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Are Meri and Kody Still Together On Sister Wives?

Hey y’all- Max, the Celeb Talk Guy here.

Easily one of the most popular questions from fans of Sister Wives is whether or not Meri and Kody are still married.

It makes sense- Meri was Kody’s first and only legal wife for years, until he legally divorced her to marry his fourth wife, Robyn, and adopt her children from her previous marriage.

On top of that, Meri made headlines a few years ago when it was revealed that she had an emotional affair with someone who ended up being a Catfish.

So it’s not exactly out of the question to wonder whether or not Kody and Meri are still married.

As for Meri, she doesn’t seem to do much with her family anymore.

Her only child with Kody, Mariah, lives in Utah with her fiance, Audrey, meaning that Meri doesn’t have anything keeping her in Flagstaff, Arizona, besides Kody and the other sister wives, and she doesn’t seem to spend much time there.

After Meri’s mother unfortunately passed away, Meri had to go to the B&B that she owns in Utah, and that her mother ran for her, to take over operations. This was just another situation that took her away from Flagstaff.

On top of all of this, Meri has consistently been posting things on social media that make it seem as though she’s not on the best terms with Kody and her other sister wives. She recently thanked a long list of people for their support after her mother’s passing, but both her husband and the other sister wives were conspicuously missing.

She also has been posting motivational quotes about growth happening when you’re lonely, amongst a ton of other motivational content, that allude to the fact that she might be going through a split with her husband, Kody.

On Kody’s side of things, it’s no secret to fans that Kody seems to favor his fourth wife, Robyn, of all of the sister wives.

After Meri’s catfishing scandal, Kody distanced himself from Meri both physically and emotionally. It has often been discussed on the show how the two no longer have a romantic relationship. Meri has tried to resolve these issues, but Kody has not been receptive.

So, for the final answer to the question that everyone’s been asking: are Kody and Meri still together?

Well, it’s complicated.

Legally, Kody and Meri are not married. However, they are allegedly still in their spiritual marriage, despite both Kody and Meri admitting that they no longer have a romantic relationship.

The next question is: will they continue on like this forever, or will they finally call it quits officially?

Hopefully we find out on a new season of Sister Wives!

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