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Kanye West Sued for Sexual Harassment By Ex-Assistant, Lauren

Photo credits: Lauren Pisciotta/Instagram and Bianca Censori West/Instagram

Kanye West hired a personal assistant back in 2021 and paid her a pretty penny to work for him exclusively. Now, she’s suing him for harassment.

Ye offered his assistant, Lauren Pisciotta, one million dollars a year to ditch her OnlyFans career and work for him instead. She took the deal, but has now come forward with a lawsuit alleging breach of contract, harassment, wrongful termination and a hostile work environment, according to TMZ.

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What did Ye do to make Lauren sue? Well, this one’s a bit complicated …

Kanye West’s Vulgar Text Messages to Lauren

Lauren is reported by TMZ to have been putting up with Ye’s frequently inappropriate messages and phone calls ever since she quit OnlyFans to work for him. One particularly vulgar text message he sent her contained the following:

“Is my D!@% racist? It is. This F@7%!^9 racist D!@% of mine. I going to beat this F@7%!^9 racist D!@% for being F@7%!^9 racist. I’m going to stare at pictures of white woman with black @$$3$ and beat the $#!7 out of my racist D!@% … Beating the $#!7 out of his big black C@C%.”

So, you might be wondering why anyone would text that to their assistant for their opinion. Apparently, Lauren’s opinion of it wasn’t great. According to US Magazine, she also received the following message from Kanye:

“See my problem is I be wanting to F@7% but then after I F@7% I want a girl to tell me how hard they been F@7%3# while I’m F@7%!^9 them. Then I want her to cheat on me.”

Why didn’t she leave? Well, Kanye promoted her to Chief of Staff (pun intended?), according to Us Magazine. The promotion earned her a $4 million annual salary and a $3 million severance package when she was fired.

She claims she hasn’t received the severance package just yet.

Kanye to Countersue 

Ye’s legal team adopted an aggressive stance against Lauren’s claims and are pushing to countersue. According to Rolling Stone, they’ve gone so far as to claim she was actually the one making inappropriate advances. Their statement read:

“She was terminated for being unqualified, demanding unreasonable sums of money (including a $4 million annual salary) and numerous documented incidents of her lascivious, unhinged conduct.

It is well documented how Ms. Pisciotta consistently used sexual coercion in an attempt to demand not only money but material items.”

If true, their allegations only make the situation more inappropriate overall.

What’s Next For The Kanye West Sexual Harassment Lawsuit?

We’ll have to wait and see how things shake out in court for these two, but they may both be on the hook to pay up in the end.

According to Rolling Stone, Ye’s legal team alleged that Lauren had demanded crazy things like a Himalayan diamond Birkin bag and plastic surgery from Ye. But, Lauren claims Kanye sent her unsolicited videos of himself sleeping with models and even pleasured himself in front of her.

The whole situation is clearly a mess only the courts can clean up at this point.

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