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Audrey Roloff’s Parenting Exposed

Photo credit: Audrey Mirabella Roloff/Instagram

Audrey Roloff is facing heat again for her parenting decisions. The latest comes just after the birth of her daughter Mirabella.

The Little People, Big World star is no stranger to heat when it comes to online fans. Audrey Roloff has shared photos of her children over the years, especially when it comes to sharing photos on her social media channels.

Fans Criticize Audrey Roloff for Her Dangerous Parenting

According to TV Shows Ace, Little People, Big World fans have shared their anger at Audrey’s lack of privacy for her children. Mirabella, aka Mira May, is not the first of the children she has shared online. Over the years, she has publicly posted photos and Instagram stories of Ember, 6, Bode, 4, and Radley, 2.

Each time, fans have shared how dangerous her decision to post her children on social media is. There are predators everywhere online, and posting photos of children without their implicit consent is unfair and puts them at risk, especially as a celebrity mother.

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However, TV Shows Ace also suggests that some people view her as feeling superior in her parenting skills, and many are just waiting for her to make a mistake. This has happened in the past when fans spotted two-year-old Radley holding a sparkler at a Fourth of July event, and the time Radley wore a teething necklace that looked too tight for his neck. It looks like they got that chance with the latest photo of Mirabella too.

The latest post was on Roloff’s Instagram stories. She shared a photo of newborn Mirabella in a pink body carrier. Mirabella was fast asleep, unaware of the photo being taken. Fans quickly took to online platforms to share their disappointment in the decision, although not just due to a lack of privacy. Some fans looked at the positioning of Mirabella in the carrier and believed it to be dangerous with the way Mirabella’s head sat.

Fans Speak Out About Audrey Roloff’s Dangerous Baby’s Position

One fan took to Reddit to share the elements that are so dangerous for carrying Mirabella. It’s important for the head and neck to be upright at all times at that age. This commenter also noted that the legs and bottom should be in the “M” position, as wrapping the legs around the mother’s waist opens up the chances of hip dysplasia and other health risks.

Other critics of the Little People, Big World star also noted the problems with the position. They used their personal experiences to discuss the topic.

One Reddit user talked about her friend’s baby slept like this and then needed CPR due to being accidentally smothered by his mom. Fortunately, the baby was okay, but it was traumatizing for the mom.

Others pointed out that when snuggle wraps are improperly worn, there is a high risk of suffocation and SIDS. One user pointed out that the camera angle may make the positioning look worse than it likely is in real life, but it is important to ensure that babies are placed in carriers safely and properly. This is a good teaching moment for many who may not understand the risks, even if Roloff is doing nothing wrong.

There were some comments in the star’s corner. One made it known that as a postpartum doula, they were happy with the positioning of the baby in the carrier.

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