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Zach Roloff Exposes Father, Matt

Photo credits: Zach Roloff/Instagram and Matt Roloff/Instagram

After 18 years on the air, the Roloff family is pretty accustomed to having their drama aired out on TV. From Matt and Amy’s divorce to finding new partners, Little People, Big World has documented nearly every moment of the family’s life. Now, after his departure from the show, Zach is pulling back the curtain to reveal even more of Matt’s dark secrets.

What’s the Latest on Little People, Big World?

Fans of the reality TV show will recall the ongoing feud between the family patriarch and his children over the ownership of the farm. In fact, recent seasons have focused almost entirely on Matt and his son Zach, who barely talk. These episodes frequently feature ex-wife Amy, who is supporting her children. 

Zach, his wife Tori, and their three kids are the only Roloff descendants regularly featured in the latest seasons. Matt and Amy’s other children, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob, have all moved on and are not interested in the show. 

Together, the Roloffs owned a 109-acre piece of Oregon land, including a farm and multiple houses. The parcel was split as part of Matt and Amy’s divorce, but she later sold her portion of the land back to Matt. At the time, she believed Matt would continue working the land and that the kids would inherit it one day.

Roloff Family’s Property Disputes

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned because Matt turned around and put a significant portion of the property up for sale. 

Listing the property angered Amy, who regretted selling the house to Matt. Zach notably wanted to purchase the land, but he couldn’t come to an agreement with his father. Many people believed that Matt was asking too much for the property, which was partly true, seeing that it had undergone several price cuts. 

Despite trying to sell the property, Matt has so far been unsuccessful. He recently had a change of heart and gave up on selling the parcel of land. Matt even announced plans to leave the entire farm to Amy. Matt’s fiance, Caryn, reportedly came up with the idea so Amy could ensure the farm remained with the family.

Zach Roloff’s Relationship With Father: It’s ‘Not Great’

It doesn’t look like the revelation that Matt is leaving Amy the farm moved the needle much between him and his son. Zach is still visibly angry over Matt’s refusal to sell him the land at a reasonable price. 

Since the arguments over the farm started several seasons ago, Matt and Zach have had very few interactions. Zach has even voiced frustrations on the show, saying that Matt doesn’t want to spend time with his grandchildren. 

Zach and Tori decided that season 25 would be their last, but TLC has yet to confirm whether or not they will renew the show. 

Despite leaving Little People, Big World, Zach and Tori still have a podcast where fans can keep up with their lives. In a recent episode, Zach talked about his relationship with his dad. He said that it’s “not great” and went on to say that “people are still in denial.” 

Zach also claims that Matt is a narcissist, but he still holds out hope that they will eventually mend their relationship. 

Surely, Matt’s decision not to sell the farm was a bit of a consolation, but the damage was already done at that point. It will be interesting to see if TLC decides to renew Little People, Big World and what the show’s future will hold without Zach and Tori.

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