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What Happened to Omarion From B2K

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Omarion made it big at a young age when B2K burst onto the R&B music scene back in the early 2000s.

The group had some success between 2001 and 2004 but eventually disbanded.

Omarion’s Solo Career

Omarion’s solo career then skyrocketed when he released his debut album ‘O’ the following year.

It went to number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and even earned him a Grammy nomination.

His second album also did well and earned him his highest charting single to date, Ice Box

But his follow-up albums reportedly failed to generate the same kind of commercial success that his first two albums did.

And Omarion faded from the spotlight a little. 

Omarion’s Skills as a Dancer 

But he recently attracted some media attention again. 

This was in late 2023, when Omarion’s skills as a dancer were questioned after a video of him dancing went viral.

A report by Madame Noire revealed that Omarion posted a video of himself freestyling as he performed at Mihran K. NoHo in Los Angeles.

He could be seen jumping, skirting, and spinning on the dance floor. 

His dance moves divided social media critics, with some praising him and others tearing him down.

One of his followers labeled him the King of Dance, and another said that he exuded freedom through his dance.

But when The Shade Room reposted the video, it got a totally different reaction from users in the comments section.

Someone wrote that when they were younger, they used to think that Omarion ate the dancing up.

And maturing was realizing that he was just doing random moves.

Another added: “Omarion was the biggest lie of my childhood…. He can’t sing or dance.”

In 2021, Omarion reportedly faced similar criticisms after another video of him dancing went viral, and it even started a trend of copying the dance sequence he did in it.

Omarion Launched a Book

Omarion released a book about his personal experiences in 2022 called Unbothered: The Power of Choosing Joy.

According to VIBE, the book was intended to help people and was divided into three different sections- Spirituality, Physical Wellness, and Mental Health.

It reportedly included advice on things that he himself practiced in his life, like meditation and yoga.

After having spent more than 20 years in the limelight, he also opened up about some of the biggest challenges he’d had in the business.

Omarion Speaks Out About Parenthood 

And while speaking about the book with Ebony, Omarion talked about his life as a father and how that’d changed him.

He told the outlet that when he became a parent, there was no manuscript. 

Omarion shares his son, Megaa, and daughter, A’mei, with his ex, reality TV star Apryl Jones. 

The couple dated for a couple of years and later broke up in 2016.

They’re currently co-parenting, but a report by Atlanta Black Star revealed that they’ve had a rocky personal relationship since their split.

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Omarion Started Exploring Polyamory

In a tell-all interview on The Jason Lee Show, Omarion opened up about his more recent dating life.

VIBE covered the interview and reported that the singer talked about how he didn’t feel like conventional relationships were for him and how he’d started exploring polyamory. 

He said that being able to have people that he could openly communicate with about how he felt and what it was that he wanted to do was a beautiful thing. 

When talking about what it was like to be with more than one partner at a time, he shared that he had to be double the man, so it was work. 

And it was not fun all of the time.

Omarion’s Relationship With His Ex-Bandmates

Further on in the interview, Omarion also spoke to Jason about his relationship with his ex-bandmates.

Although the group broke up 20 years ago, they kept in touch over the years, but there’s reportedly been some friction along the way.

After so many requests from their fans, the members of B2K finally found an opportunity to reunite.

PEOPLE reported that it happened on the award-winning Millenium Tour, back in 2021.

It was also on that tour that one of the singers chose to address a personal issue that’d been going on between him and another band member.

In 2019, Lil Fizz started dating Omarion’s ex Apryl, which the outlet claimed was why the two men had had a falling out.

But when the pair were on stage together in L.A., Lil Fizz brought up the personal drama between them when he made a public apology. 

He explained that he didn’t think it would be right if he didn’t take a moment to publicly apologize to Omarion.

He said that he did some messed up stuff to his brother, and he wasn’t proud of it.

He then added that he was sorry for any turmoil or dysfunction that he caused between Omarion and his family.

In his interview on The Jason Lee show two years later, Omarion spoke about how it felt for him to reunite with B2K after what’d happened between Lil Fizz and Apryl.

He claimed that it was one of the toughest things he’d ever had to do in his life, and that he had to ask himself some really important questions.

When it came to Lil Fizz, he said that he’d forgiven him for himself, as well as for their B2K fans. 

Omarion’s Ex and Baby Momma, Apryl, Said Omarion Treated Her Like Dirt 

Not long after the interview, Apryl took to her social media to get some things off her chest.

According to Atlanta Black Star, she ranted in a live video about how she wanted the chance to give her personal account.

She asked for Jason Lee to interview her, and to give it a fair shot because it hadn’t been fair to her to hear her name repeatedly, when she wasn’t able to tell her side. 

She explained that she’d been quiet, and she’d been taking care of her kids. 

She also claimed that Omarion had treated her like dirt and that she wouldn’t cover for him anymore.

Omarion Said Ex-Bandmates Were ‘… Praying for My Downfall’

Things between Omarion and his former bandmates have allegedly gone south in recent years, too.

Complex reported that after he was up against Mario in a Verzuz Battle in 2022, the other three B2K members reportedly mocked him online for not performing as well as his opponent.

Omarion then used his Instagram to share a post in which he claimed that he’d had a lot more success than the others.

And then he threw shade at them by writing: “To my 3 background dancers, I’m not surprised because this is how y’all always been, even while in the group. Praying for my downfall.”

Then he told them that they should just keep praying because he was booked and busy.

And he added that they should get a job and that UPS was hiring.

His former bandmate Raz-B responded by sharing a legal document on Instagram which revealed that Omarion was officially no longer a member of B2K.

In late 2023, Hot New Hip Hop reported that B2K had seemingly reunited and were preparing for another reunion, but this time without Omarion.

Omarion’s Achievements  

Even though he hasn’t had the same kind of success with his music career that he had in his youth, Omarion has still had some big achievements over the last decade.

He had a musical comeback in 2015 when his song Post To Be featuring Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko climbed up the charts and did well commercially, too.

Billboard reported that it helped him return to No. 1 on the Mainstream R&B/Hip-hop chart after almost a decade off of it.

He also gained some recognition for the Millennium Tour that he headlined in 2021. 

He and Bow Wow won the Top Rap Tour award for it at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.

It was around that time that he also made an appearance on season 5 of The Masked Singer and finished in 4th place.

Omarion is still releasing music to this day.

His last album, Full Circle: Sonic Book Two, came out in 2023.

In March 2024, Rated R&B reported that he had two singles from the album debuting on Billboard’s Adult R&B Airplay chart.

While talking to the outlet about his latest single, Taking Off, he described it as one of those classic R&B lovemaking songs.

According to the report, Omarion was supposed to start his Vbz on Vbz Tour in April 2024.

But a few weeks later, Rated R&B announced that the tour had been canceled, although the reason for the cancellation hasn’t been shared.

The upcoming shows on Ticketmaster were just listed as canceled, and the tour dates on Omarion’s official website weren’t available.

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