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Hannah Gosselin Exposes Kate

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Hannah Gosselin recently had a few things to say about her mom Kate Gosselin, and it didn’t exactly paint her in a good light.

Not too long ago, Hannah, Jon, and Collin went on Vice TV’s documentary Dark Side of the 2000s to say their piece on their broken family. Before Hannah spoke, Collin explained that he barely had a relationship with his mom before she and Jon divorced. When the divorce happened, it only got worse.

According to Collin, Kate was going through a lot of things at the time. The divorce was only just one of the things that made it a difficult time for her.

It got to the point where it looked like Kate was starting to take out her anger on Collin. According to Collin, Kate picked him because he was just there and always managed to get in her way. It really seems like he was just unlucky there.

I mean, Kate has eight children, and at the time, she had all of them under the same roof. She could’ve picked anyone. Collin just drew the shortest straw among all the siblings.

But he wasn’t the only one claiming all this in the documentary. Hannah actually backed up most of what Collin said. If anything, she added a little bit of context that Collin left out.

Collin Was Separated From His Siblings

Apparently, Hannah felt like Kate went out of her way to separate Collin from the rest of his siblings. She said that Kate made sure that Collin wasn’t playing with the rest of his siblings when they went out to play.

This was honestly pretty shocking to hear. I mean, most parents try to make sure their twins or triplets do things together.

Now, imagine when the number gets as high as sextuplets with 3 boys and 3 girls. That’s pretty much the perfect recipe for bonding and playing outside. This is without adding in the twins, who are only four years older.

Hannah saying that Kate kept Collin away from his siblings really painted her mom in a bad light. But it only gets worse from there.

Hannah also said that Kate would sometimes give Collin food at a different time than when the rest of the children were eating. Now, playtime is one thing, but making them eat at separate times is just awful.

From the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like Kate was giving Collin food earlier than the rest of his siblings. If anything, it’s more likely he got his food much later compared to everyone else. I mean, even if you’re trying to discipline a child, separating them from the rest of their siblings is probably not the best way to go about it.

However, in the documentary, Collin admitted that he was not a perfect kid. Now and then, he would step out of line.

But does that excuse Kate’s behavior? After all, All kids misbehave sometimes.

Collin said that his punishments were definitely on the harsher side. It wasn’t like he was misbehaving any more than any of his other seven siblings. Hannah and Jon agreed with what Colin said.

Collin Was Forced into In-Patient Care

So, what was actually Kate’s problem? The thing is that she always used to claim that Collin had some psychiatric issues. Apparently, that’s why she treated him differently.

She wasn’t trying to hurt Collin or anything like that. Kate always claimed that he displayed “unpredictable and violent behavior.” She felt like Collin should receive psychiatric care.

At first, he was getting outpatient care. But after a while, Kate decided that this wasn’t working.

When Collin was only 12 years old, Kate shipped him off to a facility for in-patient treatment. The thing is that she never really said what Collin was diagnosed with, even though she claimed that he had multiple diagnoses. She was acting like she was doing everything she could to help Collin.

But Jon had a different story to tell. According to Jon, Collin wasn’t diagnosed with any psychiatric condition except ADHD, which is quite common, especially in children.

But it didn’t end there. Jon also said that after Kate enrolled Collin in the facility, it took a while before she even told him where Collin was, even though he’d repeatedly tried to talk to Kate about it.

After a while, Jon finally got the answer he needed and found Collin. Then, he started working on getting Collin out of the facility.

It wasn’t going to be an easy journey. Jon admitted that getting Collin out of the facility and the treatment he was on cost him about a million dollars. This obviously caused quite a shock among fans.

Mady Spoke Out Against Her Brother

Kate received a lot of hate after the documentary episode aired, but she wasn’t the only one. Some of the other siblings also received some negative attention.

Now usually, Kate is the only one who receives most of the hate and decides how to deal with or respond to comments. But this time, Mady Gosselin decided to speak up. What she said had people confused and asking entirely different questions.

Mady explained that, at first, she didn’t want to talk about Collin’s drama openly. Since she started receiving hate comments about what Collin said in the documentary, she decided that she was going to spill all the tea on her Instagram.

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According to Mady, she doesn’t owe allegiance to someone who has, in her own words, “physically threatened [her] and every member of [her] immediate family.”

Then, Mady took things a step further. She said that she wasn’t going to allow anyone who has shown “hateful and even violent behavior towards others based on their racial identity, gender identity, or religious beliefs” to be a part of her life.

Then, Mady shared that with all that had gone on, she was not going to attempt to repair her relationship with Collin. Instead, all she wanted was for the hate messages to stop.

Kate Defended Her Daughter

This was obviously a lot to take in. But Kate also came out to back up what Mady said.

Kate told People Magazine that she never really wanted to go into detail about the mental health issues Collin was facing. But with how things were going, she felt the need to clear her name and set the record straight, just like Mady did.

Kate went on to explain how putting Collin in an in-patient facility for his mental health was what was recommended by emergency room doctors. This was after Collin had an outburst that apparently included a weapon.

Kate also said that she believes that Collin is a very troubled young man, even though she hasn’t been in his life for a while. Then, she finished by saying that what Mady said was true and that she would no longer like to speak on the matter.

With all that has been going on with the Gosselins, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any rebuilding of relationships anytime soon. With all these different stories from both sides, it’s anyone’s guess what the actual truth is.

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