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Jamie Foxx’s Daughter Corrine Speaks Out

Photo credits: Jamie Foxx/Instagram and Corinne Foxx/Instagram

For decades, Jamie Foxx has been a household name, dazzling audiences with his unmatched acting, comedy, and musical ability. But lately, the world was left wondering when word of the star’s concerning health scare would be revealed. Updates were much sought after by fans, and recently Jamie’s daughter Corrine Foxx has at last spoken up about her father’s health.

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Jamie Foxx’s Daughter Corrine Said ‘He’s Doing So Great …’

Corrine reassured followers in a quick word with Daily Mail that her dad is healing and doing wonderfully well. “He’s doing so great, he’s doing amazing. I’m so grateful to be able to work on [Beat Shazam] with him and spend so much time with him,” she said, giving many people who had been nervously waiting for positive news some respite. “He’s playing a lot of pickleball! That man and pickleball; it’s like he’s playing twice a day every day.”

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Though Corrine claims Jamie Foxx is now back to his active self, even playing pickleball, his health crisis had clearly been a major cause for worry.

For those not familiar with the situation, Jamie Foxx experienced a serious health crisis that left loved ones and fans very concerned. Jamie allegedly suffered a health scare while filming “Back In Action” in April 2023 and had to be hospitalized. The details of his illness or diagnosis have not been revealed, which only stoked public conjecture and worry. For everyone who loves the gifted multi-talented entertainer, it was a stressful time.

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The report from Corrine could not have arrived at a better moment. She has been a consistent rock during the process, keeping a good attitude and sending updates. Her most recent piece honored Jamie’s resilience rather than only informing. 

Jamie was spotted resuming production on the Netflix film about a year after he was hospitalized.

Jamie’s health scare is serious, but Corrine’s most recent update speaks to his will and fortitude. Jamie is prospering not only in recovery. Especially encouraging is the news that he will be picking back up pickleball. Jamie is clearly recovering and ready to get back to work, but also giving himself some time to enjoy the little things. Pickleball also isn’t the most leisurely game; it’s a fast-paced sport combining components of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It calls for speed, agility, and endurance—all of which Jamie seems to be recovering.

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Fans can also expect to hear details about the health scare soon. Jamie noted in April 2024 that he would reveal the details about the incidents in a soon-to-go-live comedy special. Allegedly, the actor could not walk for six months and he described the situation as a “near-death experience.”

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Jamie has demonstrated his fighting spirit before the recent health scare. He has overcome many obstacles over his career and always comes out stronger. Jamie Foxx has shown constant resiliency in both conquering personal challenges and the entertainment business. 

Fans should know Jamie is in good care and is gradually returning to his colorful and hilarious self as he recovers. Corrine’s updates have been a lighthouse of hope, offering desperately needed solace and clarity. 

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