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Farrah Abraham’s Bad Parenting Exposed

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It’s no secret that Farrah Abraham regularly faces criticism for her questionable parenting choices. But what she recently discussed on a podcast, while Sophia was present, was extremely inappropriate. 

So what exactly did Farrah say about her daughter? The details of her problematic conversation are honestly insane, so let’s break them down. 

Farrah recently appeared on an episode of Bunnie XO’s Dumb Blonde podcast, but she wasn’t by herself. Surprisingly, she was joined by 15-year-old Sophia, who sat beside her throughout the entire interview.

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Most people already know that Farrah makes the majority of her money by selling her adult content online. She’s been involved in adult entertainment for years.

So, it’s not uncommon for her to talk about those topics during interviews. But what she revealed in front of her underage daughter was absolutely shocking. 

At one point, Bunnie encouraged Farrah to set the record straight about a very gross rumor. She asked her whether she had ever sold a product online that was bathroom-related if you know what I mean. 

It was bad enough that Bunnie didn’t have Sophia step out of the room before asking her mom to talk about such a disturbing topic. But how Farrah responded wasn’t any better, because her whole explanation was seriously bizarre.

Farrah Receives a Lot of Strange Requests Online

Farrah claimed that she had never sold the actual product. But, apparently, she completely sold out of a toy version of it that she’d created. 

She added that even though she met her boyfriend through her adult content website, he was in total disbelief when he realized how many people had offered to buy the real thing from her. Farrah revealed that she gets requests every day from people who want her to send them her products like that. She said that some of them are even willing to pay $5,000 for it. 

But the reason why she supposedly hasn’t and won’t sell it is honestly crazy. Farrah mentioned that she hasn’t sold those types of products because she “heard it was against the law,” not because she finds it repulsive or anything. 

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But then, Bunnie chimed in with a really weird remark that also shouldn’t have been made around Sophia. Bunnie explained that when she was still selling adult content online, she received a lot of requests from people who wanted to buy certain articles of clothing from her. But they also wanted her to wear them for a while first before sending them out.

Bunnie also asked Farrah what the weirdest request was that she’d ever gotten from someone on her adult website. Farrah confessed that she hears so many odd requests daily that nothing seems unusual anymore.

But there is one thing she finds super strange. She said she doesn’t understand why some people offer to pay her to create custom content with her boyfriend, a friend, or anyone else in her social circle. The fact that Farrah admitted in front of Sophia that she regularly gets asked to involve people from her personal life in her content is insane. 

Bunnie Questioned Sophia About Releasing Adult Content

But then, the conversation took a turn that made everything she’d talked about seem so much worse. Bunnie asked Farrah if she would ever allow Sophia to sell adult content online, which is beyond inappropriate and illegal. 

She quickly added, “When she’s of age,” to the question. However, that didn’t take away from how concerning it was for her to ask in the first place. 

Believe it or not, Farrah said that she’s actually been asked that same exact question from reporters. She claimed that she always feels stunned by the question, but she responds by simply saying that it isn’t allowed. 

Farrah’s response made it seem like she would be on board with Sophia already having an adult website of her own, as long as it wasn’t against the law. But why would that be her answer, instead of just pointing out how creepy it is to ask that about her underage child?

Bunnie added that people are wondering whether Sophia will follow in her mom’s footsteps because she’s almost 18. When Farrah mentioned that “there are still so many years to go,” Bunnie responded in an unsettling way. 

Bunnie said that she was counting down the years until her stepdaughter, Bailee, turned 18. She explained that in two years, Bailee could get out of her house. But even though she claimed she was joking, it probably wasn’t something that Sophia found very funny at all. 

Unfortunately, things got even more alarming when Farrah went back to Bunnie’s original question. She asked her 15-year-old daughter if she felt the need to have an adult content website or any kind of online platform that’s only intended for adults. Sophia quietly said no, before her mom cut her off to talk about how her daughter barely ever uses social media anyway.

Farrah’s Website Makes Her Happy

But when Farrah got into her own personal reasons for selling adult content, her explanation was truly bizarre. Farrah claimed that she initially didn’t even launch her adult content website. Her managers and agents at the time did it for her. 

She added that because she had already ventured into the adult entertainment industry in the past, she felt like she couldn’t “disown” that by shutting down her website. 

Next, Farrah made quite a few contradictory comments about her adult website. She said that she’s occasionally thought about deleting it altogether because she’s shamed for it so often. But the reasons why she keeps it and continues to post new content are absolutely unreal. 

Farrah explained that she receives so much negativity on all of her social media platforms, but she mainly gets positive feedback from the members on her adult website. She said that some of the messages she receives are so uplifting, they actually improve her self-worth and self-compassion. 

Farrah revealed that she even saves screenshots of some of those messages, just because they’re such great memories. She also said that her adult website is good for her relationship and great for her business. Overall, it makes her so happy. 

But she clearly didn’t feel the same way about the topic she was asked about next. Bunnie asked Farrah if it was true that she had an adult videotape, and how much money she made from it. 

It was obvious by how Farrah’s tone of voice changed that she didn’t really want to talk about it. She even mentioned how traumatic the experience was. Farrah said that even though she was dealing with so much “face dysmorphia” and trauma at the time, her adult tape was incredibly successful. 

Farrah’s Transparency Would Be Good… Without Sophia in the Room

She explained that she doesn’t necessarily regret doing it. She even added that she’s still making money off of it years later. But Farrah also admitted that her lifestyle and the decision to sell adult content can definitely lead to dangerous situations, like people who try to take advantage of others, or even SA. 

At another point in the podcast, Bunnie asked her to discuss one of those terrifying incidents. Farrah didn’t hold back and explained what happened to her when she was allegedly forced into doing something inappropriate while she was unconscious. 

It’s not wrong for her to speak out about what she went through, but it must have been really difficult for Sophia to hear about the entire experience. It also isn’t wrong that Farrah makes money from selling her adult content online. 

The way she spoke about it in such great detail in front of Sophia definitely crossed a line. It also doesn’t help that her narrative on it is so confusing. 

Farrah mentioned that her adult website has made her so happy and has contributed to her improved sense of self-worth. But she also said that it can be super dangerous. She’s been shamed so much for it that she’s even considered completely shutting it down. 

It’s great that Farrah was so transparent about the potential dark side of selling adult content. But honestly, the entire conversation should have happened at a different time, not when her daughter was sitting next to her and listening to everything.  

It’s ridiculous that Bunnie was asking about such inappropriate topics while her guest’s minor child was present. And it’s just as insane that Farrah was willing to carry on the conversation in detail when Sophia was right there.

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