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Diddy’s Ex-Assistant, Suzi, Speaks Out

Photo credits: The Shade Room/Instagram and Diddy/Instagram; photo/video credit: CNN

Sean “Diddy” Combs is in some pretty deep water right now with rampant allegations of sexual assault and even raids of his homes conducted by Homeland Security. But things are only getting worse for the 54-year-old rapper as his former assistant spoke out on his years of misconduct. 

Diddy’s Ex-Assistant, Suzi, Blamed Diddy’s ‘Inner Circle’ for Being Nothing but ‘Yes Men’ 

Diddy’s ex-assistant, Suzi Siegel, recently spoke to CNN about the rapper and his concerning behavior. Suzi largely blamed Diddy’s “inner circle” for being nothing but “yes men.” 

Diddy’s close friends regularly went along with anything and everything the rapper said, creating an echo chamber. Diddy could do no wrong in the eyes of his closest friends, likely because no one was daring enough to question him.

Although Suzi only worked for Diddy from 2008 to 2009, she likely picked up on a lot of Diddy’s bad behavior in that short period. It also gives her a unique perspective on the 2016 video of Diddy beating his ex in a hotel.   

Security Cam Footage of Diddy Beating Cassie

CNN obtained a security camera video from a hotel Diddy was staying at in March of 2016. The video shows a hallway with Diddy chasing his ex-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura. Once she stops to wait for an elevator, Diddy can catch up with her and throw her to the ground. 

Once on the ground, Diddy kicks Cassie and even tries to drag her away. Diddy also throws glass vases from a table toward Cassie, but things start even earlier. In a lawsuit Cassie filed against Diddy, she alleges that she was trying to escape after Diddy punched her in the face, leading to a black eye. 

After Diddy leaves the hallway, Cassie is seen in the video getting up and going to a hotel phone.  

Diddy’s Fate

Suzi Siegel spoke out about the video and even commented that she didn’t believe Diddy’s apology was real. She felt that Diddy‘s apology video focused heavily on himself with no real admission of guilt. 

She also explains that Diddy regularly demeaned and talked down about Cassie to others. 

Suzie wasn’t the only person to publicly speak out about the video. Cassie’s attorney, Meredith Firetog, commented on the video and the rapper’s apology. She, too, doesn’t believe his apology came from a position of wanting forgiveness or even feeling apologetic. 

Meredith has a lot of experience in going after Diddy, as she also represented other women who sued Diddy for his abusive behavior. She said that Diddy had no choice but to apologize as the allegations against him were stacking up. 

It is worth noting that criminal charges cannot be brought against Diddy for the assault on Cassie Ventura despite having video evidence because the statute of limitations has passed. 
However, Diddy appears to be getting much more serious attention from federal investigators. While there is no word on potential crimes at this time, the investigation appears to be pretty intense, with raids at multiple homes and the seizure of his electronic devices.

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