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Ryan Anderson Speaks Out On Betrayal Of Gypsy Rose

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The story of Gypsy Rose is one of the strangest and saddest to make national headlines in the last decade. From a miserable upbringing to a stint in prison, nothing has come easy for the 32-year-old, whose full name is Gypsy-Rose Alcida Blanchard. Now, Gypsy Rose’s ex-husband, Ryan Anderson, is speaking out about their relationship.

Life of Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Gypsy Rose lived through a wide array of childhood traumas. Her family moved from Louisiana to Missouri after Hurricane Katrina, and Gypsy was injured in a motorcycle accident with her grandfather. 

Gypsy’s mother was convinced that she had a myriad of health issues from an early age, most notably muscular dystrophy. As Gypsy began to walk, she was convinced she needed a walker. She also suffered a very minor knee injury during the motorcycle accident, which prompted her mother to convince her she needed a wheelchair.

Gypsy Rose also had a feeding tube despite being able to eat. The family garnered media attention for their “struggles,” prompting Habitat for Humanity to build them a home. However, Gypsy’s mother, Dee Dee, made up all of the disabilities. The mother even went so far as to shave Gypsy’s head and tell people she had leukemia. 

After years of abuse, Gypsy Rose finally cracked. She and an online friend, Nicholas Godejohn, made a plan to take out Dee Dee. Godejohn went to prison for the murder, and Gypsy also landed in prison as an accomplice. 

Ryan Anderson Speaks Out

While in prison, Gypsy Rose met and got engaged to Ken Urker, but they two called off the relationship. She later met Ryan Anderson and married him while in prison. Gypsy met both Ken and Ryan through prison pen pal programs. 

Ryan was a schoolteacher in Louisiana and was married to Gypsy for two years before splitting up a mere three months after her release from prison. However, a TMZ report from April indicated that the couple was trying to work things out at the time.  

Based on the recent interview with Ryan Anderson, it doesn’t appear that they were able to mend their relationship, as they have filed for divorce. 

Ryan Anderson Claimed Ken Urker Influenced Divorce

In his recent interview, Anderson claimed that Ken Urker had influenced the divorce. In one of Gypsy’s many interviews, she claimed that Anderson reminded her of her mother and that he was controlling. One of Gypsy’s friends also backed up that sentiment. 

However, Anderson says that love was never the issue and that the two got along. That was until one weekend when Gypsy said she was going to visit her parents and then never returned. 

Shortly after the breakup, Gypsy Rose was seen at a festival with ex-fiance Ken Urker. The news came as a blindside to Anderson, who thought the Gypsy and Ken were done for good. 

Since her release from prison in 2023, Gypsy Rose has appeared in countless documentaries, and she even attended a premiere with Ryan Anderson. In contrast, Anderson is more reserved and does not like the attention that Gypsy Rose is now getting. 

Still, Ryan Anderson has said that he appreciates the love and support being sent his way. Those wanting to see the drama between Gypsy Rose and Ryan Anderson unfold can watch their full documentary Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up on Lifetime.

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