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Leaked Audio of Meek Mill and Diddy

Photo Credits: Diddy/Instagram and Meek Mill/Instagram

Since the initial allegations dropped, Diddy has been the number one trending topic on all of social media. Every new allegation that aurfaces recently seems to be even more shocking than the last.

A leaked audio believed to be of Meek Mill and Diddy has gone viral. The truth behind the leak and its contents will leave you shocked.

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Recently, an explicit audiotape surfaced online featuring voices that allegedly belonged to Diddy and Meek Mill. The audio featured two male voices that seemed to be engaging in inappropriate acts. It was posted by a man who is alleged to be Diddy’s former bodyguard which only fueled the allegations.

Since it dropped, the internet has been going crazy with opinions about Diddy, especially since this audio was supporting the already popular allegations against him. Those allegations were made by popular producer Lil Rod Aka Rodney Jones on February 27th, 2024.

These weren’t just rumors or call outs. Lil Rod sued Diddy to court in a $30 million civil suit with allegations of misconduct, and the details of it were shocking.

Lil Rod Wasn’t Diddy’s Only Victim

He was living with Diddy in his home to craft his 2023 album, The Love Album. During that time, Lil Rod alleged that Diddy touched him inappropriately many times. He also alleged that at the points he refused, Diddy brandished weapons at him and threatened him, saying that he got away with shooting people because of his connections.

Lil Rod revealed that when he reported to Diddy’s Chief of Staff, Kristina Khorram, about Combs’ actions, she brushed it off as his normal behavior. But there’s more.

Alledgedly, Lil Rod wasn’t Diddy’s only victim. That’s right, Lil Rod further revealed that Diddy was also conducting these inappropriate acts with underage girls in his home.

The details revealed that Diddy invited the girls to his parties, drugged them, and had his way with them. The long list of claims sent the public spiraling.

But no one was surprised because over the years, Diddy has picked up an alarming number of allegations. They date all the way back to the 90s.

In 1991, a 19-year-old college student named Joi Dickerson-Deal claimed Diddy drugged her while they were out on a date. Then, he took her home, SA’d her, recorded it, and shared it with all his friends. At first, no one believed her, but shortly after, another allegation surfaced that changed everyone’s perspective.

Just a year after Joi’s claims, several people were killed and injured during a celebrity basketball game in Harlem. Diddy was one of the promoters.

People were enraged, but no charges were filed. It was written off as an event that wasn’t caused by him. However, the next one wasn’t an easy escape, as he was caught red handed.

Multiple Women Have Testified Against Diddy

In December 1999, Diddy and Jennifer Lopez were arrested after a shooting in a nearby club. They were both arrested for criminal possession of a weapon and possession of stolen property. Once again, Diddy was acquitted of his offense.

He laid low for a while but by 2017, the allegations began to pop up again. This time, Cindy Rueda, his chef, was suing him for harassment, retaliation, defamation, failure to pay overtime and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The claims must have had some truth to them because local outlets reported that Diddy settled with an undisclosed amount, two years after the suit.

In the same year, his ex-girlfriend, Gina Huynh told blogger Tasha K that she was physically abused by Diddy throughout their five-year relationship. She described in detail how he once stomped her on the stomach, then proceeded to punch her in the back of the head.

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Her claims were supported by those of Diddy’s later ex-girlfriend, Cassandra Ventura, an R&B singer who filed a lawsuit in 2023. Her claims were even more brutal.

She alleged that during their lengthy relationship, Diddy had reportedly raped her as well as forced her to have relations with others for his pleasure. In addition to that, he physically assaulted her on multiple occasions. When she tried to leave, he would fly into uncontrollable rage.

More Evidence Surfaced Supporting the Rumor

Only five days later, another woman anonymously named Jane Doe, who was a former Syracuse University student, sued Diddy for allegedly drugging, raping, and recording her. She stated in the suit that she went out for dinner with Diddy back in 1991. After dinner, he drove her to his recording studio, where he had relations with her, without her consent.

Days after the incident, she alleged that a male friend told her he watched the recording, along with other men. These allegations made it easy for people to believe that one of the voices in the audio belonged to Diddy.

To support the argument that the other person was Meek Mill, Lil Rod’s court documents were released. They revealed Diddy reportedly had relations with a rapper from Philadelphia who dated Nicki Minaj. That description narrowed the allegations down.

As the video trended, more evidence was released to back up the claims. Multiple pictures surfaced that featured Meek Mill standing quite close to Diddy. Fans took interest in a picture where both men were wearing the exact same type of shirt and posing together.

A video also surfaced that showed the two men in a club where Diddy, again, was standing beside Meek Mill and looking up at him as he sang. To add to that, fans dug out clips from an old livestream where Nicki Minaj told Soulja Boy that there were a lot of undercover brothers in the industry.

Fans speculated that she was reportedly talking about Diddy and Meek Mill’s relationship, which she came to have knowledge about while she was dating the rapper. When everyone saw this, they leapt to the conclusion that the two men in the audio were indeed Diddy and Meek Mill.

Meek Mill Threatened Those Spreading Rumors

Media personality Andrew Tate concurred. He tweeted that no man would ever approach him about intimate activity, indirectly referring to Meek Mill. That prompted Meek Mill’s response, which was even more shocking.

He tweeted that he did not have intimate activity with another man and he was going to trash anyone who said otherwise. He stayed true to his threat. Days later, he sent the police to the house of the infamous media personality, DJ Akademics, who was talking about the allegations on a livestream.

To top it off, he went on a rampage on twitter, posting tweets that emphasized he wasn’t gay. Fans found it odd how seriously he was defending himself and threatening people from spreading allegations that were untrue. They also found it odd that Diddy had nothing to say, except to call out Lil Rod for making false claims about him.

The entire thing was extremely messy but it became even messier when Meek Mill tried to ride the fame. Amidst the negative publicity, he decided to drop news that he was releasing a new album soon.

Diddy May Have Orchestrated an Accident

That was where tragedy struck. Meek Mill was involved in a car accident shortly after the whole event on March 2nd 2024.

He shared pictures of the crashed car on his Instagram with a caption which stated that the brake slipped off while he was driving. Thankfully, the rapper revealed he was okay, but conspiracy theories were already brewing.

Fans alleged that the accident didn’t just happen. Instead, it was orchestrated by Diddy to put an end to the rumors. One fan tweeted that brake pedals didn’t just fall off and another fan referenced the time in 2023 where Diddy allegedly blew up Kid Cudi’s car. That supposedly happened as a result of Cassie trying to leave him for Cudi.

However, the claims about the two men in the audio have been refuted by multiple sources. A Medium article claimed that it was an audio created as a joke after the allegations surfaced against Diddy. Then, fans came to their rescue, stating that the video was from an adult clip and not the two men.

Meek Mill also went on to express his frustration over the multiple claims and allegations. He tweeted that the rumors were affecting his relationship with his son and confusing the little boy. The heartbreaking tweet led even more fans to question the audio and push back on the rumors.

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