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Five Employees Expose Diddy

Photo Credits: Mylah Morales/Instagram and Diddy/Instagram

“It was as if you were walking down the street, and somebody randomly threw a brick at your head out of the blue,” said one of Diddy’s ex-employees when asked what it was like working for Diddy. This shocking revelation is just one of many from former employees who have decided to come forward with their experiences.

Bombshell confessions have been streaming in after the upsetting footage, provided by CNN, of Diddy physically assaulting Cassie Ventura in 2016 came to light. The video, captured on multiple cameras, shows a disturbing encounter between Diddy and Cassie in a hallway at a Los Angeles hotel. 

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This footage aligns with the lawsuit Cassie filed in November 2023, detailing exactly what happened during that encounter. According to the lawsuit, “Combs became extremely intoxicated and punched Ms. Ventura in the face, giving her a black eye. In a bid to save herself from further assault, Cassie decided to leave the hotel room, but Diddy followed her.”

The lawsuit further describes the incident: “After he fell asleep, Ms. Ventura tried to leave the hotel room, but as she exited, Mr. Combs awoke and began screaming at Ms. Ventura. He followed her into the hallway of the hotel while yelling at her. He grabbed her, and then took glass vases in the hallway and threw them at her, causing glass to crash around them as she ran to the elevator to escape.”

One of Diddy’s Employees Witness the Attack

Now, Diddy’s ex-employees, who witnessed some of these unfortunate incidents firsthand, are coming forward with receipts to expose Diddy’s actions. 

One such person is Mylah Morales, a former makeup artist for both Diddy and Cassie, who eventually became Cassie’s friend after working for Diddy for years. Mylah described an incident in 2010, where she heard Diddy physically assaulting Cassie and witnessed the aftermath of the attack.

“I have kept this a secret for like 14 years. The first time I experienced it was in 2010, and I was in the hotel room when Puff [Diddy] came in. I had no idea Cassie left,” Mylah recounted.

“And when I woke up, I just saw his presence coming into the room. They went into the bedroom and shut the door, and all I could hear was screaming and yelling. Whatever was going on in there, I don’t know.” 

Mylah then added that all she could think of was to grab Cassie’s things and get to safety. She confirmed that when Cassie came out of the room, she was badly beaten, with knots on her head, a black eye, and a busted lip.

Mylah also answered the one question everyone had been asking: why didn’t they go to the police? She explained that Puff was very powerful, and they were scared. “He had a way of making you feel like you were nothing, and he had the means to ruin your life if he wanted to,” she said.

CNN revealed that the majority of the people currently suing Diddy are speaking to federal investigators. This means the Justice Department might consider an indictment very soon. If this happens, Cassie would have to testify against Diddy. 

The Downfall of Diddy

Another brave ex-employee came forward with yet another terrifying encounter with Diddy. She recounted that Diddy grabbed her face and demanded that she stick out her tongue to see if it was bleeding from biting it. This incident is one of many that paint a picture of a volatile and abusive environment.

TMZ managed to get hold of one of Diddy’s former employees for their documentary “The Downfall of Diddy.” While he initially agreed to defend Diddy, the individual backed out at the last minute. The employee later explained in a text why he had aborted the mission.

He wrote, “I am worried Diddy has many enemies. I am afraid that if I give my thoughts on what I experienced, I may be ruled a target. I have a comfortable and cozy life; not sure if I want to disrupt it.”

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Another ex-staff member described Diddy’s treatment of his staff as “Pure mental abuse. His outbursts and verbal attacks were beyond anything y’all can possibly imagine.”

Even amid all these allegations, Diddy’s team, including his former attorney Mark Geragos, suggests that Homeland Security leaked the infamous LA hotel video because the case lacked sufficient witnesses. They believe this was their last attempt to thwart any chances of Diddy getting a fair trial.

As the allegations pile up, the drama surrounding Diddy continues to unfold, keeping the public in suspense and leaving many to wonder what the final outcome will be. The stories from these former employees add a chilling layer to the narrative, suggesting a pattern of behavior that is both alarming and deeply troubling.

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