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Keyshia Cole’s New Younger Man

Photo credits: Keyshia Cole/YouTube and Hunxho/Twitter

Last month, Keyshia Cole confirmed that she’s in a relationship with Hunxho.

Speculation was swirling that the couple were dating for weeks after they were snapped walking hand in hand in Atlanta. 

It didn’t take long for some online commenters to voice their concerns about the couple.

Criticism About Keyshia Cole’s New Man’s Age Difference

Much of the criticism was related to Keyshia obviously having a thing for younger men, with Hunxho being almost twenty years younger than the 42 year old.

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This isn’t the first time Keyshia’s displayed her preference for younger boyfriends.

She has a child with Niko Khale, who is a whole fourteen years her junior. 

Keyshia Shut Down Critics

However, when Keyshia confirmed the relationship on Twitter, she also took the opportunity to shut down the critics. 

She tagged Hunxho’s page in a message that read “mine.”

After her post, she responded to some who were disappointed with the news, jokingly asking, “please don’t beat me up.”

However, her sense of humor about the negative remarks couldn’t last forever.

She had to block some of her followers who questioned the authenticity of the relationship.

Keyshia Cole’s New Man’s Ex Throws Shade at Keyshia

Hunxho also received criticism for what was seen by some as a less than loving response to her initial tweet.

A few days later, Keyshia had to put out more fires as the online hate continued to pour in.

Hunxho’s ex, fellow rapper Gloss Up, also chimed in by uploading steamy photos of her and Keyshia’s man getting handsy in a kitchen.

In the caption of the since-deleted post, she wrote, “You know what it is in real life,” seemingly confirming the theory that Hunxho and Keyshia’s relationship was a PR stunt.

It was alleged that Keyshia deactivated her account after the images emerged.

However, Keyshia was soon back online to respond.

She claimed that Hunxho was no more than Gloss Up’s “sneaky link.”

She went on to write, “The way people wanna see the next unhappy and miserable is forever crazy to me.”

Keyshia’s Ex Got Involved With Social Media Beef

Things got even more complicated after Keyshia’s ex Antonio Brown started throwing himself into the situation.

The former footballer posted Keyshia’s name followed by a purple devil and a heart-hands emoji, seeming to suggest he’d once again taken up an interest in her.

Keyshia replied in the comments, writing, “This just gone be a messy… day!”

She went on to joke that she wished she had an album to sell given all the attention she and her relationship were getting.

However, there have been times when attention was the last thing Keyshia needed. 

Why Keyshia and Daniel Got Divorced 

When she split from former husband, NBA player Daniel Gibson, it often seemed like there was nowhere for her to hide.

For a while, Keyshia and Daniel looked like they were going to be the next celebrity power couple.

Their whirlwind romance was all over the news and even led to TV shows about their relationship.

Which was why so many of us were shocked when their marriage was suddenly over.

So, what really went wrong? 

The truth about their split is actually really sad.

Apparently, rumors of cheating were thought to be a major factor in Keyshia’s decision to leave Daniel.

Daniel Gibson Said He Takes ‘Full Responsibility’ 

In a 2014 interview with Rolling Out, Daniel strongly denied the rumors.

But he then went on to say that he took “full responsibility” for everything that didn’t go right in the marriage.

Which was a pretty cryptic way to talk about what happened between him and Keyshia.

He went on to say that while he didn’t really cheat, he did “cheat” his wife out of a friend in a lot of situations and didn’t hold her down like he was supposed to.

In fact, he said that he probably made every mistake he could as a husband.

Although he continued to deny cheating on Keyshia, he admitted that he had gone to an exotic club and taken pictures with a dancer.

A lot of people thought the story was kind of all over the place.

But it took another three years for Keyshia to finally lose patience with him.

She filed for divorce in 2017, citing irreconcilable differences.

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The news outlet obtained court documents related to the former couple’s settlement.

Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson’s Custody Battle 

They eventually came to an agreement that covered how they would divide their property, as well as custody matters about their child.

Keyshia had requested joint legal custody of their son, Daniel Gibson Jr.

The fact that Keyshia was looking for joint custody made it look like she wanted things to go as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.

However, according to Hot97, the process was actually made much more difficult thanks to Daniel Sr.

The divorce proceedings ended up taking a crazy three  years to finalize.

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This was allegedly because Daniel Sr. had been doing everything he could to drag the process out and delay everything.

In fact, things were going so slowly that even the judge got sick of it.

The judge issued an official fourth and final notice, according to the court documents, and threatened to fine Daniel Sr. if he kept delaying the case.

Soon after this, Keyshia and Daniel Sr. were finally divorced.

How Keyshia is Coping Since Divorce

In a post on Instagram, Keyshia opened up about how she had been coping since the breakup.

And what she shared was actually pretty surprising.

She announced on her page that she and Daniel had officially divorced at last.

But the way she announced it was a little unusual.

She shared a picture of herself with a big smile, with the caption telling us just how “happy” she was that her divorce was final.

She was quick to state that it was “not a shade post.”

Instead, it was just a genuinely happy post, now that a weight had been lifted from over both of their heads.

She ended her post by hinting that she would be having a party in Malibu to celebrate the end of her marriage.

It definitely looked like she was not taking her divorce in the normal way.

But there wasn’t a lot about her relationship with Daniel that had been all that normal.

And this was even true after they called time on their marriage.

Why Keyshia and Daniel Lived Together After Split 

In 2017, Keyshia and Daniel joined the fourth season of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood series.

Although they joined the show as a couple, they ended up splitting while on the show, which must have made things even more difficult for both of them.

After making the decision to end things, Daniel and Keyshia continued to live together with their son.

Part of the reason for this was down to the fact that they were still on the show together.

But there were other reasons why they kept living together that were more serious.

At the time, Daniel was suffering from problems with his mental health.

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At this point, he had stepped away from his successful basketball career and was trying to find work in the music industry.

So, Keyshia had no problem letting her ex-husband stay while he dealt with his problems.

And according to Daniel, there was also another reason.

He said that he wanted Love & Hip Hop viewers to see what the co-parenting style between him and Keyshia looked like.

He said that he was excited for the world to see how he and Keyshia raised their son after breaking up.

Daniel thought that there was this idea that relationships between separated parents were always “toxic and tough”.

And he wanted to show that he and Keyshia were at a point where they were able to co-parent really well. 

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It seemed like a pretty happy ending to what had been a turbulent relationship. 

But after everything Keyshia went through, it’s no wonder she now just wants to keep things light with a younger guy.

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