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Amber Portwood’s Boyfriend Gary Reported Missing

Photo credits: Teen Mom: OG/Instagram and Gary Shirley/Instagram and Amber Portwood/Instagram

Amber Portwood recently got engaged to a man named Gary Wayt, but there’s one, small, problem.

He’s gone missing.

According to ABC 13 News, a local news station out of Bryson City, North Carolina, Gary was last seen on Sunday in Bryson City.

He was there with Amber to attend a family member’s wedding.

They also enjoyed the trip and spent time in the Smokey Mountains.

The hours before he went missing are still being questioned.

Amber Portwood and Gary Wayt’s Alleged Fight

According to one report, Gary and Amber had an emotional argument.

Amber ended up telling Gary to leave and never come back.

Gary then took the car and drove off from the hotel where they were staying.

When Amber returned home to Indiana, he wasn’t there.

The couple hasn’t spoken to each other in 60 hours.

Gary also left his phone behind, so Amber hasn’t been able to contact him using it.

Now, according to The Ashley, the fight that allegedly took place between Amber and Gary didn’t happen.

Amber Portwood’s Brother, Shawn, Speaks Out 

Shawn Portwood, Amber’s brother, commented on The Ashley’s post on Twitter about Gary’s disappearance, saying that his sister and Gary did not fight before he disappeared.

He said that any report about an argument between them is false.

He claimed that it’s just people trying to make the story spicier.

Instead, Shawn said that these people should be focusing their attention on finding Gary.

Shawn isn’t the only one urging people to help find him, either.

Amber’s Ex, Gary Shirley, Offers Support and Prayers

Even Amber’s ex, Gary Shirley, is lending his support.

He commented on a missing alert placed on social media, saying that they needed to find Gary.

He also offered his prayers for a safe return.

So, while there has been plenty of support for Amber during this strange and scary event, there’s also a lot of confusion over what happened before Gary left Amber behind.

Did Amber Portwood Have Anything to Do With Gary’s Disappearance?

If the fight had happened, then Shawn could have been trying to help his sister look innocent in the eyes of the police.

If a crime occurred, it’s only natural that they’d look at Amber first since she was the last one with Gary.

Knowing that a fight happened before Gary left could make them question if Amber had anything to do with his disappearance.

Or, it simply could be that the two didn’t fight.

At this point, it’s all speculation.

Missing Report About Gary Wayt

The missing report also gave additional details about Gary.

Fans initially only knew Gary by his first name since Amber never said his last name on the show or social media.

Viewers now know that Gary’s last name is Wayt.

They also now know his age, which is 39.

Previously, fans only knew that Amber was dating a man in his 30s.

The police also know the exact place where Gary was last seen–Arlington Avenue in Bryson City, North Carolina.

The missing report described Gary as being 6’1, 205 pounds, bald, and having brown eyes.

They also have a description of his car, which is a gray 2009 Nissan Rogue.

The car also has Indiana plates.

According to US Weekly, Amber has been distraught over the whole thing.

One insider alleged that she is beside herself and worried about him.

The source said that Amber was worried because Gary should have been home by now if he was driving back to Indiana from Bryson City.

She’s also been relying on her friends to help her find him.

Amber put in an official missing persons report on Monday when Gary failed to show up at home.

Amber Portwood and Gary Wayt’s Relationship and Engagement

Gary hasn’t spoken to her or his family since he went missing.

To make this story even worse, Amber and Gary had only just gotten engaged.

He had proposed to her two weeks ago and even used an old family stone as the setting for the engagement ring.

Amber was, reportedly, extremely happy.

The couple met through a dating site, and the relationship was different from the start compared to other men that Amber had met.

She said that she had met other men on social media, and they were all aware of who she was because of the show.

Amber has been on several Teen Mom shows and spin-offs.

Since she’s a reality star, a lot of the guys she was meeting already knew most of her story and life.

It put her at a disadvantage because she didn’t know them as intimately as they knew her.

It also made dating a challenge because she was never sure if they were interested in her or interested in the fame she could bring to them.

Gary, on the other hand, had never watched any of the Teen Mom shows.

He had no idea who she was, so Amber felt like she could date him properly.

They could get to know each other at the same time.

The couple are also devoted to making things work.

They entered couple’s therapy early to work on things like communication with each other.

They wanted to avoid any problems that might come up later by being able to talk to each other from the start.

Fans Worried About Gary 

Of the little that fans knew about Gary previously, they learned that he didn’t have kids of his own.

Amber has two children, with Leah being one of the most well-known, since she has been on Teen Mom shows before, too.

Despite not having children, Gary is allegedly very family-oriented since he looks after his parents.

Fans only recently met Gary, too, as Amber introduced him to the rest of the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter cast.

During that meeting, Amber introduced Gary as her boyfriend and said that they were an official couple now.

Now, while some fans have expressed worries over Gary and are hoping he’s alright, there are others who are making light of the situation.

Some of the fans who commented on the police department’s Facebook post have made jokes about how Gary has ghosted Amber, how the original Gary is helping him hide, and others saying that if they were with Amber, they’d go missing, too.

Another fan mentioned that Amber has a history of violence and illegal substance use, and they hoped that Gary was found safe.

How Amber Portwood Ruined Her Daughter’s, Leah, Birthday

This isn’t the first major drama to hit Amber recently, either.

In the same Teen Mom episode where Amber introduced Gary, she also called her daughter, Leah, a terrible word.

It was on her birthday, no less!

The episode showed Leah’s 15th birthday, which was at a restaurant with family members.

Her dad, Gary Shirley, and his wife, Kristina, were there with their daughter, Emilee.

Amber was also invited to celebrate her daughter’s 15th birthday, but she didn’t arrive until an hour after the party started.

When she did arrive, she started making the event about her.

She was showing off her new boyfriend, Gary, to Leah, but Leah wasn’t interested in getting to know who her mom was dating.

She looked uncomfortable and refused to look at a photo of Gary that Amber was trying to show her.

Leah did eventually say that she hoped Gary made Amber happy.

However, her reluctance caused Amber to call her a derogatory name that made her cry.

Then, Amber and Gary Shirley started fighting.

Gary had asked Kristina what time it was and that made Amber mad for some reason.

The two started arguing until Leah asked them to stop.

The dinner became so bad that Leah eventually asked to go to the bathroom.

Kristina and Emilee joined her.

When the girls came out, they collected Gary and left the restaurant, and Amber, behind.

The scene ended with Amber crying alone at the restaurant.

Fans, and even some of Amber’s fellow cast mates, were not happy about what they had witnessed.

Amber Portwood Called Her Own Daughter a Derogatory Term

The biggest problem they had was the derogatory term that Amber used.

Briana DeJesus even made a Tweet, which she later deleted, saying that parents should never call their children names.

Even her ex agreed and said that Gary had done well by keeping calm.

Other cast mates talked about how self-centered Amber was.

They said that she had made Leah’s birthday all about her.

They also claimed that this was something Amber always did.

Instead of connecting with her daughter, she always made everything about her.

Fans were also not pleased by Amber’s behavior, saying that she made her daughter cry on her birthday.

Although the filming for this episode happened months earlier, and thus is old news in Amber’s life, she’s only just now getting hit with backlash since the episode recently aired.

With that backlash and her missing boyfriend, Amber is having a rough start to the month of June.

Here’s hoping Gary is found safe and well.

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