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T.I. Got Into a Physical Altercation With His Son

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T.I. and his family went to watch the New York Jets vs. the Atlanta Falcons game. They had a suite at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Georgia, and a fight broke out between T.I. and his eldest son, King.

King Made Claims About His Childhood

Page Six reported that the 19-year-old made the argument public by live-streaming it on Instagram. The fight supposedly started out as just some harmless teasing, but things took a turn for the worse as the video went on.

Apparently, King was trying to claim that he’d faced hardships in his childhood. At one point, he shared that he’d had to live among cockroaches. T.I. reportedly scoffed at his son’s claims though and told him that he’d never woken up with a roach on his face nor had one in his ear. He then accused him of growing up with a silver spoon in his mouth.

King defended himself by saying that he’d never eaten with his parents a day in his life. His parents didn’t agree with him. According to Page Six, T.I.’s wife Tameka claimed that their son used to go over to his grandmother’s home so that he could suck a pacifier over there until he was 12. But King gave his own reason for why he used to go to his grandma’s.

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He explained that he didn’t want to be in the gates of his parents’ mansion. He wanted to be outside in the neighborhood instead. He then accused his parents of lying and insisted that they were trying to hide the real truth behind his upbringing.

Things Escalated and T.I. Put King In a Headlock

Page Six reports that, at one point in the argument, Tameka looked like she was trying to calm things down by placing her hands on her son’s chest and asking him to be quiet. King, in turn, asked his mother why she was allowing her husband to play him like that. Tameka answered that T.I. was only joking. Then, things reached a boiling point.

According to a report by TMZ, King informed both his parents and followers that he could back up his claims by screaming that he was known for standing on business. T.I. told his son that he was not only embarrassing the family, but that he was also embarrassing himself. The rapper then put King in a headlock and told him, “Boy you can’t do nothing with me … ain’t shit you can do with me.”

After that, other people could be heard in the background reportedly asking King to stop recording just before the video ended.

Later on, King shared some Instagram stories where he appeared to be throwing shade at his dad, He posted that he couldn’t be played with now that he was a grown man. In 2020, King was filmed getting into a full-on physical fight in a bathroom with another teenager around his age.

Just a few weeks ago, he made the headlines for making some pretty outrageous claims about his childhood, saying that he only lived in TI and Tiny’s house when they needed him to film their reality show.

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