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How Joy-Anna Broke Free

Photo Credits: Joy-Anna Forsyth/Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar is done with her family. She recently spoke out about some frustrations that she has, and you guys will never believe what she admitted.

A couple of weeks ago, Joy-Anna posted a shocking video to her YouTube channel. In it, she answered some of her fans’ burning questions, including ones about her family.

One person asked her what the hardest part of living in the spotlight was. She had a lot to say about that.

Joy-Anna said that one of the hardest things was everyone having an opinion about her life.

She talked about one specific thing that happened to her a while ago. She saw someone say things about her on social media that she didn’t like or agree with. So, she decided to message this person.

She introduced herself and addressed some of the things that this person was saying. According to her, the social media user didn’t believe her. They said that she was being controlled and manipulated.

Joy-Anna said this was frustrating because this person didn’t really know her. The thing that she wants people to understand is that she’s her own person with her own opinions.

She added: “It’s hard because people have their opinions, and there’s some times where it doesn’t bother me, but there are other times where when I already feel like I’m knocked down, those things tend to come back, and they do bother me.”

Joy-Anna said that this is why she tries to be careful when it comes to reading comments and things people say online because sometimes, she can take it, but not always.

Joy-Anna Has Remained Close with Her Sister, Jinger

She also said that she just really wants people to get to know her as an individual. She exists outside of her family. And she doesn’t want to be lumped together with the rest of the Duggars.

It seems like she was hinting that she’s different from the rest of her family, and it is why I think she might be turning her back on some of them, specifically her parents. Joy-Anna also admitted that she’s close with one of her siblings, Jinger.

We all know that Jinger is one of the Duggar kids who’s been speaking out against her dad’s teachings. She and her husband, Jeremy, have openly criticized the IBLP, which is the religious organization that her parents are part of. It’s why the Duggars have to follow all those strict rules.

But Jinger is now free of the IBLP. She’s not in the organization anymore, and it’s clear that she’s happy about that. She hasn’t exactly been trying to hide that.

Which is why it’s so interesting that she and Joy-Anna are so close. With Joy-Anna saying that she’s her own person, does this mean she’s not in the IBLP anymore? Is that why she and Jinger are so close?

I mean, it’s definitely possible.

In September 2023, there was a video going around the internet that made a lot of people think that Joy-Anna might be done with the IBLP. She actually shared this video herself.

At first glance, it all seemed innocent. The video was of her daughter Evelyn dancing in a clothing store.

In the caption, Joy-Anna wrote: “We were out shopping today, and I look to find my daughter doing what I think looks like the chicken dance. It’s only really cute when you are young.”

Dancing Wasn’t Allowed in the Duggar Family

The video was honestly adorable, but it also raised a lot of questions. Normally, a video of a small child dancing would be nothing out of the ordinary, but the thing is that the Duggars aren’t allowed to dance.

It is against IBLP rules for members to dance. So, not only was Joy-Anna letting her daughter go against the IBLP, but she also posted about it online.

This makes me think that she’s done with the Institute because there’s no way she’d be doing this if she was still a member. She is still clearly religious because her Instagram bio says that she loves Jesus. But there’s no way that she’s still in the IBLP.

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Especially since the video of Evelyn also had a couple of words over it, as well. It said: “The embarrassing fact that your daughter dances just like you.”

Basically, Joy-Anna admitted that she sometimes dances, too. So, that really felt like her drawing the line under her IBLP past. It is also possible that she didn’t know that this would stir so much controversy.

I guess there was still a small chance that she made a mistake when she posted this, and she was still in the IBLP. But now, I don’t think that’s even a possibility anymore because, just recently, she really stood her ground.

Joy-Anna Could See Herself Moving to L.A.

On February 6, 2024, she posted another video on her Instagram. But this time, it wasn’t of her daughter dancing.

The video showed her and her husband, Austin, dancing the cha-cha. It looks like they’re actually attending dance lessons now.

In her caption, Joy-Anna wrote: “My husband and I never learned to dance, so when Austin gifted me with dance lessons I was ecstatic! Only a few lessons in, so we’re still pretty stiff… BUT we’re getting it down.” That’s a massive deal.

It just proves what I’ve been saying; she’s ready to live her own life. She’s clearly not worried about following all her family’s rules anymore. Plus, in her Q&A video on YouTube, she also hinted at the possibility of moving to LA.

She went to LA recently to visit Jinger. While they were there, they talked about her and Austin’s family moving there, too.

Joy-Anna said that she could imagine it happening at some point. Although, it’s not clear if Austin is on board with that idea or not.

I wonder how moving to LA would affect her relationship with her parents. She’s obviously been making moves that go against their beliefs. But right now, she still lives close to them and has a relationship with them.

In her YouTube video, she admitted that she sees her parents often, at least once a week. On top of that, she also lets Michelle watch her and Austin’s kids about once a month.

Joy-Anna is Free of Her Father’s Rules

This is when they have a date night. I actually wonder if Michelle sometimes watches the kids when Joy-Anna and Austin are at their dance lessons.

That would be kind of crazy because Jim Bob and Michelle still are in the IBLP. This kind of thing would definitely go against their beliefs.

Would Jim Bob allow Michelle to watch the kids while Joy-Anna is away dancing with her husband in public? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was against it.

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He can’t be happy about her choosing to do this, but I guess there’s nothing he can do. As Joy-Anna said, she’s her own person.

She exists outside of her family with her own opinions and beliefs. Jim Bob can’t change that.

For all we know, he might’ve tried. But it’s clear that it didn’t work. These days, Joy-Anna seems to be free of her dad’s strict rules.

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