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Are Myrla and Gil from Married At First Sight Still Together? Spoiler Alert

Hey y’all- Max, the Celeb Talk Guy here, and today I’ve got one of the biggest MAFS spoilers I’ve ever seen this early in the season.

So take this as a warning, if you don’t want to know the spoiler, STOP READING!

Last week, we all watched Myrla and Gil get married, and we watched his family and friends make some interesting faces at all of the references to her materialistic habits during their wedding ceremony…

We haven’t even seen the reception yet, let alone the honeymoon and their following 8 weeks of marriage, but it still seemed like the couple was doomed from the start.

Well, we now have two indicators that point to Myrla and Gil divorcing on Season 13 of Married At First Sight.

First of all, we have Myrla’s wedding dress. Myrla spent a lot of money on the dress (it retails for $9,100!) and recently listed it for sale on a wedding dress website, called Still-White.com for $6,490.

Now here’s the thing… most people sell their wedding dresses when a marriage has gone south. Don’t get me wrong- some people aren’t very sentimental, and sell it even though they’re still married, but typically, people hold onto their wedding dresses for their future kids and grandkids.

The fact that Myrla is already selling hers, before the wedding has even finished airing on TV, does not bode well for the couple’s outcome, most likely.

But sure, there’s obviously some room for interpretation. There might be a perfectly logical story for why she’s selling her dress and still married to Gil.

However, a friend of one of Gil’s groomsmen recently posted something on the Married At First Sight SubReddit that gives us even more confirmation of the split.

The post reads:

Spoiler! So I went to college with one of Gil’s friends/groomsmen, and asked him flat out: “Do they last?” He laughed and said not even close. His exact words were “She’s awful. They set my boy up for failure.” I just knew I didn’t like Myrla. Poor Gil! He deserved better.

So, there you have it, folks. Myrla and Gil are most likely not going to stay married on Season 13 of Married At First Sight. It’s a shame, because they seem like decent people. However, it does look like Myrla is being set up as the villain of Season 13, not Ryan, like I previously thought.

What do you think of Season 13 so far? Let me know in the comments!

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