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Exposing Audrina Partridge’s Country Singer Romance

Photo Credits: Audrina Partridge/Instagram and Michael Ray/Instagram

Audrina Patridge is an actress and television personality who got her start on the reality TV series The Hills. It followed the lives of her and her friends in Los Angeles and ran from 2006 until 2010. The success of this show led to her joining Dancing with the Stars in 2010, where she finished in 7th place.

After appearing mainly as a reality TV star, Patridge secured a couple of film and scripted TV roles. Since then, she’s hosted TV shows, started a podcast, and even participated in the sequel to The Hills in 2019.

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Unfortunately, throughout her history, she hasn’t had the most luck with romantic partners. It all began with her romance with Justin Bobby Brescia on The Hills. The relationship was full of ups, downs, and struggles throughout the years.

After she and Justin Bobby called it quits for good, she was linked to several stars at different times, from Chace Crawford to Chris Pine, to Leonardo Dicaprio. However, her next serious and long-term relationship after Justin Bobby was with motorcycle and BMX rider, Corey Bohan.

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The two dated for 8 years and got married in 2016. They also have a daughter together, who was born in late 2016.

Unfortunately, the pair divorced around 2 years after they married and Patridge even got a restraining order against him. She later claimed he was verbally abusive throughout the relationship, and also hinted that he was unfaithful to her.

Things Are Looking Up for Audrina

Well recently, some eagle-eyed fans may have discovered her newest potential beau, country music star Michael Ray. Michael Ray is a singer who has been active since 2010. He has released two albums that peaked within the Top 5 on the US Country charts.

He has a bit of a past when it comes to romance, as well. Michael started dating fellow country music performer Carly Pearce in 2018, and the two married later that year. However, this was short-lived, as she filed for divorce from him only 8 months after their marriage.

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He went on to date Tyler Tritt, the daughter of country music star, Travis Tritt before that relationship also ended. The same could be true of his short time together with Marlee Brown. Now, many believe he has his sights set on Patridge.

The two could be seen liking each other’s posts on Instagram. Patridge even shared one of Ray’s songs on an Instagram Reel, which he quickly reposted. This back and forth has many fans believing the two are an item.

While neither has confirmed their relationship, and this could be about friends supporting friends, many people believe there’s romance in the air. Only time will tell whether the two go public or keep things under wraps.

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