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Morgan Wallen’s Mom Speaks Out

Photo Credits: Lesli Wallen/Instagram

While Morgan Wallen is frequently in the headlines, his mother only recently found herself in the spotlight. She defended her son after the Nashville City Council prohibited his bar from hanging a sign outside the establishment.

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For those unfamiliar, Morgan Wallen got his start in the industry on the TV Show “The Voice” in 2014. He was eliminated from the show, but continued making connections in the industry and eventually signed with a record label.

He burst onto the country music scene in 2018 and has since released several popular songs. This includes “Last Night” which sat at the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for weeks.

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However, he’s also had his fair share of troubles recently. In early 2021, a video obtained by TMZ showed Wallen using a racial slur while hanging out with friends.

He faced considerable backlash for this. His songs were taken off the radio on many stations and his recording contract was suspended. Wallen was also seen ignoring CDC guidelines while partying in Alabama in 2020.

Morgan’s Behavior Has Continued to Be an Issue

In 2024, Wallen was arrested for throwing a chair off the roof of Eric Church’s bar in Nashville. He was charged with both reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.

Not only that, but the chair almost hit two police officers who were walking outside below the bar. He was eventually released from jail, but the news made headlines across the country.

As a result of his many controversies, a request for his bar to hang a sign outside was denied by the Nashville City Council. It was a vote of 30-3, so only a few people believed his bar should get the sign.

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In addition to many of his fans being upset about this decision, his mother, Lesli, was outraged. She took to Instagram recently to voice her displeasure and share her thoughts on what happened. 

First, she shared a photo of a recent sold-out show that Wallen had in Nashville’s Nissan Stadium, and even went as far as tagging the city in the post. She also left a comment on a Country Chord post featuring a photo of Morgan Wallen, saying “Way to go, Morgan, the city of Nashville says ‘Thank you for all of your help bringing in millions of revenue.’”

It seems she thinks it’s unfair for his bar to be denied a sign when he brings so much money and tourism to the city of Nashville.

While it’s normal for a mom to want to stand up for her son, people believe she’s enabling his poor behavior. She appears to be making excuses for him, or at the very least failing to see where the Nashville city council is coming from with their decision.

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