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Inside Usher’s Life with Diddy as a Teen

Photo credits: Usher/Instagram and Diddy/Instagram

Usher has known the disgraced music mogul Diddy since he was a teenager.  

The story behind their meeting in light of the recent accusations is pretty horrifying.

Usher was actually sent to live with Diddy as a teen by his mother as he pursued a career in music. 

Usher Recounts Experience Living With Diddy

On Club Shay Shay, Usher talked about his experience living in Diddy’s so-called Flavor Camp

During the podcast, Usher only had good things to say about what he learned from Diddy during that time.

However, the truth is a lot more disturbing. 

There is a leaked interview clip from around eight years ago in which Usher shared a lot more detail about his experience. 

During an appearance on the Howard Stern Show, the singer described his time in the Flavor Camp as “wild”. 

He went on to say that while living with Diddy, he got the chance to see a lot of things, which he said were pretty crazy. 

He also claimed that Diddy and everyone around him called Usher Baby Boo, and said that Diddy allowed him to be a young man. 

He didn’t go into much more detail, but the language around the story was pretty suggestive about what Diddy exposed the young Usher to. 

It was made pretty clear later in the conversation what Usher meant, as he was asked if he would send his own kids to Flavor Camp. 

When asked, he replied “hell no.” 

His answer was pretty telling about how suitable Diddy’s lifestyle was for children.

Diddy’s Alleged Physical Relationship With Usher

The clip re-emerged after some shocking allegations about the nature of the two men’s relationship were made in a lawsuit filed by Rodney Jones

Without mentioning Usher’s name, it was clearly alleged that Diddy had pursued a physical relationship with the teenager. 

When the clip resurfaced, many fans had a lot to say online. 

One commenter blamed Usher’s parents, questioning why they would let him stay with Diddy at just 13 years old. 

Another showed a lot of sympathy for Usher himself. 

They wrote that they felt like the singer has trauma that he will never speak on. 

The disturbing stories about Diddy’s alleged past behavior have continued to flood in. 

Recently, something crazy came out about his relationship with Usher.

Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Exposed Diddy’s True Nature

In a recent interview with The Art of Dialogue, some shocking claims were made about Diddy’s history with Usher. 

The claims were made by someone who was extremely close to both men for a long time. 

Gene Deal, Diddy’s former bodyguard, has long been known as one of the few who has come out to expose Diddy’s true nature. 

But in his most recent interview, he revealed details that had not drawn a lot of attention in the past.

And what Gene accused Diddy of doing was crazy. 

He claimed that his former boss had groomed Usher from a young age. 

This came out on The Art of Dialogue a short time after Usher made an appearance on the Shannon Sharpe podcast. 

Gene made it clear that he was pretty shocked to hear Usher give so much praise to Diddy for helping him in his career. 

Gene said in his own interview that he and several others knew the truth about what happened between Usher and Diddy. 

And what he said was really shocking. 

Gene Deal Speaks About Diddy and Usher’s ‘Situation’

Gene said that the pair had what he called a “situation”. 

And he went on to claim that the situation eventually put Usher in the hospital

However, he refused to provide more details, maintaining that it was Usher’s story to tell. 

But he still went on to express how outraged he was that Usher was willing to give props to Diddy after everything Gene knew about his past with Usher.

Gene basically claimed that Diddy was a dangerous presence in Usher’s life, and he was shocked that Usher was happy to give him a pass all these years later. 

However, Gene has had no problem describing some of the things he claims to have witnessed.

In the Art of Dialogue interview, Gene recounted a story about an incident in the Swissotel. 

He said that Usher had been exposed to extremely adult activities in the hotel. 

Gene then repeated that he felt that Usher was sticking up for someone who had done him wrong when he was young.

At this time, everything Gene and others have claimed about Usher and Diddy are just allegations. 

But a lot of people who have heard the allegations have been both outraged about Diddy’s supposed actions as well as heartbroken for Usher. 

This is far from the first time that Gene has been an extremely vocal critic of Diddy. 

In fact, he was making claims about the producer long before recent developments have brought his reputation crashing down. 

Gene Disgusted With Diddy’s Intentions for Danity Kane

Another interview clip has reappeared on social media of Gene talking about his former employer’s awful behavior.

In the clip, Gene made some shocking allegations about Diddy’s intentions with his girl group Danity Kane. 

And what he claimed his former employer said was just sinister. 

And it even made Gene himself walk away in disgust. 

Gene claimed that Diddy told a large group of friends and colleagues in the studio what his plans for the group really were. 

The Bad Boy Records owner was alleged to have said that he was going to get the singers hooked on substances. 

And then allow his associates to exploit the young women to make money for Diddy.

Gene went on to say that he confronted Diddy about it. 

He claimed that he responded to the evil confession by saying that the singers were all somebody’s kids, before walking out of the room. 

In the same clip, Gene revealed some more information about Diddy’s relationship with Danity Kane. 

Some of Diddy’s Artists Refused to Sign NDAs

He believed that some of the group members were among the few artists Diddy signed who refused to sign NDAs.  

Gene said that it was extremely common for everyone working with major stars to have to sign non-disclosure agreements. 

And this was what allowed Diddy and others to act however they wanted. 

According to Gene, Diddy even agreed to give artists their publishing rights in exchange for their silence about scandals he was getting caught up in. 

However, not everyone agreed to the deal. 

Which meant that they were able to talk about anything they wanted to. 

And Gene was pretty sure that at least a couple of members of Danity Kane never signed an NDA. 

Which must have made Diddy feel threatened. 

When the clip resurfaced recently, it was flooded with comments from people who were sickened by what they’d heard.

One person wrote that they had to “thank god” that Gene himself had never signed an NDA. 

And that the bodyguard had been exposing Diddy for years, but only now were people realizing the truth in what he said. 

Another wrote that Gene had to be protected at all costs. 

Stars Expose Diddy

A third commenter dropped the name of one of the old members of Danity Kane, who apparently also has been telling the truth about Diddy for a long time. 

That name was Aubrey O’Day

A couple of months ago, the singer came out in support after Cassie dropped her bombshell accusations about Diddy. 

Cassie made the headlines with her terrifying account of the harm she suffered at Diddy’s hands for over a decade in her civil lawsuit. 

Although she and Diddy quickly reached a settlement, the news of what she had experienced did not go away. 

A short time later, Aubrey got herself involved in this with a supportive message on Instagram. 

She wrote that she had been trying to tell all of us for YEARS. 

And like Aubrey, Gene has been working to expose Diddy for much longer than people realize. 

One online commenter claimed that Gene has been talking about Diddy honestly for a long time.

But suggested that people could only take him seriously now that Cassie’s lawsuit has become public knowledge. 

Many also had the same unsettling thought. 

If this was what Gene and others were willing to share freely, just imagine what might still be getting held back. 

But the idea that Usher himself is not willing to tell the truth about his own experiences with Diddy adds an extra element of tragedy to the whole awful story. 

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