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Christine from Sister Wives’ Extreme Weight Loss Transformation

Hey y’all- Max, the Celeb Talk guy here.

A lot of you may have heard in my videos about the Sister Wives that I’ve been reading their 2013 book, “Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage.”

In the book, a lot of the love story between Kody and Christine Brown focuses on how he wasn’t attracted to her at first because she was “chubby.” (Kody’s own words)

Over the years and as she had babies, Christine’s weight has fluctuated, which is why fans took note when she started posting photos of her extreme weight loss on social media.

Now that most of her kids are grown and require less of her attention, it seems as though Christine has committed to a new diet and healthy lifestyle.

It’s clear she’s been trying to live her best life, and especially after her explosive fight with Kody in the Season 10 finale over their daughter’s back surgery and Christine’s want to move back to Utah, fans are hopeful that this turn-of-events may lead to a separation between the two.

Christine has been using her Instagram platform to promote the clothing she sells with Lularoe, but fans are focused less on the clothes and more on how amazing she looks.

On May 5th, she posted a picture saying that she was getting her second Covid vaccine while wearing a Lularoe outfit, writing:

Celebrating CINCO DE MAYO with tacos and guacamole is my FAVORITE! I got my Covid vaccine today and if i’m feeling too sick to eat tacos, I’m going to loose (sic) it like a piñata loses it’s candy!

Then on June 28th, 2021, she shared a photo from her “new backdrop”:

I’m not usually an animal print person, but this @lularoe Ariel. I’m obsessed with! And, I found a new backdrop for photos.

Fans were super impressed with her transformation, asking her how she did it and giving her compliments on her new look and happiness.

Luckily for fans, Christine actually shared the secrets to her rapid weight loss in 2019.

On an Instagram Live, she told fans that she started eating based on her blood type, and that she had started working out. Christine said that there are a lot of health benefits that come with “eating for your blood type” and that it was the secret for her crazy weight loss.

Given her explosive fight on the Season 10 finale of Sister Wives and her crazy transformation, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that fans may get their wish and see Christine leave Kody and start a new life. What do you think’s going to happen? Will Christine leave Kody?

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