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Why G-Eazy Disappeared

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It seems like just yesterday that G-Eazy was one of the biggest presences on the airways. 

But after a string of hits and a brush with superstardom, fans have noticed that we don’t hear so much from the rapper anymore. 

G-Eazy Promoting Latest Single 

So what exactly happened to him?

Here’s what we know.

Last year, G-Eazy hit the headlines thanks to an interview with Billboard in which he talked about his time away from the spotlight. 

He was promoting his latest single, Tulips & Roses, ahead of the release of his seventh album. 

He went into detail about the deeper meaning behind the song, which was pretty different from the kind of hits that first made him famous.

G-Eazy Said ‘Anybody Could Have A Bad Day …’

The rapper said that the track was about being vulnerable. 

He said that artists were often put up on pedestals and expected to be like invincible superheroes.

However, he wanted people to understand that “anybody could have a bad day or catch an L.”

How G-Eazy’s Rap Career Began  

It seems difficult to believe that G-Eazy has caught too many Ls, thanks to his amazing journey to becoming a successful mainstream rapper. 

He first started making beats as a young 14-year-old, which, looking back, he admitted in his interview were “trash.”

He also started writing rap lyrics in a notebook without having any real knowledge about how to put a rap song together. 

G-Eazy Saw Jay Z As A Goal To Aspire To

He told Billboard that one of the biggest rap lessons he learned came from listening to Jay Z’s The Black Album

According to G Eazy, this changed everything.

He said that after listening to the record, he saw Jay Z as a goal to aspire to.

Despite his high ambitions, he also admitted that if he was able to go back in time and tell the 14-year-old him where his career would take him, it would be “unfathomable.”

G-Eazy Asked For Sympathy From Listeners

This amazing success story made it surprising to hear him talk about his new single, asking for sympathy from listeners.

However, the song received positive feedback from fans. 

The importance of fans giving their opinion was not lost on G-Eazy, who acknowledged that, “When you make music, you’re making it in the studio with your closest team.”

And releasing a song that has an impact on people is what gives that song “life.”

But despite pleasing the fans, G-Eazy’s latest release didn’t have the same huge impact and success that previous material had given him. 

How G-Eazy’s Personal Life Stopped Him In His Tracks

A couple of months later, he opened up about some things going on in his personal life that had stopped him in his tracks.

He told Something About Rocks that he was making a dramatic return to hip hop after taking time to grieve for his late mother, who passed away a couple of years ago. 

Suzanne Olmsted passed away in late 2021, just two months after G-Eazy’s album These Things Happen Too was released. 

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It was heartbreaking for G-Eazy to be able to share his success with his biggest supporter for such a brief time. 

G-Eazy Released Song In Mother’s Memory

After his loss, G Eazy took to Instagram to express his feeling of shock, saying that he was struggling to accept that he’d never be able to hug his mom again. 

In 2022, he released the song Angel in tribute to her before taking a break from making music for the rest of the year. 

He explained to HipHopDX that year that he needed to allow himself time to reset and to grieve properly.

He went on to reveal that he had not really taken a break from work for almost a decade and had finally decided it was time to slow down and figure out where he wanted to go with his life. 

G-Eazy’s Refreshed Focus 

In his time away, it seemed that he had decided that coming back to hip hop was what he wanted to do. 

He talked to Something About Rocks about his refreshed focus, saying that his soul was full again after time away, and that he was “happy, excited, and motivated.”

He went on to say that his upcoming album would be out in September or October. 

However, despite rediscovering his passion for the game, it took a lot longer for the album to see the light of day. 

The album, called Freak Show, was ultimately released just weeks ago.

The album deals with a lot of difficult subjects, including the loss of his mother. 

Fans React To G-Eazy’s Album

However, fans online have not been kind to the project. 

One Reddit page devoted to hip hop trashed everything about the album from the songs to the questionable cover art. 

One commenter wrote on the thread, “Can’t believe this is the same guy who I used to listen to 24/7 back in 2013-15.”

G-Eazy’s New Identity 

The feeling that G-Eazy had changed his whole identity seemed to be a common complaint among fans online. 

One person suggested that the G-Eazy that fans had known and loved never made it out of the pandemic, and the new G-Eazy was more interested in singing than rapping. 

Others suggested that he had simply changed as a person over the years, possibly due to his tragic loss.

G-Eazy’s Turbulent Relationship With Halsey

However, another potential reason for his drop in popularity was his turbulent relationship with singer Halsey.

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The pair dated for over a year before calling it quits in 2018. 

Halsey later took to social media to talk about how she was made out to be the villain of the relationship. 

This was despite her describing G-Eazy as harmful to her during their relationship.

Halsey also hinted on Twitter that G-Eazy may have cheated on her while they were together. 

There was a rumor that G-Eazy was spotted holding hands with Demi Lovato outside a nightclub.

The drama between G-Eazy and Halsey became a defining moment for both stars among their fans.

Bebe Rexha Called G-Eazy A “Stuck Up Ungrateful Loser”

And it has since been said to have contributed to G-Eazy’s disappearance from the limelight.

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But Halsey is not the only famous name to have publicly had a problem with G-Eazy.

Recently, another singer important to the rapper’s career has launched an attack against him.

Bebe Rexha, who sang on one of G-Eazy’s biggest hits, Me Myself & I, shared a screengrab which showed her calling him a “stuck up ungrateful loser.”

She went on to say that he was lucky that people had started to like him again. 

Bebe Claimed That G-Eazy Treated Her Badly

The tirade came after Bebe was asked if she would be interested in doing social media content with her old collaborator. 

Bebe suggested that after making their hit, the rapper had started treating her really badly. 

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Although she later deleted the screenshot, Bebe returned to social media to state that she regretted doing so and wanted it to be known that she wasn’t backing down from her comments. 

What exactly happened between them isn’t known.

Will G-Eazy Be Able To Make A Comeback?

However, after everything that came out about G-Eazy and Halsey, many fans were ready to accept that the rapper was once again at fault. 

All of this has done nothing to help G-Eazy as he attempts to reclaim his former glory at the top of the charts. 

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USA Today revealed that he has been living in New York City for around a year.

Given the lukewarm reception his latest album is receiving, this could be the last update we get on G-Eazy for a while.

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