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Jace Evans Is In Foster Care After Running Away Again

Jace Evans has run away once again, TMZ reports. Last month, 14-year-old Jace was removed from his mother, Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans, and his stepfather David’s house.

He had run away three times, and there was an incident where David allegedly harmed Jace. It seemed like once Jace went back to living at Barb’s house, everything had settled down. But now, there are reports surfacing from TMZ about Jace’s reported fourth attempt at running away from home.

Jace’s Fourth Runaway Attempt

According to TMZ, Jace ran away on Saturday, and was not found until 11:45 pm on Sunday night. Allegedly, he was caught vaping at school, and Barb’s punishment was to take away his phone. Barbara was allegedly instructed not to give Jace a phone by CPS, Jenelle, and the school, but she thought that he was stable enough to have one.

So when she took the phone away, he reportedly ran away once again. This time, he’s been hospitalized and is now in CPS foster care. It’s a tragic update for a kid who has been through so much in just 14 years. In just the last year, he went from living with Barbara to living with Jenelle for the first time in years and being forced to live with David. Then, he went back with Barbara, and now, it sounds like he’s in the foster care system.

According to TMZ, things are not looking good for Jace. CPS is allegedly exasperated by the case. Supposedly, if he gets into any more trouble, he might be looking at spending time in a juvenile detention facility. It’s a tragic situation. On one hand, he was in a horrible situation with his mom and David. He had never been raised by them before and Jenelle was allegedly withholding his medication for his ADHD, which only made things much worse for his behavioral issues.

And then he was sent back to Barbara, who is a woman in her seventies who’s struggling to take care of a child with a lot of issues. It’s unclear why Jace has been hospitalized — if something physically happened to him while he ran away or if it’s a hospitalization related to his mental health.

Jenelle Evans Appeared to Allude to the Situation

Jenelle seems to have made subtle statements about what’s going on. She posted a meme of Cardi B that said “When the weapons formed against you ain’t prospering…”, which everyone took to be a clear insult directed at Barb and Jace. David posted his own subtle statement, writing “Where’s Waldo” on Facebook. It’s a very sad situation, and hopefully one that’s resolved soon, for Jace’s sake.

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