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The Dark Side of Soulja Boy

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Soulja Boy came out of nowhere in 2007 with his insanely successful single Crank That.

The song stayed at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks in a row. 

His debut album peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 200. 

Then his second album spawned another hit song, Kiss Me Thru the Phone, but it was met with slightly worse commercial and critical reception. 

And his third album reportedly failed to generate the same kind of success as the first two.

Soulja Boy Allegedly Physically Harmed His Ex, Kayla

Since then, Soulja Boy has mostly been in the spotlight because of his many run-ins with the law and his extremely public feuds with other celebrities. 

He has allegedly done quite a lot of seriously dark things in his personal life. 

In 2019, TMZ reported that Soulja Boy was being sued by his ex-girlfriend, Kayla Myers, who claimed that he did some truly traumatizing things to her.

She said that while leaving his home after a party in early 2019, she got into a fight with his female personal assistant after her car went off the driveway as she was backing out of it.

The lawsuit claimed that Soulja Boy then came outside to find the two women arguing, and he started cussing his ex out.

He allegedly then began to physically harm her and ordered his assistant to tie her up and keep her in his garage.

Kayla claimed that she was finally allowed to leave 7 hours later at 8 a.m. after going through other embarrassing and hurtful incidents. 

She said that she ended up with 3 fractured ribs and a bruised face. 

After reporting what’d happened to the police, they raided Soulja Boy’s house and found weapons there.

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Soulja Boy’s Crimes

According to Revolt, the discovery meant that he was eventually arrested because he’d been on probation for another crime around that time.

Having weapons in his home meant that he’d violated the probation, and on top of that, he’d reportedly failed to complete his court-ordered community service.

The outlet added that he’d also conspired to falsify evidence to look like he had done it.

He was sentenced to 240 days in jail and was reinstated with 265 days of community service. 

His lawyer said that his client was thankful that his sentence wasn’t even longer in the end.

Soulja Boy Said ‘… It’s a Minor Setback for a Major Comeback’

Soulja Boy didn’t want the world to forget about him while he was behind bars, though.

Revolt later reported that Miami Mike shared a clip on Instagram that he’d gotten from a conversation with Soulja Boy while he was incarcerated. 

In the audio, Soulja Boy could be heard saying: “I’m going on tour. Like I said, the biggest comeback of 2019, Jail? Come on, man. You know I do this… I love all my fans, it ain’t over. It’s a minor setback for a major comeback

After his release, Soulja Boy didn’t get the comeback that he’d hoped for.

Soulja Boy Struggled to Pay His Ex $472,000

Years later, the judge on the case that Kayla had brought against her ex gave a verdict. 

According to court documents that XXL Mag obtained, Soulja Boy was ordered to pay her over $235,000 for mental health expenses, and for physical and mental pain and suffering.

Kayla was also awarded $236,000 in punitive damages.

In July 2023, XXL Mag revealed that Soulja Boy was allegedly struggling to pay his ex the $472,000 that he owed her.

A judge denied his motion to try and get the costly judgment thrown out. 

Soulja Boy said that he didn’t have much money in the bank and that he had a $1 million tax lien.

The judge reportedly suggested that someone as close to zero as Soulja Boy claimed to be should scale down his living arrangements.

He was reportedly paying $25,000 a month on his rent for his L.A. home.

Soulja Boy Caused Ex, Nia, to Lose Baby

Kayla also wasn’t the only woman with horrible allegations against the rapper.

A report by USA Today revealed that another of his ex-girlfriends also filed a lawsuit against him in 2021.

Nia Riley was looking for $5 million for pain and suffering and an additional $5 million for emotional distress.

Her lawyer claimed that it took her years to escape the psychological and physical grasp of the man who’d allegedly harmed her.

According to the lawsuit, Soulja Boy once even hurt her so badly that she ended up losing the baby that she was carrying at the time. 

A report in 2024 by The Source revealed that he was fighting a default judgment which ordered him to pay $10 million.

The judgment was the result of Soulja Boy not turning up for his court date, which he claimed happened because he wasn’t aware of the updates in the lawsuit as he was too busy touring.

USA Today also revealed that Soulja Boy faced another lawsuit in 2021 when his former personal assistant alleged that he’d been harmful to her in a number of different ways.

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown’s Feud

Since his rise to fame, Soulja Boy has gotten a reputation for frequently getting into public feuds with other entertainers in the industry. 

There are hundreds of headlines about him getting into fights with many of the biggest names in the world of rap.

One of his most infamous feuds was with Chris Brown in 2017. 

Billboard was one of the many outlets at the time to cover the story, and their beef allegedly began when Soulja Boy started accusing Chris online of threatening him.

He claimed that it was because he’d liked a photo of Chris’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran

Soulja Boy reportedly made fun of Chris’s skills as a father and mocked him for his 2009 scandal with Rihanna

He also accused him of using an illegal substance.

When Chris found out about the allegations against him, he actually challenged Soulja Boy to a fight in the boxing ring.

Their feud even managed to draw other celebrities in.

Soulja Boy asked Floyd Mayweather to be his trainer for the battle, and Chris even got Mike Tyson to help him get ready for the match and to teach him every dirty trick in the book.

The two rappers never made it to the boxing ring, though.

Revolt reported that Soulja Boy eventually shared a video on Twitter where he said sorry for his behavior.

He said that he just wanted to give an apology, and he explained that he’d been acting out, and that it was not about who started the beefs, it was about who handled them. 

He then went on to reveal that he found out his mom had been in the hospital. 

He said that he loved her and he knew she hadn’t been proud of his actions and what he’d been doing. 

He also added that he wanted to make music with Chris, and with other artists that he’d been arguing with at the time, like Quavo and Lil Yachty.

Was Soulja Boy Responsible for Young Dolph’s Death? 

But that wasn’t the last time that Soulja Boy publicly fought with someone.

And one of his fights ended up having some super serious consequences.

The Sun revealed that in late 2021, he was laying into fellow rapper Young Dolph during an Instagram live session.

When one of his followers brought up his rival’s name, Soulja Boy reportedly said that he would put a $100,000 bounty on his head.

The next week, Dolph’s life was taken from him while on a trip to Tennessee. 

After new surveillance footage that allegedly showed the suspects involved in Dolph’s case came out, Soulja Boy was taken out of the Millenium Tour he was supposed to be in.

In the end, no charges were brought against Soulja Boy in connection to the case, and he was never even named as a suspect.

Soulja Boy’s Heated Beef With Metro Boomin

More recently, Soulja Boy began feuding with music producer Metro Boomin, according to a report by Hot New Hip Hop.

After one of his old Twitter posts resurfaced in which he threw some shade at the rapper, Soulja Boy came back at Metro by bringing up his deceased mom on Mother’s Day 2024.

He tweeted to Metro: “You sacrificed your own mom… you a puppet” 

And he added: “All the streams, sales, money, and fame not gone bring your mom back… was it worth it?

Soulja Boy Offered to Buy TikTok

Soulja Boy has been making some pretty out-there statements in general this year.

Complex reported that he offered to buy the app TikTok in April 2024, even though he previously claimed to not be able to afford the thousands of dollars he owed his ex in 2023. 

President Biden had just signed a package that could possibly lead to the app being banned in the U.S. unless it was sold to an American company.

So Soulja Boy posted on Twitter saying that he couldn’t believe people were going to let TikTok get banned, and then he asked how much the app’s CEO wanted for it, and offered to buy it.

In a report by HipHopDx that came out in March 2024, Soulja Boy claimed that he’d made $17k in just one day on TikTok live.

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