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Khloé Kardashian Slammed For Letting True Do This

Photo Credits: Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

No one has ever said the Kardashians are great parents, but the latest story from Khloé Kardashian’s house is leading to allegations of bad parenting. The world has repeatedly seen the Kardashians make strange decisions, as their lives are the focal point of the reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Now that the youngest Kardashian sister is raising her own children, she appears to have learned little from watching the shortcomings of those around her.

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True is Khloé’s first child, whom she had with basketball player Tristan Thompson. True was born in 2018, and her parents split less than a year later. In the years since they’ve split up, they’ve reconciled several times and even had a second child via surrogacy. 

What’s the Latest on True?

Growing up in the Kardashian world means True doesn’t lead a normal life. Obviously, being surrounded by people who throw around money like it’s water doesn’t help her situation. It also means that she will be used to generate revenue for the family. 

True recently turned six years old, and shortly after, Khloé signed her up to become a model. There are plenty of strong opinions on whether or not kids should be models. The unneeded pressure to perform a job instead of growing up like normal kids obviously has a long-term negative impact.

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Growing up a Kardashian is already hard enough since all family drama is regularly aired on TV and across tabloids. Putting the extra weight of work on a child is even more cruel. 

Everyone has a different parenting style, and there isn’t one “right” way to raise a child. However, people who are famous and in the public eye should at least try to shield their children from the craziness of that world.

The Deal with Zip N’ Bear

Khloé recently signed a deal to make True the “new face” of pajama brand Zip N’ Bear. True appeared in a video where she announced her role while sitting in front of a giant teddy bear. Khloé also appeared in the video to help explain what they are advertising. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t any details on the deal as neither Zip N’ Bear nor Khloé divulged its value or length. People visiting the Zip N’ Bear website are met with a picture of True on the front page holding a stuffed bear. 

There was some confusion online about whether Zip N’ Bear sells stuffed toys or pajamas, but they actually have both. The idea is that consumers can buy pajamas and then also buy a bear with matching clothes. It is along the lines of Build-a-Bear but with matching clothes for kids. 

Critics online quickly began chastizing Khloé for putting her daughter to work. While it may not be the best decision, there are countless modeling and acting roles held by kids all over the country. 

While there is a lot to dislike about the Kardashians, True, making a few videos and doing some photoshoots is not a major concern. It is strange that people online are so concerned about someone’s parenting choices.  

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