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Married at First Sight Season 9 Ep. 10 Recap!

Ah… another Wednesday night! Do you know that means?

A new episode of Married at First Sight!

This was a very interesting episode because it started off with Pastor Cal basically saying the experts are going to give the four couples an option to opt-out of their relationship early!

If you’ve seen ANY episodes from Season 9, you would expect to see at least one, maybe two couples choosing to opt-out early (Jamie & Beth!)

BUT… they chose to keep fighting for their marriage? I’m not sure if marriage is the correct word because they’re never together and always fighting!

The other three couples all acknowledged they have stuff to work on, but they’re going to push through, which I expected. I was a little shocked to hear that Keith and Iris STILL have not had sex!

If you ask me… that makes me think she’s not completely in love with him and might end their marriage on decision day?

Take a look at my video below on a detailed explanation of how the entire episode went… Enjoy!


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