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Darcey and Tom 90 Day Fiance – Is Tom a Fraudster?

We all know Darcey from 90 Day Fiance… but who the hell is this Tom Brooks guy? ?

Remember Darcey? Yeah, this girl (another 90 Day Fiance vet). She used to be with Jesse, but after what seemed like thousands of fights, they went their separate ways. So who’s her new love? Meet Tom Brooks.

Now Darcey’s back & better than ever!

There’s truly something about this guy that I love… I’m not sure if it’s his personality? Curly hair? Maybe the fact that he looks COMPLETELY different in person? ?

Here’s a photo of Tom from his social media. Handsome, right?

Yeah… Let’s try this again. Here’s a REAL photo of Tom!

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably rolling on the floor laughing right now… and you should be!

Tom totally catfished Darcey!

I mean… no, he’s not a “completely” different person. But… c’mon.

I don’t know who I feel worse for? Darcey, because Tom looks very different in person OR Tom, because… well… we’ve all seen Darcey ;)

So what’s wrong with Tom Brooks?

Well… besides the fact that he looks relatively different in his photos… Have you heard about Tom’s Instagram? Yes – it’s private and yes – it’s worth following him. (he posts decent content!)

Here’s the “Tom Brooks Instagram” scandal

Tom had been posting a lot of photos on Instagram of luxurious watches, clothes, shoes, and more.

He seems fancy right?


Come to find out – Tom stole the photos and has been getting called out! Who knows Tom’s real incentive… maybe he just wanted to repost the pictures? (doubtful.)

Where do the 90 Day Fiance Darcey and Tom Couple Stand?

Your guess is as good as mine… Just kidding ;)

From the research we’ve done on leaked spoilers, it sounds like Tom and Darcey COULD HAVE gone their separate ways.

In the first few episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days… they’re off to a bit of a rocky start. But I will say…

Tom Brooks is the MOST patient man alive!

I don’t know how he can stand Darcey’s constant wardrobe changes, marriage questions, and everything else annoying she does… (we still love you, Darcey!)

Somehow, someway… Tom Brooks is still hanging on.

BUT – after Darcey’s sister, Stacey and her fiance Florian were over an hour late to dinner… the SAME DAY Tom and Darcey had a day full of travel….

I have a difficult time seeing Tom staying around much longer.

Do you agree? Comment below your thoughts!

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