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Teen Mom Trailer Exposes Mackenzie’s Return

Photo Credits: Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

Mackenzie McKee has made a surprising reappearance on the third season of Teen Mom: Family Reunion. Rumors of her return have been circulating around the internet for months. The rest of the cast has mixed emotions about it. 

In episode three, cast members Tyler Baltierra and his wife Catelynn Lowell discussed what they knew about her personal life since we last saw Mackenzie in 2022. Sitting next to the pool, Catelynn told Tyler that Mackenzie and her now ex-husband Josh McKee are officially divorced. While it surprised Tyler at first, the whole thing also made complete sense to him, especially considering his previous interactions with the ex-couple. 

Catelynn reminded Tyler of the last time they all met up together. She recalled that it was obvious things were not okay between them.

Tyler completely agreed that things were off between them. But he was also surprised that she actually managed to pull herself away from him. 

Tyler said Mackenzie felt incredibly attached to Josh, so he didn’t expect her to be the one to get away. Nevertheless, he said that he was happy she finally did. Through social media, Catelynn said that it looked like she had moved on and was much happier dating a new guy. 

This Could Be an Opportunity for Mackenzie to Work on Herself

Despite Mackenzie’s past feud with Cheyenne Floyd, Catelynn confirmed that when Cheyenne and fellow castmate Jade Cline set up the reunion, they invited everyone. But this time, Catelynn said that Mackenzie would come with her new boyfriend for everyone to meet. Catelynn was hopeful for this, stating that she hopes the coaches at the reunion will help Mackenzie move on from all of the trauma she collected from Josh. 

Even though Catelynn wants the best for Mackenzie, she still can’t help but wonder how Cheyenne feels about all of it, especially given her history with Mackenzie. Tyler said that he really felt like this was an opportunity for Mackenzie to work on herself, become more educated, and take accountability for her past mistakes so everyone could move on. 

At the end of the day, Catelynn said their time on this show has been relatively drama-free and would like to keep it that way for as long as possible. She said that she was excited to see Mackenzie, but hoped that Cheyenne wouldn’t feel blindsided by her being there. However, she also admitted that she may be the only one who is actually excited to see her since so many other cast members are wary of her return. 

It Will Be Uncomfortable for the Girls to Be Together Again

Regardless of what happens when Mackenzie finally does show up, Tyler and Catelynn both remain hopeful that this will be the wake-up call she needs to whip herself back into shape. All while mending her broken relationships with the other cast mates and moving forward to have better and healthier relationships with everyone in her life. 

They knew that it was going to be uncomfortable in a lot of ways, though. Not only would it be uncomfortable for Mackenzie to deal with her trauma and take accountability for her wrongdoing, but it would also be uncomfortable for Cheyenne and Jade to see her. 

But in Cheyenne’s defense, Catelynn admitted that social media made it seem like Cheyenne played a much bigger role in the feud with Mackenzie than she really did. So it’s possible that it won’t be as bad as what they’re expecting. 

With the situation, fans are anxiously awaiting Mackenzie’s return. However, it sounds like she’s in a much better place now than she was a couple of years ago. Hopefully, she will be able to make amends and be a positive asset to the rest of the group. 

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