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The Downfall of Chip and Joanna Gaines

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Chip and Joanna Gaines are the stars of Fixer Upper, a show based in Waco, Texas where the couple help people buy, renovate, and remodel homes. It has been incredibly popular and ran for five seasons on HGTV from 2013-2018, and the couple has renovated well over 100 homes throughout their careers.

Not only was the show a hit amongst viewers, but some of the design choices and features that were shown off on the series went on to influence real-world interior design during the 2010s. The show even increased tourism for the city of Waco.

The success of this show has also led the two to help create Magnolia Network, a basic cable channel where a revival series called Fixer Upper: Welcome Home aired in 2021. There have also been a few other spinoffs, such as Fixer Upper: The Castle and Fixer Upper: The Hotel.

Chip and Joanna Gaines Face Backlash

While the pair were beloved by their loyal fans for years, a recent move led to them having to face some public backlash. About a month ago, on May 20th, the two and their network announced a new six-part series called Fixer Upper: The Lakehouse. The first episode aired on June 2nd, 2024.

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It follows Chip and Joanna as they seek to renovate and remodel a luxury 1960s lake house that they bought. The house is large with over 5,000 square feet, and features beautiful views and a pool, but is certainly a little outdated by today’s standards.

The pair had been planning something like this for a while, as Joanna has said that Chip had been on the lookout for a suitable property for years and they were delighted to finally find it right around the 10th anniversary of Fixer Upper.

Many fans were unhappy with this decision, as some said the pair is deviating from their down-to-earth approach that they’ve had throughout the history of the series. 

Most people could relate to the renovations they’ve been doing for years, as most of them were relatively modest and not too over-the-top. People could watch the show not only for entertainment, but for ideas and inspiration that they could potentially use themselves.

However, renovating a massive lake house in an expensive neighborhood just isn’t relatable to viewers and some say it feels like Chip and Joanna are showing off.

Not only that, but some fans have just grown tired of the couple in general, saying that they used to watch them, but no longer do or that the show isn’t enjoyable to them any longer. 

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Of course, there are plenty of fans who support the show and are excited for it, but it’s strange to see this backlash as most fans of the show and the couple are generally positive and supportive.

It remains to be seen how successful the series will be, and whether this backlash will have an impact on it, but it certainly seems like the pair is currently in uncharted territory dealing with some public scrutiny.

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