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Kalani Faagata Reveals Surprise Baby News

Photo Credits: Kalani Faagata/Instagram

In the whirlwind world of celebrity gossip, where secrets are harder to keep than a Hollywood smile, Kalani from 90 Day Fiancé just dropped a bombshell that left everyone stunned. While the paparazzi were busy chasing shadows and speculating about who’s dating whom, Kalani managed to pull off the ultimate secret. She had a baby, and no one saw it coming!

It was a picture-perfect reveal on June 4th when Kalani and Dallas Nuez, made their baby debut on Instagram. The shot, straight from the hospital, showed their precious little girl swaddled in lavender, her tiny face beaming like she knew she was the talk of the town already. The caption was simple yet loaded with emotion: “Meet our daughter.”

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Fans and fellow 90 Day Fiancé stars alike flooded the comments section, echoing surprise and showering the new parents with congratulations.

The twist is hardly anyone even knew Kalani was pregnant! The rumor mill churned last summer with whispers of a baby bump, but Kalani shut them down like a pro, insisting there were no bundles of joy on the way.

Turns out she was playing her cards close to her chest. Come September 2023, a new addition arrived.

The Baby Wasn’t the Only Surprise

Now, let’s talk about the man of the hour, Dallas Nuez. His debut wasn’t just about fatherhood; it was his big reveal too.

Up until that hospital room snapshot, Kalani had kept his face under wraps. Some say it was strategic—keeping their love story out of the limelight until they were ready to share their complete joy with the world.

But of course, not everyone’s thrilled about this new chapter in Kalani’s life. Critics are already pointing fingers, citing her rocky history with her ex-husband Asuelu Pulaa.

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Their marriage was a rollercoaster from the start, filled with trust issues, multiple betrayals, and extreme cases of infidelity. Despite two kids, they eventually called it quits, leaving fans skeptical when Kalani moved on with Dallas. Many believe Kalani moved on too fast before the old wound healed.

Speaking of old wounds, Asuelu and Kalani’s co-parenting relationship remains a topic of hot debate. They may have split, but their recent friendly encounter at their son Oliver’s birthday party raised eyebrows—and glasses. Some think their rapport is too cozy for comfort, sparking doubts about Dallas’ long-term commitment.

Happily Ever After or Gossip Collum Headline?

Then, there are those who say Kalani and Dallas are just rebounding off each other. Critics claim their connection lacks true love, branding it a fling born out of convenience rather than passion. Others argue that Kalani deserves a fresh start, especially after enduring her ex’s repeated infidelities.

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Despite the drama, Kalani and Dallas seem determined to make it work. Their love story began in autumn 2022, evolving from a casual “hall pass” rendezvous into something more. Now, with a baby in the mix, they’re navigating the choppy waters of fame, family, and unforeseen obstacles.

Whether their tale ends with a happily-ever-after or becomes another headline in the gossip columns remains to be seen. For now, Kalani’s surprise baby announcement has rocked the celebrity world, proving once again that in the game of fame, some secrets are worth keeping—until they’re not.

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