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Bunnie XO’s Father Enters Hospice Care

Photo Credit: Bonnie XO/Instagram

Although Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO celebrated his big win as New Artist of the Year at the 2023 CMAs, this year has been tough on Bunnie personally. Her father, Bill, is suffering from Stage 4 cancer and is now in hospice care.

Bunnie Claps Back at Cruel Commenter

One cruel Instagram commenter recently accused Bunnie of promoting the wrong kind of music while her dad “is laid up in a hospital” and close to passing away. This commenter said that Bunnie’s behavior was “UN-CHRISTIAN LIKE…”

Bunnie clapped back, calling the commenter a “roach motel of a human.” Then she confirmed that Bill “was moved to hospice” and chastised those who think critically of her or her family without understanding what’s going on behind the scenes.

Bunnie reminded the person who made that rude comment that she’s choosing what she wants to share publicly. She then shared an Instagram Story video of her visiting Bill in his hospice facility.

In the video, she walks to Bill’s bedside, bends down, and gives him a long, gentle hug. The background sound is Scotty McCreery’s “Five More Minutes.” The lyrics of the song talk about being present and appreciating every second with your loved ones.

Healing Took Place In the Midst of Tragedy

Bunnie also shared an update on her hectic life right now. She said she was moving and trying to make her house a home. She also wrote that she is “trying to smile through heartbreak.” On top of all that, Bunnie wrote that she is “making sure” that Bill “wants for nothing.” She also said that she’s “been so blessed to have this time with him” and thanked God for “helping heal her inner little girl as well as her dad’s inner child.”

Bunnie’s followers know that she had a difficult childhood. She was estranged from her dad for many years. She was then shocked to learn that her dad kept his cancer a secret for at least 12 months after he first got diagnosed. The only other person who knew the truth was Bill’s wife. Bill decided to attempt to heal himself with natural remedies, but holistic treatments weren’t effective. When he began having extreme difficulty walking and could no longer eat well, he contacted his daughter.

Bunnie took action immediately and moved Bill from Texas to Tennessee. She put together a new team of medical professionals for Bill in Nashville. the plan was to help Bill be as comfortable as possible while trying to find treatments that could address his type of cancer. Now it seems that Bill is unfortunately in the final stage of the disease.

Jelly Roll Is In Awe of His Wife

Jelly Roll opened up to Taste of Country recently. In the interview, he confirmed that Bill is in the last phase of his life. He added that Bill is “doing a lot better now that he’s here” and that he was “holding his head up really high.”

Jelly Roll enjoys praising his wife online. Lasts July, he uploaded a photo of them and captioned it “A BUNNIE APPRECIATION POST.”

“A lot is often said or made about MY story… but the truth is… I’ve never been moved more by a story than the story of my wife,” he wrote, adding that watching Bunnie overcome things in her life and seeing her passion and determination to become better has inspired him from the moment they first met.

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