mom alum recently shared clips from a Thanksgiving vacation on Instagram, where she is seen holding hands on the beach with her new man. Even though Farrah’s Instagram Reel is set to the tune of Doja Cat’s “I wanna show you off,” the identity of her love interest remains a mystery – his face is not visible in the posts. 

Who is Farrah’s New Man?

Farrah spoke to TMZ and confirmed the romance started in 2021 on OF but got serious this year after matching on a dating app. 

She told the outlet that she’s enjoying getting to know her man and that she’s changed her dating habits after working with a coach. In an attempt to stay drama-free and avoid getting used for clout, she has allegedly made her boyfriend sign a non-disclosure agreement. 

She added that she isn’t too worried because he’s not a public figure. She told TMZ that they are similar in age and that he works in tech, business sales and marketing. She added that he purchased a second place near where she lives after the relationship got more serious in late September. 

She’s reportedly waiting until winter break to introduce him to her family and says she is grateful they got to know each other as friends before dating. 

Farrah’s Rocky Dating History

Last year, Farrah dated guitarist Mack Lovat and they broke up hours after they made their relationship public, per TMZ. 

“Sometimes people turn into monsters with press, happy I found out now,” she told the outlet. 

In 2018, Farrah dated stuntman Aden Stay and gushed about him in an interview with PEOPLE. 

“When you find someone and you have that connection, I think [that] is so rare,” she told PEOPLE. “He’s pretty amazing — hopefully he will ‘stay’ around.”

A few days after the interview, she ended her romance with him. 

“I need to watch whom I date as many men target me for my success. I’m focused on work right now between TV and film projects,” she said in a statement to PEOPLE. 

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Prior to that relationship, she was involved with on-again off-again boyfriend Simon Saran for over two years. 

Their relationship was the first to be documented on Teen Mom OG since Farrah’s relationship with high-school boyfriend Derek Underwood. 

Derek tragically passed away two months before their daughter Sophia was born. 

Farrah has gone through many ups and downs since her 16 and Pregnant debut. 

It’s Been a Challenging Couple of Years for Farrah

In January 2022, the reality TV star was arrested for allegedly slapping a security guard. She told TMZ that the alleged altercation deeply affected her emotional well-being. 

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A couple of months later, she announced on Instagram that she was seeking treatment to address her mental health struggles. In October 2023, InTouch confirmed that Farrah was sentenced to 18 months of probation following the incident. 

Farrah previously had to complete two years of probation after another alleged altercation with a security guard in 2018, per TMZ. 

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