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Beyoncé Speaks Out On Blue Ivy

Photo Credit: @notolsennchris via TikTok

Beyoncé shared some pretty raw feelings about her daughter in her new concert film. In the movie, which follows the R&B singer’s Renaissance World Tour, Beyoncé opened up about Blue Ivy and the criticism she has faced online.  

The 11-year-old experienced some backlash after appearing alongside her mother on several stops of her tour. Beyoncé revealed that Blue Ivy had read some negative comments about herself — some people mocked her dance moves after her first surprise appearance onstage in Paris last May.

How Blue Ivy Reacted to Online Critics

Beyoncé made sure to mention the positive spin her daughter put on her naysayers’ reactions. She said that Blue Ivy was determined to prove any critics wrong about her and decided to use the criticism as an opportunity to work harder on her dancing skills.

Beyoncé also revealed how she feels about going on tour with her daughter. She confessed that the idea of Blue Ivy joining her onstage was not always something that she was very happy about. Apparently, the initial plan was for her daughter to make just one appearance at the start of the tour — and even that was something that Beyoncé allegedly wasn’t completely sold on.

Beyoncé Initially Didn’t Want Blue Ivy to Perform

The Grammy winner mentioned that performing live in front of thousands of people was no place for such a young kid. She even claimed that she almost passed out the first time her daughter joined her during a performance.

According to The New York Times, Blue Ivy told her mom that she was ready to perform, but Beyoncé initially said no. However, over the next few months, Blue Ivy showed her mom just how much she had improved on her dancing as the tour went on.

Her progress did not go unnoticed by fans, and, in September, a TikTok compilation illustrated just how far she had come. In her early performances, Blue Ivy appeared pretty timid and shy. In a later show in Houston, she looked completely different and much more confident.

Blue Ivy didn’t just change on stage. In July, her grandmother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, told PEOPLE that Blue Ivy’s confidence had “soared to the sky”. This transformation apparently started after her very first performance with her mom. Tina explained that her granddaughter had really only been given a week to prepare for her debut show, and, since then, Tina said that Blue Ivy had just gotten better and better. She added that she couldn’t be more proud of Blue Ivy after seeing how hard she had been working.

Jay Z Is a Proud Dad

Although Beyoncé might have had her doubts at first, it seems like the whole family now loves to see Blue Ivy performing for the world. Her dad, Jay Z, has also been gushing about how proud he was to see his daughter and wife perform together. He told CBS Mornings’ Gayle King that he still got goosebumps seeing Blue Ivy walk onstage.

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