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Fans Are Concerned About Brittany Aldean’s Kids

Photo Credits: Brittany Aldean/Instagram

Brittany Aldean’s whole world seems to focus on her luxurious lifestyle, but that’s just one thing that annoys a lot of folks about Jason Aldean’s second wife. Jason’s fans love him, but others are hugely critical of him and Brittany. Now, they’re getting more and more concerned about Brittany’s kids.

A Family & Friends thread on the Keeping Up With with The Aldeans Subreddit threw major shade at Brittany when she recently posted a photo with the caption, “Can’t wait to see my babies.” One thing’s sure about this Reddit forum. The users throw all the shade, and Brittany’s probably their favorite target.

The OP posted a scathing headline on the thread when they wrote that Brittany was “acknowledging she has children.” In their post, they added, “I guess she’ll only acknowledge her kids when she’s almost in the U.S.”

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This thread appeared after Brittany and Jason’s “couples only” trip to Switzerland, an expensive-looking adventure that other media outlets incorrectly described as a “family vacation.” Brittany constantly updates her followers with pictures and videos of her new homes, purchases, and fancy vacations. This romantic jaunt to Switzerland was no different. 

However, users on the thread aren’t fans of Brittany’s constant bragging. They ripped into Brittany and Jason’s alleged parenting style. Brittany was even accused of not caring about her little ones left behind until she was basically back home again. 

The first commenter cracked a biting joke, “Batsh** Barbie and Mr. McChicken Legs will check in for 5 minutes and then take off again.” They insincerely nominated the Aldeans as “Parents of the Year!”

“Mommy Dearest” Needs More Instagram Content

The next user had a different opinion. Although it was just as unflattering, it makes you wonder if this could be the real truth.

This user believes that Brittany’s son, Memphis, and daughter, Navy, “have probably enjoyed” the time away from not having Brittany’s phone crammed in their faces. They joked that Brittany, aka “Mommy Dearest,” would return soon and need more “Instagram content!”

Another user agreed with this comment and told users to “Look at [Brittany’s] Instagram Story.” They added, “Staged photo shoot on the stairs,” with a concerned-sounding, “Those poor kids.”

Other users returned to an obvious question on this thread. Why couldn’t Brittany bring her kids to Europe?

Someone said they “couldn’t fathom going on vacation to Europe” without their kids. They wanted to know why Brittany would “rob” her kids of the trip of their young lifetimes.

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Someone else agreed, “I don’t get it either.” They made a valid point that Brittany could “literally” have afforded to “bring a nanny.” 

Another user also described Memphis and Navy as the Aldeans’ “poor kids.” They wrote that they weren’t being sarcastic by asking when Brittany and Jason “actually spend time with those kids?”

A different user shockingly alleged that Memphis and Navy don’t even go to any school, private or public. They claim that Brittany “doesn’t want to watch” her kids when she’s “drinking.”

Someone added that the kids just “interfere” with the Aldeans’ “partying, shopping, and dinners at fancy restaurants.” One commenter described Memphis and Navy as Brittany’s “insurance policy” because they seem convinced that Jason will eventually dump Brittany “like he did” with his first wife, Jessica.

Jason Commented on the Children’s Schooling

While some users called it “sad” and wondered whether Memphis and Navy even do any sports like baseball or gymnastics, another Redditor claimed to have inside knowledge. This Redditor claimed their “friend’s son” is on Memphis’ baseball team. They alleged that Memphis “rarely shows up” but added that Brittany’s son “has to get playing time because it’s a rec team.” 

Shockingly, the Redditor almost sounded like they were complimenting Jason and Brittany by admitting, “They also paid for a new field/turf in their hood.” Then they threw shade at the Aldeans when they alleged that Jason only paid for a new field so they wouldn’t have to drive too far to get to Memphis’ practice.

The strangest debate about Brittany’s kids is their education. In addition to the user who alleged that the kids don’t go to any school, a few users mentioned that Memphis and Navy appear to be “homeschooled.” 

But New Country 103.1 in South Florida reported in August 2023 that Jason talked about Memphis starting school “soon.” Jason claimed that Memphis would do “great” at school, then dropped the bombshell that Brittany was “not doing so good about it.”

Jason definitely made it sound like Memphis would not be homeschooled. According to New Country 103.1, he said that because Memphis and Navy “are so close in age and always together,” Memphis could use “a little bit of that separation to go and kind of do his own thing.” 

Brittany Loves To Flaunt Her “Baby-Free” Vacations

Brittany also posted an interesting question to her followers on social media in March 2022. Of course, she included a photo of herself smiling at Navy, who was puckering up her little lips to kiss Brittany. However, the caption on this post shows Brittany being indecisive about their future.

She wrote, “Decisions as parents during these times are tough. Thoughts on schools? Public? Private? Homeschool?” So far, details about Memphis and Navy’s education remain sketchy.

If Brittany is even aware of her mommy-shaming haters these days, she’s shockingly too self-absorbed to give two hoots. The truth is that Brittany has always flaunted her “baby-free” vacations, going way back to when Memphis was just three months old.

A website called Scary Mommy reported that Brittany had clapped back at “trolls shaming her for taking [a] baby-free vacation.” Brittany doesn’t seem to have changed her opinion since then.

When she took her first of many “baby-free” vacations, Brittany took on the “parent shamers” in an Instagram post that sounded reasonable, at the time. She wrote, in part, “Vacations are o.k. for new parents to take.” In typical Brittany fashion, she claimed she had been “pregnant for almost a year” and “cooped up in a house for weeks at a time,” and that’s why she and Jason needed “a little sunshine and adult time.”

It’s crazy to read Brittany’s demand that it was not okay for her followers to leave “ignorant comments.” She suggested that anyone following her who didn’t “agree” with her opinion could do her “a favor” and unfollow her.

Brittany’s Instagram is Full of Staged Content

This advice is coming from Brittany, whose controversial transgender comments landed her in hot water two years ago. Brittany also continues to post “baseless conspiracy theories” about her favorite candidate for president, the recently convicted Donald Trump. 

When Donald was still president, Brittany was heading out for her first vacation without her baby son. But before she left home, she posted a photo with Memphis beside her. Brittany claimed in her post, “Haven’t even left Nashville, and I miss him so much it hurts.”

While Scary Mommy sided with Brittany and Jason’s “need to get away,” their article included comments from moms who were quick to slam Brittany. One commenter wrote, “Hell no, I couldn’t do it.” Another wrote that Brittany “didn’t have to leave” Memphis behind, adding that they didn’t know anyone who would or could leave their infant at that young age. 

Scary Mommy also claimed that Brittany’s Instagram was a “tribute” to baby Memphis. They wrote that Brittany “regularly posts adorable pictures of her son doing everything from bathing and eating to just plain looking adorable.”

But is that really why Brittany keeps posting staged-looking content about her kids on social media? If you’re patient enough to scroll through endless content about the Aldeans’ luxurious lifestyle, you will eventually find evidence of genuine family vacations taken with Memphis and Navy.

Taste of Country reported on Jason and Brittany’s “palatial” beach home in the Turks and Caicos. There are photos of their kids with them in the Caribbean.

But Taste of Country also wrote that Jason and Brittany are more “passionate about home design and renovation, and they frequently hop on social media to show off their latest projects.” 

The article explained that Brittany had recently “posted a video tour” of their “luxurious vacation home.” They also called the property a “beach getaway” that the Aldeans use “to relax during their downtime.”

According to Taste of Country, Brittany squeezed in “a few shots” of Memphis and Navy in her “video montage,” but the majority of the video was devoted to their vacation home’s “massive and luxuriously-appointed interior.”

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