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Duck Dynasty’s Willie and Kory Robertson Expecting Grandbaby

Photo Credits: Rebecca Robertson Loflin/Instagram

The Duck Dynasty family keeps growing. Taste of Country reported this week that Willie and Korie Robertson are “expecting [their] eighth grandchild.” Willie and Korie’s unofficially “adopted” daughter, Rebecca Robertson, is married to John Reed Loflin. Taste of Country confirmed that Rebecca and John are having “baby number three.”

Taste of Country calls Rebecca “one of six children to Willie and Korie,” but what’s the real truth? Allegedly, the Robertsons refer to her as “their daughter,” although “she was never legally adopted” by Willie and Korie.

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Rebecca has a five-year-old son, Zane, and a two-year-old daughter, Holland. On May 18th, Rebecca shared her happy pregnancy news with her Instagram followers. She joked that her family “may need a bigger couch” when “Baby #3” joins “the crew” in November 2024.

Years ago, obscure websites like the Christian Post tried to answer the question, “Who is Rebecca Robertson?” Rebecca was introduced during the reality show’s season five premiere. 

Rebecca joined Duck Dynasty as a 24-year-old college graduate. She first came to America as a 16-year-old exchange student from Taiwan. The Robertson family apparently “fell in love with her and took her in as one of their own.”

Rebecca Was the “Mysterious Robertson”

According to The Celebs Info, Rebecca’s biological father passed away when she was only 11. Still, little else is known about her childhood in Taiwan. On June 21, 2023, Korie described Rebecca as “the mysterious Robertson.” 

Korie was guest-hosting Sadie Robertson Huff’s podcast, WHOA That’s Good. Rebecca was her special guest on the June 21st episode.

Korie said she would “tell the whole back story.” She began by revealing that Rebecca was “so brave at 16 years old.”

Korie remembered being at the airport to greet Rebecca and seeing how “teeny tiny she was… like 90 pounds.” Then Korie asked Rebeca, “Tell us a little bit about your childhood.” Rebecca confessed that growing up in Taiwan was “very different” from her life with the Robertsons in Louisiana. 

When she was a little girl, Rebecca had three older siblings at home. Her family traveled around the world because of her father’s work.

One of Rebecca’s older sisters was born in Brazil, and another sibling was born in Australia. English might not be Rebecca’s first language, but she was born in Portland, Oregon before the family moved back to Taiwan.

When she came to live with Korie, Willie, and their kids, Rebecca became the oldest kid in their family. Korie said it had to be “overwhelming” for Rebecca with all the younger Robertson kids “crawling all over her from day one.”

But Rebecca confessed that she loved kids and loved being thought of as a “big sister.” She revealed that her mom wanted her to be placed with a family in America that had a “mom and dad” because Rebecca had lost her father when she was so young. 

Rebecca Almost Went to a Different Family

Rebecca also made a shocking confession: She was initially supposed to live with a family in New Mexico, not the Robertsons in Louisiana. She told Korie that the parents in New Mexico contacted the exchange program a few days before her arrival and confessed that they were getting a divorce. The mom still wanted “to take in an exchange student.”

Rebecca’s biological mom said it wasn’t time for her to go to that family. So, she was put back on the exchange student roster and finally placed with the Robertsons in Louisiana. This gave Rebecca both a foster mother in Korie and a father figure in Willie.

Rebecca admitted to Korie that she’d “never heard of Louisiana.” One of her siblings had a friend named “Luciana,” and that’s what Rebecca called her adopted state at first!

Korie proudly talked about Rebecca obtaining her Fashion Design and Merchandising degree from Louisiana State University. Korie gushed about how “incredibly talented and gifted” Rebecca is and how she succeeded at LSU after learning to speak English “just a couple of years before” she started college.

Rebecca and John got engaged in January 2016. She shared a look at her stunning engagement ring on Instagram, stating that she’d been “patiently searching… and found the ultimate gem” in John. She also included an engagement photo on the beach with a message written in the sand: “2016, our story starts here.”

In September 2018, Rebecca married John at a beautiful destination wedding in Mexico. People Magazine reported a special moment for the bride when Willie walked his “daughter Rebecca” down the aisle. 

Sadie posted some of Rebecca’s wedding photos on her social media and wrote, “Every single moment was just absolutely priceless.” Sadie said she would “cherish the memories forever” and loved “seeing my family grow.”

Rebecca Has Faced Racism in the US

Rebecca loves her American life and family, but she’s also experienced shocking moments of anti-Asian racism. Entertainment Tonight reported what happened to Rebecca and John when they were at a restaurant with their son, Zane, in their hometown.

Rebecca explained that this racist moment happened during the early stages of COVID-19 when supplies like toilet paper were running low and Asian people were being blamed for the pandemic. While they were seated in the restaurant, a guy that John knew came over and cracked a very cruel joke.

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This guy thought that John was “so lucky” because Rebecca and Zane “were Chinese.” He said they should be able to go to the grocery store and grab toilet paper “because everyone would just run away from them.”

Rebecca told Korie and Willie on their Facebook Watch show, At Home with the Robertsons, that the joke “really wasn’t funny because, first of all, we’re not Chinese.” She added, “It’s just people kind of being ignorant, and they don’t think that’s racist.”

John and Rebecca Lost a Recent Pregnancy

In October 2020, Rebecca and John experienced a more heartbreaking tragedy. On November 11th, she posted an Instagram message that began with, “I haven’t really been myself [in] the last couple of weeks.”

Rebecca sadly confessed that she’d lost her second baby during her first trimester of pregnancy. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to share the devastating news. Still, Rebecca decided to be honest with her followers because it made her “heart ache every single time” another person asked when she and John were having “another child.”

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Rebecca said she’d found out she was pregnant “a while back,” but she and John were keeping the news “a secret so we could surprise our family with this exciting news during the holidays.” Rebecca confessed that when she “woke up on October 29th,” there was a “pool of blood” around her. She knew in her broken heart that “something was very wrong.”

While Rebecca was still working through her devastation, she revealed on Instagram that sharing the news with her followers was helping her to heal and was “the first step towards recovery.”

Holland Was a Rainbow Baby

Rebecca revealed she was pregnant with Holland on Instagram in July 2021. She called it her “rainbow baby” after the devastating loss of her previous pregnancy. Rebecca wrote, “The due date is actually Christmas Day,” but baby Holland had other plans!

People Magazine reported the happy news of Holland’s birth on December 27, 2021. Rebecca had already announced her daughter’s birth a few days earlier on Instagram, but Holland’s arrival was still shocking for the family.

Rebecca called Holland “our little Christmas miracle.” She also revealed, “We didn’t have our typical family photo in matching pajamas posing by the Christmas tree” because Holland arrived on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day.

Taste of County described Rebecca’s newest pregnancy post as a “carousel of professional photos” starring her family. Zane and Holland held cards containing a personalized note from their future sibling. You can also see sonogram images of baby #3 in the photos. 

Before the pregnancy announcement, Rebecca posted a “little improv photoshoot” to her Instagram followers earlier in March. She wrote that they hadn’t “taken a family photo in a while” and joked that she wanted to keep everyone “posted on Holland’s new terrible two phase.”

But Rebecca trusts that Holland will become the “best big sister” to the new baby. According to Taste of Country, the note addressed to Holland said “Dear Big Sister, I can’t wait to meet you.” “I already know I am gonna have the best big sister in the world.”

Korie and Sadie posted delighted and excited comments on Rebecca’s Instagram message. Korie later posted “THE BEST NEWS!!” on her Instagram, revealing that her eighth grandbaby “is on the way!!!”

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