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Brad Pitt’s Baby Plans

Photo Credits: Brad Pitt Official/Instagram and Paul Wesley/Instagram

When it comes to the Hollywood elite, Brad Pitt’s name has long been associated with stardom. But in recent years, headlines have been on his personal life instead of his blockbuster movies.

Now, Brad Pitt is considering growing his family with his fiancée, Ines de Ramon. You did really read correctly. Brad Pitt has kid plans on file.

Brad Pitt, 59, and Ines de Ramon, 30, have been together for over a year. Their friendship, which developed after Brad’s turbulent breakup with Angelina Jolie, looks to be strong. And now they are thinking about a major leap forward: living together and starting a family.

Jewelry designer Ines de Ramon has been a peace-keeping agent in Brad’s life. Their relationship is serious; the couple is looking at all possibilities to have a baby. Insiders tell us via In Touch Weekly that “Brad and Ines have been trying, they’ve not been successful yet, but they’re not giving up and he’s made it clear to friends it’s not going to be a one-and-done situation.”

Brad Is Confident in His Decision

“Yes, his relationship with his kids is very sad for him right now,” the insider continued. “But he insists that this isn’t a reaction to that pain, that he had every intention of starting a family with Ines regardless of that.”

Brad Pitt was known as a loving parent to his six children with Angelina Jolie, before the infamous plane incident. The actor has always been outspoken on the pleasures and difficulties of fatherhood.

Although it would be a major decision, Brad and Ines are approaching adding another child with great thought and enthusiasm. The insider said: “People can speculate about his motives all they want, but the fact is Brad wants two, maybe even three kids, with Ines and he would do the adoption option again in a heartbeat if that’s something Ines wanted too.”

For Brad, Ines de Ramon has been a kind and encouraging partner who infuses stability and happiness into his life. Friends of the pair have observed her positive impact on him.

Brad and Ines are dedicated to making the best decision for them, even if the plans of growing their family are still just speculation. Given Brad’s age, surrogacy and adoption are reasonable choices they are looking at. The insider said, “He has no doubt Ines will make a wonderful mom, the plan is to have at least one baby very soon, and then work quickly to have at least one or even two right after that.”

Brad’s Children Favor Their Mother

However, it’s always worth noting that insiders may not be accurate. This news came mere days after his daughter, Shiloh, filed to replace his last name with her mother’s.

While performing Outsiders on Broadway, fans noted that his daughter, Vivienne, did not include “Pitt” on the playbill. Zahara has also been introducing herself as Zahara Marley Jolie.

Being estranged from your children is obviously difficult, so it’s hard to imagine that Pitt wants to start a new family so soon. But, it may be his way of coping.

One thing is abundantly evident as Brad Pitt negotiates his business and personal life. He is ready to seize fresh opportunities and build a lovely future with Ines de Ramon. Whether by surrogacy, adoption, or natural conception, the possibility to grow their family is a lovely chapter just waiting to start.

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